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New Kirby Game Details Gathered, Now Absorb Them

Posted by Trevor Chan

A gang of Kirbies embark on their latest DS adventure

Since Nintendo announced the development of a new Kirby game at a conference it held last September, things have been rather quiet until now.

As reported by 1UP, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has detailed some initial game info on Atsumete! Kirby (roughly translated as Gather! Kirby.)

Fruit will be dotted across the stages and as players consume these fruit, multiple Kirbies can be gained with up to ten being controlled by the player at once. With all these little pink things at your command, using the stylus to tap the touchscreen will make a star appear, to which the Kirbies will walk towards; if you're in a hurry, a double tap will make them run. Once they reach the star, they will latch onto it, allowing players to move them more directly. This control scheme will facilitate the beating up of enemies, smashing of blocks and so forth.

If the individual Kirbies die, they will transform into angels and float up towards heaven unless you can direct another Kirby to fetch them in time.

The game should be out in Japan by the end of the year. Stay tuned as we wait for more details.


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Megumi said:

The controls sound, never mind, I'll just wait for more info. Wonder what the American title will be called now. lol



James said:

If the individual Kirbies die, they will transform into angels and float up towards heaven unless you can direct another Kirby to fetch them in time.

That's the most heartbreaking thing I've ever heard. Those poor pink... whatever-they-are.



Megumi said:

...I randomly started thinking of Yoshi's Island....OMG what if the Kirbies started crying? xD



6ch6ris6 said:

ah why not for the 3DS?

(i know i can play DS games on it, too, but common you know what i mean)



Henmii said:

Sounds a bit like Mario vs DK 2 (and 3, and 4!)

Since I am not that fond of Mario vs DK 2 (it's not bad, but far from amazing), I hope this won't be the end-direction of the Kirby series. Imagine if all the Kirby's will be like this from now on: The horror!!

A well, I don't think that will happen. And Maybe it's to early to judge. Maybe this will be better then Mario vs DK 2.



Pogocoop said:

Sounds like this sucks

But seriously, sounds interesting. I just couldn't miss an opportunity to use that pun.



Radbot42 said:

I feel like Kirby likes to have too many types of games, and I can't wait to see how the more traditional kirby game plays on wii



NintyMan said:

Sounds like a Mario vs. Donkey Kong control scheme, but interesting notheless. I would actually like more information about Kirby Wii.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Bleh,sounds like a lemmings game. I loved Dodogo! challenge and the Mario Vs Donkey Kong one,but I think I've had my fill. I love Kirby and this game still has a while to go till it hits stores so it may turn out better then I'm expecting.



TKOWL said:

Can't wait to play this!
Because you can't ever have enough Kirby



Sakeraf said:

I've had bad experiences with games where the controll sceme is only used through touch-screen. (....scribblenauts...) Hoping it also has D-pad controll.



Scribbler said:

@Sakeraf I've had some good experiences with touch-screen only games as well. I think it could go either way, depending on the dev team and what kind of effort and polish they want to put into it.

That said, it looks like the mixture of old-school sensibilities and something brand new and slightly innovative. The perfect match for a Kirby title. I'm very optimistic about it. Consider my interest piqued.

Did anybody catch the name of the team behind this possible sleeper hit? Or have they mentioned it yet?



OverlordMao said:

I love how cool and innovative kirby games can be while still keeping a strong grasp of its original formula. Damn good work, HAL Labs.



ShadowSniper7 said:

Wait a minute... isn't there supposed to be a traditional kirby game coming to the Wii this year?



Lotice-Paladin said:

Surprised Nintendo have made such a cute game with death references in it. Don't they usually hate putting anything that would be considered not family friendly into their games?

Not that I care or anything but thinking of Kirby dying is not what I consider a typical Kirby game...especially when Kirby's enemies are not really considered enemies as he/she has no grudge against them. :



TeeJay said:

Great idea! I hope they're saving the traditional adventure Kirby game for the 3DS!



retro_player_22 said:

Wow even with the 3DS out, Nintendo is still putting some DS love to those who hadn't bought a 3DS yet. Hopefully they get Ninokuni and Dragon Quest Monsters 2 out before the end of the year too.



Scribbler said:

@Starlight Surprised? Not really. Family friendly? Only on the surface.

Have you ever played any of the Kirby's Dreamland series to completion? (that includes Kirby 64) I won't completely spoil it for anyone who hasn't, but they contained some of the most mildly disturbing imagery and implications this side of Ocarina of Time. ESPECIALLY Kirby 64 and Dreamland 3. Also Cupid Kirby was originally Angel Kirby in the Japanese release of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, so there's at least a precedent to that.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I've always found it too confusing to control multiple characters at once. The Ice Climbers are among my least favorite characters to play as in Smash Bros.



Vinsanity said:

Eff YES. Kirby may be a classic platformer star, but imho, he's best when Nintendo uses him to test out experimental gameplay. Like in Cursed Canvas - the first killer app for the DS. Before Kirby's game, the DS was just weird. After that though, there was an epiphany moment of, "OOOH! Touch screens CAN add to gameplay, instead of just be a gimmick!"

I welcome another crazy Kirby title for the DS. Also, for the DS. Not the 3DS. My Lite is going to remain with me until Nintendo upgrades/redesigns that hardware and drops that price. $250-$300 is INSANE for a handheld. Especially one that you know will be redesigned and have its price slashed in a year/ year-and-a-half like all Nintendo handhelds are destined to do.



thesignpainter said:

this doesn't make sense, when a potential buyer looks over at the 3ds and doesn't see any thing that they recognize or want to play, they probably won't buy it, but bring a kirby game, BAM! theres something they can't get on there old ds and so they have want to buy the 3ds more, logic.

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