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United States

Thu 29th December, 2011

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FuzzyMew commented on Colors! 3D Brightens North America on 5th April:

I love Colors. It's easy to use, has a wide variation of colors, and an awesome layers option for 3D. I also love how there's coloring pages to pass the time, like when I'm in a car and I can't draw well.



FuzzyMew commented on Inchworm Animation:

Whoever wants to get this: DON'T get it. First of all, it doesn't have an eraser. (If you wanted to erase something, you'd have to clear the entire page!) Second of all, it costs money, unlike flipnote studio. It's hard and complicated to use, and it doesn't have a left-hand option. Although it does have colors, you should stick with Flipnote Studio if you want to animate. Unfortunately, this was a waste of time and money for me.