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DSi XL Brightens Up with Three New Colours

Posted by James Newton

Blue, yellow and green to reach Japan

With its enormous screens and somewhat muted colour palette, the DSi XL is very much aimed at the more distinguished gamer. What about a slightly brighter take on the portable, though? Well, Japan is about to get the first wave of new colours for the XL as these pictures show.

Sticking to simple blue, yellow and green, these new colours put us in mind of the venerable Game Boy Colour and its vibrant palette. They're currently scheduled to brighten up Japanese stores everywhere on June 19th, and importers may be interested to know the console is also in line for a price drop from ¥20,000 ($220) to ¥18,000 ($195), which might sweeten the deal for those of you after a big, bright addition to your console family.

It's not currently known when or if these colours will reach the West, but expect to hear something within the next two weeks.


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WolfRamHeart said:

The blue and green colors look okay but I'm not interested in the DSi XL. I'm fine with my current DSi at least until the 3DS comes out.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

Actually, instead of a food comparison, let me put it this way:

We now have an Electric-type, Water-type, and Grass-type DSi XL.



grenworthshero said:

Nice. The original colors remind me of a nursing home. it's about time they come out with colors that remind me less of geriatric feces



skywake said:

primary colours FTW. Although nothing will ever beat clear as a colour for Nintendo portables. Oh how I remember the day when I got my clear original Gameboy



B-ry said:

The Dsi XL is so cool, but I already have a normal dsi, and the 3ds isn't too far away. Can't really justify picking one up....they should make a pink one so at least I could get it for a girlfriend. I've gotten ds's for 2 girlfriends, and they usually give them back at the end of the relationship lol



BulbasaurusRex said:

*Uses Razor Leaf on Mario Party Fan 999.

They all look pretty good, especially the green one. However, I'm waiting for the 3DS before my GBA gets demoted.



sykotek said:

Argh, Japan! I thought they were new NA colors until I read the article. I would've totally suggested the yellow one for my sometime in the distant future mother in law.



Kyloctopus said:

I like these, and the little Nintefans (ages 3-8) should buy the XLwith these colours I think it will work.



Kyloctopus said:

You know this is a great tip for the 3DS. I'll wait for the new colours cause I have a dsi



Gavin_Rozee said:

I prefer my classy dark brown model.

Gotta say though, I'm loving the fact that the sides and back of these new coloured XL's are black. It lessens the cheap look.



GamerZack87 said:

Well, I should wait for the INSERT NEW NINTENDO HANDHELD NAME HERE to be released, but if I was to get any of these colours, it'd be yellow. I don't have any gaming tool in yellow...yet...



Useless_Account said:

I hope my brother gets one of these. He has a blue DSi, but if he got the blue XL, I know he would love it. He's just hesitant. But with the new DS coming out...



xAlias said:

If they have cool colors for the 3DS then I'm gonna wait for that. Can't wait!!!



paulesungnomo said:

ohhh.... i want a green one... im going to trade my xl in for a green one if they come to the americas..



NintendoGamer said:

What, no red one? This reminds me of the Gameboy Pocket when it was first released and came in various colors. I still remember wanting a blue or red one and getting stuck with a silver one because it was the only color KB Toys had left. I'm glad they went out of business now. They totally ruined my 10 year old life with that event. XD



Iggy said:

Dang im really like these colors i wish i waited to get my dsi and got the XL. But oh well my dsi light blue is plenty for me.



jangonov said:

If I was to get one, I would want the green one, even over the launch colors. I love green, but I wish it was more lime and less base.



Wolfcoyote said:

The blue one really jumps out at me, but I've just purchased the brown DSi XL five days ago. In my opinion I would have loved either a white one or a black one for the simple reason that I'm used to those colors for handhelds. Still, it's the XL and as long as the shoulder buttons don't malfunction then any available color would be fine.



RyuZebian said:

PS2 was popular waaaay after the relase of PS3! Nintendo might be aiming for something similar, with 3DS being totally hardcore in the beginning, and then something anyone can have!



fishman100 said:

now i'm glad my mom lost my DSi xl...if these colors come over here, then i'll buy one of these!!!



TLink9 said:

Japan = The luckiest people that like nintendo
America & Europe = the loser pile of junk



sillygostly said:

Nice. I'd probably grab a green one if I were loaded and had the option. I've never really cared for the painfully dull burgundy and bronze colours that were released here.

The DSi XL is a chump's buy, IMO. The 3DS is more than likely to include the two cameras and the same functionality as the DSi, so really, what's the point? If the current DSiWare library is anything to go by, it's certainly not worth the ridiculous price of admission to access these typically minimalistic titles, particularly if Nintendo disallows customers from transferring their games from the DSi to the 3DS. Flipnote Studio rocks though.



realar said:

I still love my TRON blue DSi! Flipnote Studio still is one of my most valuable tools.
I'm not upgrading til that 3DS hits the states.
Besides will we get said colors? I don't think so.



Tri4ceHolder said:

I am angerly commenting and it's because they don't need new colors if there making the 3ds!!!! Nintendo is hobo!!!!!



Gum said:

if they brought that yellow one to the states, i'd get it >_>

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