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Flipnote Memo Coming to 3DS eShop

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Updated Flipnote Studio application to be available for free download

So far 3DS lacks a programme to compare to the DSi's Flipnote Studio, but Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has recently announced that Nintendo is working on an updated version of the title called Flipnote Memo. Not much information was given other than that it would be available for a free download and that while you should be able to exchange creation with friends, Nintendo is worried about adult content reaching younger users.

We'll have more info on Flipnote Memo as it develops, and when the eShop finally opens in May we'll be able to play with it for ourselves and draw our own conclusions.


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Raylax said:

"Not much information was given other than that it would be available for a free download and that while you should be able to exchange creation with friends, Nintendo is worried about adult content reaching younger users."

Translation: "Our contract with Hatena ended and like hell are we renewing it."



Odnetnin said:

Time to start over-analyzing the new title.
memo... what could it mean? is it introducing a new way to chat on the 3ds or is it something completely different...



theblackdragon said:

@Raylax: haha, yeah, i wasn't thrilled with how Hatena works at all either.

@Oddy: Considering 'memo' is a part of the Japanese title for Flipnote Studio, i wouldn't hold my breath for anything more than a name change.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Well it's nice to see this coming to the 3DS in a new form. I'm surprised they didn't just package it in from the start,but ok. As long as we get a better place to upload animations then Hatena I'm good.



irken004 said:

If by "adult content" they mean cheap and cheesy anime-based animated knockoffs of videos matched with techno music, then sure, be worried.



Trevor789 said:

Looking forward to it. I wasn't very good at making good animations but I still enjoyed Flipnote Studio.



Xkhaoz said:

I'm thinking by adult content, they're meaning StreetPass integration. I mean, online, Ninty can take it down. But with StreetPass, that's a bit harder.



triforceofcourage said:

Haha! I get it, "draw our own conclusions"
I loved flipnote studio. All I ask for in the sequel is to be able to still view the old hatena, but having it be seperate from the new one. As well as new colors(including color pictures), and the two layers playing into the 3D. Also (but this might be a bit much to ask for) I want Hatena to take down all:
Music Videos
JB hater flips
JB lover flips
Star beggar flips
Star contest flips
Dsi(3DS) point contests (scams of course)
And finally, KILL THE COPYCATS!!!!



RYBlast said:

Hatena should put more effort in the online interface, but the game is free so day 1 buy for me!



Funky_Gamer said:

It would be so awesome to have 3D animations... I'm worried they won't take it that far though...



Sylverstone said:

What put me off Flipnote Hatena were:

  • Flipnote theives
  • Justin Bieber fans
  • Those stupid star begging flips
  • Petitions (They were seriously annoying)
  • Bad music videos (Some are good too)
  • The community was just disjointed.

Also, there were some users that really ticked me off. Then again, what do I expect from a site overrun by 12 year olds....



trex3d said:

I hope you can transfer old flipnotes to the new one. I keep notes for my ideas in Flipnote so I've been carrying around my DSi and my 3DS.



jerryo said:

what i hated with flipnote is that it only had a very limited pallete. and that sucked big time. Art Academy style is the way to go!



motang said:

Flipnote Studio is an awesome app, looking forward to getting this one.



TanookiSteven said:

Here are my expectins for the new app:

1.Nintendo hires people to APPROVE a flipnote before it is shown to the world.
2. Nintendo actively monitors the website on wherever they'll put this, to delete any SUPER SPAM/INAPPROPRIATE flips like begging for stars and petitions and crag.
4. More organized.



Ikalpo said:

I am hoping that, if Nintendo gets someone to host their stuff, (like Hatena) they try to tell them not to screw up. So much painful flips on front page. [Sad face] oh, and the flip size limit sucked too.



NassaDane said:

I enjoyed it at the beggining of Flipnotes life where i was able to get to the top with actual good Flips but then it sort of went down hill and i just made Flips for myself and didn't really care about the comunity of it all.



Tails said:

Honestly I'm not a person that's good at drawing so i will pass on this app. But still glad its getting an update.



