The possibilities are endless

Whilst PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect press on with augmented reality games, Nintendo has a few tricks up its sleeve as well, bringing the genre to 3DS with six specially created cards to interact with 3DS's built-in software.

If you're not sure what augmented reality is, it's a type of gaming that uses a camera to show your surroundings, then uses graphical technology to add in elements so it looks as though the two worlds have merged. By reading specially designed cards, games can create new objects for users to interact with: PS3 owners have experienced with this Eye of Judgement or EyePet, for example.

With the 3DS, Nintendo is ready to acknowledge augmented reality by including pre-installed AR titles on the machine, as well as packing in six special paper cards that will interact with the games. Using the 3DS's outward-facing camera, the machine will be able to 'read' the cards to draw new items in the game world.

Although none of the AR titles have been confirmed yet, the fact Nintendo is packing such titles into its machine indicates it's ready to acknowledge it as an important gaming genre.

What augmented reality titles would you like to see on 3DS?