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Fri 4th Jan 2013

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alurabear commented on Flipnote Memo Coming to 3DS eShop:

I just got a 3DS on Christmas. The night before I deleted my flipnote account because I decided to give my DSi to my younger siblings. I remember saying to myself, "I'll just make a new one and start over on the 3DS." That was assuming it had flipnote. But guess not. It was like my life...Funny how that works. When people don't know who you really are but are like your best friends. That's the internet for ya. And now I have to wait until MAY. I'm so mad, why so long? I'm lost without it -_- And all my "real" friends are flakes. Watching my siblings post stupid flips frustrated me because I worked so hard to be a good artist and animator and its gone to least until May. But by then I'll have forgotten how and there goes another couple years trying to relearn everything. All I'm hoping is that it's worth it. You can't do anything like it anywhere but the internet. Sure you can draw but can you animate and share with everyone. Well maybe if you are a professional animator with an animation studio but most of us aren't. I love to draw and I've been doing it since I was little. Flipnote is a great place regardless of the haters and false reporters, star beggars, etc. but I love it and it's the only place I can be me and not have to deal with other's hatred towards me like that of real life. It's the only place I can share myself with other's since my parents and friends and family don't care much for creativity and self expression. Well anyways that's my little spiel on what flipnote means to me. Bye ^·^