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Thu 2nd Sep 2010

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SpiritChaser2010 commented on Colors! 3D:

April 5th is supposed to be the official release date for this...omg I cannot WAIT to get this!!!



SpiritChaser2010 commented on Connect Your Club Nintendo and eShop Accounts ...:

Ok, it is now 9:41 pm CST by me here in the US..and STILL no update?? This is killing me here! Heck they should just give everyone points to shop with for making us wait...and wait.....and wait.......I have no idea what these "stars" are supposed to do...would rather have points to shop on haha!



SpiritChaser2010 commented on Animal Crossing:

According to Gamestop, this will arrive in the beginning of August...can't wait!!! This game is the REASON why I wanted the 3DS lol!



SpiritChaser2010 commented on Nintendo Updates DSiWare to 3DS Transfer List ...:

@SpicyDuck-currently I am doing the same thing, checking every hour lol! Even though I love Nintendo dearly, it is a darn shame they didn't have E-Shop and the Browser ready when the system came out. Plus not having the alarm clock? I gave up my "normal" alarm and went by the DS one instead So at least I shall be able to transfer the Animal Crossing Alarm Clock over from my now daughter's DSi...and my Art Academy...woot! That is, WHEN the update finally hits!! xDDD



SpiritChaser2010 commented on Nintendo DSi Instrument Tuner:

Just got it today myself, and am pleased with it. My guitar was sadly out of tune from not being played in awhile, and even though I have 2 tuners, I didn't feel like finding AAA batteries for I went with this instead, and glad I did. Now my guitar is well tuned. I give it a 9/10. It's well worth the 200 points, and cheaper than having to buy a tuner.



SpiritChaser2010 commented on Review: Art Academy: First Semester (DSiWare):

@KrisMoon~to save to your SD card (I found this out while messing around with it) is to tap on your top icon above your drawing that looks like the DSi. Save your completed drawing to your album. This will save it to your photo album on your DSi system. Open your album and on the bottom right corner, tap on "other". Then choose the one to copy to SD card. Pretty sweet!

I just downloaded this game today, and must say I am rather impressed with it. I had gotten the game cartridge of Art Academy for my eldest daughter for Christmas, but this pretty much does the same stuff as the cartridge, for a lot less money. I would say it is well worth it. The colors are bright, and the tools are easy to work with. I am glad I got it. It will come in very handy when I'm waiting at the doctor's office..give me something to do, LOL!

Great review!