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United States

Mon 15th Mar 2010

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mark3 commented on This is Your Chance to Dragon Punch Street Fig...:

Wow, now that would be cool if this was in U.S. People in the U.K have been extremely lucky with all types of freebies and other things for the 3ds. Good luck to the person who attempts to defeat him!



mark3 commented on Iwata Hits Out at Smartphone and Social Networ...:

Saturo Iwata is telling it just like it is. I don't think Iwata was just talking about mobile games hurting Nintendo, but could potentially start to hurt Microsoft and Sony as well. I wouldn't mind paying for a $40 dollar game that I can play for months( even years) than some $1 itrash game. If this isn't fixed in the long run, The BIG 3 could be facing some very serious problems in the future.