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3DS Augmented Reality T-Shirts this Summer's Must Have

Posted by James Newton

Be quick with those VIP Stars

You've probably seen plenty already about the 3DS Augmented Reality cards bundled with the new Nintendo console, but why stick to the small cards bundled with the console? Dream big and wear your new-found love for ? Block cards with a new t-shirt from Europe's Club Nintendo catalogue.

The first 3,000 people to register their new Nintendo 3DS console with Club Nintendo will receive an extremely cool, individually numbered collector's edition t-shirt bearing the soon-to-be iconic ? Block card design. When viewed through the Nintendo 3DS's AR Games mode, expect something very cool to happen indeed.

The race is on to see which 3,000 people can type in their 3DS registration codes quickest on Friday. Start warming up those keyboards now.


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Megumi said:

............What about US?! xD
This would be awesome, I would get it just for laughs!



Victoria said:

OH COOL!! I wonder if any of us lucky folks here on NintendoLife will get one.



TeeJay said:

I'll never be able to win this, even if this comes to the US.

I'm getting my 3DS the day after launch.




Just read about this on the NOE website, pretty cool! It also says that some 3rd party publishers games will also come with points for the club, just like Nintendo's games! Ace!



Xkhaoz said:

I want one. Having a dragon popping out of my chest would be awesome.



jedikitty said:

Well, even if the US gets this I sure won't get one.. I'm not getting my 3DS until June. D: Holding out hope for a Zelda edition 3DS to go with OoT, plus need time to save the $$.



ThomasBW84 said:

D'oh! Mine is coming in the mail (via a courier apparently), they'd better hurry up because this sounds rather fun...



Capt_N said:

I'm w/ lunarkitty, I have to save up the dough. These things will probably end up on eBay. Cool, though.



Squiggle55 said:

that's awesome! lame that my store doesn't have midnight launch. they should give one to everyone who registers on launch day that'd be nice.



Phobos said:

Doubt I'll get a 3DS in time. Boo hoo. But for all the lucky ones who do: Gamers, start your bunyons!



Objection said:

Lol, watch an Alien pop out of people's chest and freak out the people looking through their new 3DS.



sykotek said:

...even if I didn't change my mind and purchased the 3DS on day one.
...even if I received mine at a midnight launch while being first in line.
...even if I tore open the packaging and registered the code through my cellphone at 12:01am.

I still wouldn't get a shirt if it was in limited quantities.

The reason why? Because I live on the western coast of the US. That means, for the US, there would be already 3 other 3DS launches in each time zone that would've had at least an hour to register their codes.

I won't be getting one at launch though, so I hope it happens for those of you that want it to happen in the US.

...doesn't the question block give you boobs? I could've swore I saw a youtube video somewhere...



Pj1 said:

Will we get it for free or will it come out of the points from the points card?



Pyrodon said:

Couldn't you just print off the picture of that shirt and see what that special thing that happens is?



killer6370 said:

just hoping amazon sends my 3ds soon(best would be 1 day earlier like they did with my dsi



shinesprite said:

@James I meant type it out beforehand and save it (eg. text file, wordpad file, etc.). Then, copy it a few minutes prior to 12:00, constantly refresh the page, and paste it in as soon as you can (and remember to click SUBMIT). Doing so will greatly reduce the time you would have otherwise spent typing, double checking, and triple checking your code.

Anyway, what do you care James? Can't you just register your review system, or have they yet to update the site?



default12345 said:

I'm sure these tshirts will be available in the future either from Nintendo or a gaming clothing website.



JoeDiddley said:

Mine is being delivered through the mail so it's unlikely, unless I'm very lucky it arrives on Thursday in the post.



Glade said:

I got it for my b'day cake i'll put an ar card on it! who knows it might work!!!!



nmozdzier said:

I WANT THIS!!! But USA + I'm buying it at 11-ish with only 3,000 spaces, well sadness.



