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Fri 10th Sep 2010

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FFL2and3rocks commented on Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshid...:

I had a post deleted from the Super Mario 3D Land section. Someone mentioned Phoenix Wright, so I replied with a drawing of Mia, with Luigi doing the objection pose saying "Mama Mia!" It was deleted for being explicit. I didn't exaggerate any of her features, but it is Mia...



FFL2and3rocks commented on Club Nintendo's June Rewards Bring Out More Re...:

@tchaten They expire on June 30th if you've had them for two years. So any coins you've received before June 30th 2011 will expire.
At Club Nintendo, click "Account & Coins" next to where your number of coins is displayed, and then "Coins & Status" to see if any of yours are expiring.



FFL2and3rocks commented on What's On Your Game Boy Camera?:

I just checked mine. There are a few pictures of my dog, one of my cousin and his family who came to visit us once, one of my dad, one of my grandma, and one of a tray of deviled eggs for some reason. I also have several blank white pictures because I used to draw on them and make flipbook animations with the slideshow feature.