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Sat 29th Dec 2012

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Celsius2017 commented on Flipnote Memo Coming to 3DS eShop:

ok it's almoat the new year (2013) and... IT'S STILL NOT OUT!!.... i emailed them and they replied "It's still programming But don't you worry it's going to be out soon! So your waiting stops soon!" sooo... i think that message was programmed.. but oh well... i emailed them about 2 hours after asking them when is flipnote coming out.. they replied "We're really note sure.. but i hope it will be soon.. we been working on it.. better then the one on the DSi.. more color,more 3D anination,using more then 2 colors at once,taking away spams and other crap,and making it for it won't liad so very slowly.. we have been loosing alot of members if hatena because of the bad things people do on that.. so if you want this better then the flipnote on DSi then please be patient.. Thank you" Soo im thunking its going to be after New Years.. so.. I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!!!