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A New Twist on a Pink Hero

One day, an evildoer with a magic cane appears and splits Kirby™ into 10 pieces. Kirby sets off on a journey to return to his original form. Players use the touch screen to control a mass of Kirby characters in a new and novel way. Swipe the touch screen to launch them in a mass attack against enemies, then tap the enemies into submission.


  • Players use the stylus on the touch screen to control a swarm of up to 10 Kirby characters at once. They can help players defeat enemies and find treasure. The number of Kirby characters under a player’s control is important, as some challenges require a specific number of Kirby characters in order to be solved. When the number of Kirby characters is increased, players can gain the upper hand.
  • Players can control each Kirby character in a variety of ways using a stylus on the touch screen. For example, a Kirby character can be launched into the air with a flick of the stylus, or players can make a swarm of Kirby characters dash to a given point by tapping on that spot on the touch screen multiple times.
  • By collecting medals hidden throughout the various stages, players can unlock a wide variety of additional mini-games, each with its own distinctive challenges.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Ten for the price of one

It's no secret that Kirby has been a huge part of Nintendo's portable systems over the years, even making his debut on the original Game Boy back in 1992. When Kirby Canvas Curse was released, it took the traditional button controls away and replaced them...

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Just in case you get fed up of the main story in Kirby: Mass Attack, Nintendo's got a load of minigames to keep you interested. Here's some o

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JakobG said:

Two Kirby games simultaneously?
Artistic freedom is nice and all, but that's like two Mario games in a row without jumping.
Looks great, though.



Dodger said:

From what I can make of the screenshots, it looks like you have to get all of the kirbies to the end of the level. What I wonder is will you be controlling the kirbies directly or will you be controlling other things in a Mario Vs Donkey Kong/Ivy the Kiwi style? Looking forward to the more information.

I would kind of like to just see a good old Kirby platformer, but if Epic Yarn turns out to be that, I can put up with a DS game that is different.

And with Epic Yarn coming out next month, there will probably be a gap in between the two, since the name hasn't even been announced.



VGC said:

I sort of hoped for a game similar to Amazing mirror to come out, but with WFC.

Bahahaha oh well.



suburban_sensei said:

I am pretty sure I am picking this up. Not a lot of DS games with my 3DS, so I would love to add this to my library. The concept seems interesting enough.



nintendofan57 said:

Does anyone else think that this is similar to Pikmin? Great game, though. I'll probably get it on the first day it comes out.

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