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Even in Pieces, the 3DS is a Sexy Piece of Hardware

Posted by James Newton

Naked sample

You've seen the photos, you might even have held one in your hand, but it's unlikely you've seen a 3DS from the inside. Until now, that is, with Chinese site TGBus exposing the machine's guts for all to see.

There aren't too many surprises beneath the machine's hard resin case, with the usual array of buttons, cables and chips, but it's still interesting to see what's held inside the console many gamers will spend the next years of their lives playing.

3DS launches in Japan this week, hits Europe on March 25th and lands in North America on March 27th.


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NESguy94 said:

It looks like it will be a pain to replace the battery. I always have loved how easy Nintendo has made it to replace them. You usually only had to remove one screw,

I like how simple it is. I have fixed almost every Nintendo system multiple times and this looks like it will be very easy to disassemble!



FonistofCruxis said:

@portista Please stop using words like sexy?
don't edit the insult back in plz -- TBD

On topic, it's pretty interesting but whats inside isn't that surprising.



moosa said:

@Mikau94 they made the entire bottom of the case the battery cover.
I'm somewhat eager to get my hands on it and check out that resin case. It's supposed to be a pretty high-tech process for a machine produced in mass quantities to create the cosmetic effect.



warioswoods said:

I partly agree with Portista, not on the grounds of prudishness--my avatar is Wario after all--but on the grounds that I've always found the "gadget pr0n" way of speaking about devices to be obnoxious.

I don't believe a well-designed device should be "sexy" so much as it should be intelligently suited to its function, intuitive, and built to neatly and cleanly bring all of its components together in such a manner that nothing feels like an afterthought or tacked-on feature.

Also, if someone is going to take a new device apart, they'd best be someone with the knowledge and expertise necessary to tell us something new and interesting about the equipment they've uncovered. I'm tired of seeing teardowns that result in nothing worth knowing, just a gallery of images. There's no point to dismantling unless the little serial codes and details mean something to you that you can report.



Raylax said:

Y'know, if I saw a human separated into base components with the words "sexy" and "naked" being thrown around to describe it, I'd phone the police :3



Robo-goose said:

Good, I was waiting for someone to do this. Of course, I really didn't expect it to happen so soon, considering that it's not even out yet.

By the way, is that battery the same size as a DSi(physical size, not capacity) battery?

EDIT: Bah, it's not like you were the one to rip it open. Never mind.



Robo-goose said:

Oh come on, guys. Portista asked a simple question/made a simple suggestion. There's no need to flame him for it.

@shinesprite Ah, thank you for posting that. At first, I figured that I'd just be able to swap my 1800 Mah DSi battery with the 3DS's 1300(if I remember correctly) Mah battery, but it looks like that won't be the case.



madgear said:

Yeah I agree "sexy" gets used to much these days. I always preferred to refer to such gadgets as a "wank-fest".



pixelman said:

Yeah, I'm backing warioswoods up here. Calling hardware things like "sexy" and "naked" seems like a cheap way of increasing page hits. This is the kind of article I'd expect to see on IGN.

It's nice getting a close look at the shoulder buttons though. They look a little bit sturdier than the DS lite's. Hope they hold up -- that's my main concern with Nintendo's handhelds lately.



nicknintendo68 said:

haha it gets alot of hits from those two words i remember one article had a woman in a bathing suit and it had lots of comments XD



theblackdragon said:

@Portista, et al.: we've got enough problems with profanities, insults, and slurs, haha. Use of the word 'sexy' is a non-issue for us at Nintendo Life in terms of censorship.



FluttershyGuy said:

I want to see it in lingerie, then I'll decide if it's sexy or not. Assuming it's a girl 3DS, of course. If it were a guy 3DS, that'd just be weird (and decidedly non-sexy)!



Capt_N said:

Nice break-down of components. I agree w/ Warioswoods on the terming hardware "sexy", or@ least doing so consistently.



Deviant_Mugen said:

"B-But those girls don't wear cases! You can see their bare circuits!"

I need to get a tri-wing screwdriver sometime, not that I'd disassemble my 3DS, but perhaps my busted DS Lite...



longtimegamer said:

Ummm.... why are people having an issue with him calling it sexy?? Wasn't as if he said it was h*ng like a horse. That's right....I went there.



ianmage1 said:

It's amazing that the 3DS is already going to be available in Japan. It's been a really long wait. Even longer for NA!



NintyMan said:

What's the one on the left that looks like the mirror? Other than that, this looks cool!



Raylax said:

It's not 'sexy'. Unless you're planning to do 'sexy' things with it (please don't update us on that one D: ), do you think we could have a few different words in the vocabulary?



Pryce said:

The button placement on the left side still seems strange to me. Can't wait to try it out though!



Zach said:

TBD already covered this, but I'd just like to add that "sexy" is not only not offensive, but perfectly appropriate to the intended definition.

@everyone who has a problem with the word "sexy" From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Definition of SEXY
1: sexually suggestive or stimulating : erotic
2: generally attractive or interesting : appealing <a sexy stock>

I'd say the second definition fits, wouldn't you?



James said:

@Warioswoods "I don't believe a well-designed device should be "sexy" so much as it should be intelligently suited to its function, intuitive, and built to neatly and cleanly bring all of its components together in such a manner that nothing feels like an afterthought or tacked-on feature."

Try fitting that into a snappy headline.



GamerZack87 said:

NOOOO!!!! The horror!!!! The mutilation!!!! The poor 3DS!!!!

Skulks away, quietly mourning the butchered 3DS console in the above photo...



warioswoods said:


Haha, fair point.

I still don't like the use of "sexy" with electronics, though. It smacks of a certain way of thinking about device horsepower and features that, to me, is actually at odds with Nintendo's more subdued design philosophy (it's more in line with the way Sony fans talked about that gargantuan black PS3).



zionich said:


Im going to have to disagree about this being somthing you would see on IGN. Maybe its has a little bit of trying to get hits, but I think that the 3DS news has been so dry as of late, this was somthing to report on. If this was an IGN article it would have been a 2 page, heavily opinionated write-up of how the 3DS isnt as "sexy" as the NGP.



RyuZebian said:

@ James
Excactly. Apple are experts at that, but Nintendo have done very well lately. The last un-sexy Nintendo console I can think of is the original DS... It was blocky and didn't feel as uniformed as the Wii or DS Lite. Nintendo quickly realised that though, and replaced it with the Lite. Good move.



MarkyVigoroth said:

On the topic itself, the analogue stick truly IS analogue! The two cross-pads remind me of the Virtual Boy (even though they are just the cross-pad and the button-cross.)



ZukutoBen said:

I wanted to see the bottom of the circle Pad and the picture is a bit blurry but thats TGBus's falt.

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