DangerousDreams said:

Ahhh Nintendo... you know exactly how to provoke me into buying a 3DS, dont cha... First, you jab me with an insanely addictive application, (which may or may not distract from the lack of intriguing retail games) then you rush me with a barrage of promisingly epic games.. finally you k.o. me onto the buyers wagon with one beautiful word... free.



Bobpie said:

Fix the navigation, disallow reposts and simplify the channel system please. :/



Samholy said:

awesome awesome awesooooommmeeeee. the thing i was waiting for. something to draw on my 3DS



Dodger said:

I'm hoping they have hatena again. It was fun to browse. But if it can run youtube, that takes away some of the sting. Can't wait until late may.

Hatena did have a lot of problems though. Mostly with mods. There weren't enough people taking down stolen flips and the fact that false reporters actually could do anything shows how broken that was.



Gio32k said:

I did like the first one, im hoping for more advanced animation options. Here's my first complete animation from 2009:




LuWiiGi said:

I had awesome fun with Flipnote Studio. I guess I have another reason to buy a 3DS.



Millie said:

OH...MY...GOD! Flipnote for the 3DS!? So excited I was at a loss when I lost great DSi features like Flipnote by trading it in, but now I'm happy



Supremeist said:

Flipnote would be so much fun, especially with the 3D effect. It needs some major updates though. They need to make it a bit simpler to use, I got used to it after a while, and it also needs more colors and needs more paint tools and what not. It's kind of sad because the Windows XP Paint Program has more potential than Flipnote with creativeness. Nontheless, I love FP and will be getting it as soon as the ESHOP comes out, but I hope they just update it enough to make it better than the DSi.



NGpenguin said:

I find myself on my dsi more then my 3ds, so i can make flipnotes. :3 .. o,o

Hope they keep Hatena



Squeezie007 said:

Yaay! I never had a DSi, I've upgraded from a Lite (remember those shiny ones?) to a 3DS, and I'm blown away by the improvements. My friends all had a DSi though, and they were always like, 'Hey let's make flipnotes! oh you dont have a dsi.' But now? I only know 3 people who have a 3DS, so I can just sit back and laugh as my friends with DSi's and DSi XL's keep asking to use the circle pad in Mario Kart.



asoccerstar43 said:

yes i cant wait im the only one in my school with one and they rub in my face they have flipnote studio
but i can tell thier jelous of my 3ds



Nintonic said:

That would be cool if they had 3d layers so you can make certain things pop out, and others hiding in the back in depth. That would bring alot of creativity to flipnote, such as mario's face would in middle depth but you see his nose pop at you. Of course if you were watching from a computer this wouldn't work. I think this is a great idea.



ZukutoBen said:

3 things More palet colours Improved camera support and the 3D effect. What more can you ask for!



chocolate_gal said:

Well sweet but when is it comin out I have been dying for this cus flipnote hatena was AUSOME!!!XD But what does it mean by “ adult content”? Well this better launch soon or else imma gonna cry :‛(



Supereor said:

For all those who want Flipnote Memo, have you ever given thought to its actual quality? What if it turns out as sucky as Nintendo Video? When's it going to release? And the question of all questions, will it be as good as its counterpart? All these questions should be answered not long from now... but I said should, not will.



Was_Loved said:

i hope they get it out soon cuz i was totally disapointed when i bought the 3ds and there wasntt any flipnote studio. i hope they remove the size limit thing or at least make it more roomy cuz it annoys the heck out of me how i cant make a flip more than a minute long enless i dont use colors or layers or draw a lot, basically most stuff lol



shadowblade123 said:

So, if it came out in May, and now it's August where is it! I've been searching! Maybe I'm not searching the right thing...Someone please help me?