Pyrodon said:

@James Couldn't you try it because you actually have a 3DS? I really don't see anything special about the design on the shirt, it looks the same as the regular card. If there's nothing different about the design how could it make something different when you try it in AR? If you don't test this, I certainly will since I can't get one of these shirts.



Capt_N said:

@Pyrodon: It might, & probably will not work, though. The 3DS may need higher resolution images, & therefore up-close shots of ar cards to create effects. Considering the photo's highest res, in addition to the fact it's not an actual card, but an image of an ar card, I would be doubtful the 3DS would do anything w/ the image. Mainly I'm talking about color/pattern/etc. pick-up. A conventional camera may not pick-up the patterns of color, size, appropriate shape, & such necessary to properly create any effects.

Even a high res image would be questionable in this manner.

For example: our eyes see only a few colors on that shirt's image. A 3DS may see various shades of perhaps any one color(in some pattern(s) that enable it(the 3DS) to create effects of viewing the ar card. Conventional cameras might not necessarily pick-up these different patterns, & color shades exact enough to cause the 3DS to do things upon viewing the ar card.

But that's based on one theory of how the cards work. I may very well be wrong.



jaffa said:

pfffft screw club nintendo......I'M BUYING MINE OFF EBAY
also why can't James just register his current 3DS.



SilverBaretta said:

Oh sweet! If this comes tongue US, I'll try my best to register it on my phone as soon as I grab the system!



adamantwolf said:

ok but what about united states and austraila that doesnt seem fair because japan and europe can get them first



Terra said:

I want one but since the GAME i pre-ordered at doesn't have a midnight launch, I doubt I'll be lucky enough



Rob_mc_1 said:

Even if this were to come to Club Nintendo in North America I wouldn't be able to get it for a few reasons.
1) Manitoba laws says that on Sunday business can only be open from 12pm - 6pm.
2) Even if number 1 wasn't an issue, a midnight launch would probably be an hour too late as the eastern time zone would have a head start over central time.



James said:

The review unit didn't come with a VIP code, sadly.

I also just tried pointing the 3DS in AR mode at the t-shirt image, and nothing happened. Double sadly.



fishman100 said:

it comes out on FRIDAY????????????????????????????????????????????????????????




Pyrodon said:

@James @Capt N — I Just checked the website for this article, and underneath the picture of the shirt it says "Note: Final T-shirt design may differ slightly from image shown." So they'll probably change the final design so you can't catch the surprise on this picture of the shirt. Dang. I'm guessing people will probably post pictures of it online so we Americans can see whats so special about that AR card.

Oh yeah, @James, is the review unit in English?



HipsterDashie said:

Oh well, I can't afford my 3DS, plus since I'm on a farm in Suffolk for the next three weeks I couldn't get hold of one even if I could afford it. xD



nick_gc said:

I'm going to a midnight launch. I was going to hang around but now I won't. I've had games early before and tried registering my Club Nintendo points at just gone midnight and they didn't work.

I don't believe FangedFreak has registered a 3DS already on Club Nintendo.



nick_gc said:

No, I believe you have a 3DS. I don't believe you've registered it for Club Nintendo points based on the fact that I've had games and hardware before the retail release dates and registering on Club Nintendo didn't work for any of them until the morning of the day of release.



FangedFreak said:

Well seeing as the console has already been released in Japan so they would be accepting registering,

I have 1000 points on Club Nintendo:

250 for signing up
250 for registering Ridge Racer 3D
500 for registering 3DS

Still dont believe me? i can post a pic of my club nintendo points... just cos im better than you... no need to be jealous



nick_gc said:

The Club Nintendo points system in Japan is separate to that of the systems in the US and Europe. You cannot register Japanese games or systems on the European system and vice versa.

The Nintendo page that this news article is sourced from states everyone will get 750 stars for registering the 3DS.

But, whatever, if you say so. shurgs

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