Since Nintendo announced the development of a new Kirby game at a conference it held last September, things have been rather quiet until now.

As reported by 1UP, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has detailed some initial game info on Atsumete! Kirby (roughly translated as Gather! Kirby.)

Fruit will be dotted across the stages and as players consume these fruit, multiple Kirbies can be gained with up to ten being controlled by the player at once. With all these little pink things at your command, using the stylus to tap the touchscreen will make a star appear, to which the Kirbies will walk towards; if you're in a hurry, a double tap will make them run. Once they reach the star, they will latch onto it, allowing players to move them more directly. This control scheme will facilitate the beating up of enemies, smashing of blocks and so forth.

If the individual Kirbies die, they will transform into angels and float up towards heaven unless you can direct another Kirby to fetch them in time.

The game should be out in Japan by the end of the year. Stay tuned as we wait for more details.