FlipnoteStudio said:

I spoke with Nintendo again last night and still no release date for Flipnote studio or memo. I am looking on ebay for a DSi. The only game I really like is not available on the newest system yet. This stinks. I would not have purchased the 3DS if I knew this was going to happen!!
Not Happy!!!!



dragonlordsora said:

Aurgh! When is this coming out!? I've been searching the internet for a release date for months! There's been a billion, but they're all wrong since those dates have already happened! What is up with you, Nintendo!!??



theblackdragon said:

@dragonlordsora: None of those 'release dates' you're talking about have been from Nintendo, they've just been from normal people making guesses or predictions. Nintendo hasn't given us any clues yet regarding when this will hit, but you can be sure that as soon as we hear something, it'll be front page news. :3



GoldAero said:

Didn't Nintendo lose a lot of money from the flop of 3ds sales in America? If that is correct, then stop whining. Sorry for being rude.



MikeX9 said:

can you still use the transfer tool to put the old models (flipnote hetena and flipnote studio) and put the app on the 3Ds



theblackdragon said:

@MikeX9: Unfortunately, Flipnote Studio was one of the few DSiWare titles that is not transferable via the Transfer Tool. Flipnote Memo will be replacing it on the 3DS whenever it comes out. :3



lanabanana said:

I can't wait 4 it to come out! I had a Hatena account and I loved it but my Dsi stopped working and the thing is that nobody can figure out what the problem is... So yeah , i am getting the 3DS 4 Christmas ( ifound it XP ) And i really miss making and posting flips. As for the release date I think they're gonna "surprise" us by releasing it when we least expect it. What if it comes out on Christmas? Wouldn't that be so awesome? =)



xX3D-HaloGuyXx said:

thats flipen amazing!But i hope when you sign up to post flipnotes online you dont have to do the same thing that you did on dsi,i hope to just sign up and verify account on your e-mail.



Drewroxsox said:

still waiting I think it'll come out anywhere from march-july. I would hate to have to wait any longer than that, unless they release it just in time for summer vacation.



Shadow-wolf-019 said:

When exactly is it supposed to come out, because I want it. I had to BUY the inchworm animation and it SUCKS! It doesn't even have an eraser!!!!!! Why no eraser?!?!



Drewroxsox said:

Well its been a year already since this was announced and guess what... still waiting



lanabanana said:

@James There is (Hopefully) Me and some of my friends have been emailing Nintendo every once in a while and they keep saying they're working on it. I'll email Nintendo again today and i'll post their email.
I just hope it comes out this year.



Mikex125 said:

I had a dsi but it broke... And I want Flipnote Memo, where is it? Nintendo needs to release it soon! It might not even come out EVER!!!



rabbitwanter said:

I emailed Nintendo and they said that Memo is still being programed! :'D I'm so excited! My DSi won't stay on for very long.../:



Celsius2017 said:

ok it's almoat the new year (2013) and... IT'S STILL NOT OUT!!.... i emailed them and they replied "It's still programming But don't you worry it's going to be out soon! So your waiting stops soon!" sooo... i think that message was programmed.. but oh well... i emailed them about 2 hours after asking them when is flipnote coming out.. they replied "We're really note sure.. but i hope it will be soon.. we been working on it.. better then the one on the DSi.. more color,more 3D anination,using more then 2 colors at once,taking away spams and other crap,and making it for it won't liad so very slowly.. we have been loosing alot of members if hatena because of the bad things people do on that.. so if you want this better then the flipnote on DSi then please be patient.. Thank you" Soo im thunking its going to be after New Years.. so.. I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!!!



DreadnighT115 said:

Is there a memo? I mean, seriously, I lost Hatena back in November 2011 because my recharge port on the 3ds got messed up, and the only way to fix it was to send it to Nintendo by mail (i think the warranty on my dsi was expired anyway), and I got my 3ds (which im using to write this) the following Christmas just to continue the flipnote legacy, and what did I find? NO MEMO! After that nasty revelation, I decided to get inchworm as a 'temporary' replacement for flipnote, but the onion skin function on it makes it more of a burden to animate than it makes it easier. Basicly, i might as well have gotten that art studio thing instead of inchworm. Its been so long since iv made a flipnote that i think iv come down with something i call fdc, or flipnote deprivation complex, where symptoms can include a massive feeling of loss, regret over misposted flipnotes, tendencies to draw on any nearby paper at anytime, and other symptoms. (anyone else feel these symptoms?) I loved the first Flipnote, but i dont think i can wait another year for memo to come out (if it even does), but i guess i have no choice but to wait...

Those of you who want to see my final flipnotes, you can look me up on Hatena as Horrorwolf (id: wx7) (dont judge my username, it was a halloween username, and i wasnt exactly focused on changing it with my dsi's battery slowly dieing...)

Common, Nintendo, youv never failed me, so dont start now!



alurabear said:

I just got a 3DS on Christmas. The night before I deleted my flipnote account because I decided to give my DSi to my younger siblings. I remember saying to myself, "I'll just make a new one and start over on the 3DS." That was assuming it had flipnote. But guess not. It was like my life...Funny how that works. When people don't know who you really are but are like your best friends. That's the internet for ya. And now I have to wait until MAY. I'm so mad, why so long? I'm lost without it -_- And all my "real" friends are flakes. Watching my siblings post stupid flips frustrated me because I worked so hard to be a good artist and animator and its gone to least until May. But by then I'll have forgotten how and there goes another couple years trying to relearn everything. All I'm hoping is that it's worth it. You can't do anything like it anywhere but the internet. Sure you can draw but can you animate and share with everyone. Well maybe if you are a professional animator with an animation studio but most of us aren't. I love to draw and I've been doing it since I was little. Flipnote is a great place regardless of the haters and false reporters, star beggars, etc. but I love it and it's the only place I can be me and not have to deal with other's hatred towards me like that of real life. It's the only place I can share myself with other's since my parents and friends and family don't care much for creativity and self expression. Well anyways that's my little spiel on what flipnote means to me. Bye ^·^



TheBombJD said:

Okay, to those who are saying that they deleted their account so they could "restart on the 3DS", thats complete crap. I have a dsi xl and a 3ds xl, and i knew by researching it that the 3ds didnt have flipnote studio. So, if you sold your dsi and deleted your account (?) then that is your own fault, no questions asked. I love flipnote and everything, but i did research before i made rash choices, and now i have both my dsi and 3ds. Be patient. I suggest getting colors3d, thats a thousand times better than flipnote studio.



NintendoFTW1999 said:

@alurabear May? No... This article is old. May was when the eShop was going to open two years ago. It's open now. Flipnote Memo isn't coming in May. If it comes this year, I'll be surprised. I haven't heard about dear old Flipnote at all for a good year and a half, and Flipnote Memo, well, it had it's weeklong buzz last at least two years ago and I haven't heard about it since. Sorry about your Flipnote account, by the way. Maybe you can try to get it back? Until then, consider getting Inchworm Animation. It's awesome! I have had it for a while (it's a DSiWare game, but it is on the eShop too) and I love it. Not only can you animate in a very advanced way, but you can also use the 3DS (or DSi) camera to film small (no audio) video clips, or to make a stop motion. (Stop motion, in case you didn't know, is when you take picture by picture and it makes it like an animation. It's what they use to make toys look like they move on their own. Instead of drawing each frame, you take a picture for each frame). It is also able to animate in full color, export as a file you can edit with popular computer animation programs, and tons more. I highly recommend it. It's only $4.99 from the eShop. Make sure you have a fair amount of space on your SD card to save your animations to when you finish them. Hope this helps! Enjoy!
Have a great day,
P.S. Colors 3D is also cool for drawing, but not as good as Inchworm Animation, and you can't animate on Colors 3D. Just so you know.



CuddleMe said:

I love flipnote i had it on my dsi but then my dsi broke so i got 3DS XL and i thought it was already on there but it wasn't.
But :Flipnote Studio is not available to be downloaded or transferred onto the Nintendo 3DS as a successor, Flipnote Studio 3D, is currently in development for the system and is planned for release in Summer 2013. YAY
I found it on wiki !



artistspugly said:

I wouldnt keep my hopes up. They announced it was due to come out in August.. Its October! Plus, I dont like that you have to pay. Guys your better off getting paint 3D, I gave up woth flipnote

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