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Wed 19th May 2010

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B-ry commented on Review: Mix Superstar (WiiWare):

You have to layer the vocals by manipulating the volume of the other loops. When you record with the mic, you're just laying down your own vocals over a completed mix. With some practice and good timing it can work really well. It's a little tricky but not too bad. There's no way to import your own loops as far as I can tell.

I'm still playing the heck out of this!



B-ry commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

I think people were put off by how cinematic and story driven it is, which makes no sense. Maybe they thought it was trying too hard? What a shame.

And Morgan Webb's ridiculous review on G4 didn't help!



B-ry commented on Review: Oops! Prank Party (Wii):

@NINTENBOY - have you tried shooting us an email and asking us to feature some games you're curious about? We might just do it. We offer 100% review coverage of Nintendo's download services and usually hit most of the Wii exclusives, but when we miss one you're interested in, let us know. Or hit the forums!



B-ry commented on Review: Oops! Prank Party (Wii):

@Darel - that's a shame, because there's some very good party games out there. I hear Disney Guilty Party, which we reviewed earlier this week, is a great example. Maybe board games aren't your thing, but that's different.



B-ry commented on Review: Oops! Prank Party (Wii):

The game is fun but totally average in every way. It's also funny, but not as funny as it thinks it is. Still, it's fun to play with some casual gamer friends.



B-ry commented on Features: Fear In Gaming:

The lake monster in Resident Evil 4....shiver. This was a great read. Thanks Mr. NECRONOMIKaplan!



B-ry commented on Review: DuckTales (NES):

Thanks for all the great comments guys! This game is so fun. I want-need the soundtrack so bad. Amazon theme ftw!

I'm definitely reviewing Mickey Mousecapade at some point, and Rescue Rangers if I can find it. I remember it being really fun too.



B-ry commented on Review: Armada (DSiWare):

Enemy troops exist in the medium difficulty too, you just can't shoot them. There are no weather conditions that affect gameplay as far as I could tell. You can choose between three weather themed environments to play in though (Arctic, tropical, and desert).



B-ry commented on Review: Rummikub (DSiWare):

@supercommando440 - the game does not track your wins or losses, but you are awarded some arbitrary medals for completing certain tasks (defeating the AI on certain difficulty levels, winning with a certain time limit, etc). These are assigned to the profile you create, which you can name and choose an avatar for. There isn't a story or anything resembling a progression system. . As you put it, it's "play a round and that's it". As for the replay value, it is infinite in the same way a classic real-life chess game's replay value is infinite (or poker, Monopoly, etc). .

Rummikub itself is a time-tested fun game. I was reviewing this iteration for DsiWare, which is subpar compared to similar parlor games on the service. Please refer to our scoring guide, where a 5 is defined as "average" - and in my opinion, this game is as average as average can be.
Thanks for your comments!



B-ry commented on Review: Music On: Acoustic Guitar (DSiWare):

@Motorbass - I wouldn't say it's better than Jam Sessions, but they both do certain things better. Music On gives you the ability to play individual strings, many chords, and automatic accompaniment, but Jam Sessions has much better control options, mic support, and some licensed music to play with. I recently saw JS for 4.99 in a bargain bin, so either choice isn't bad



B-ry commented on King Dedede Returns in Latest Kirby's Epic Yar...:

Saw this on reddit and it sums up exactly how I feel about this game. DANCING KIRBY <( ' ' )> (>' ')> <( ' ' )> <(' '<) and repeat... <( ' ' )> (>' ')> <( ' ' )> <(' '<) <( ' ' )> (>' ')> <( ' ' )> <(' '<) <( ' ' )> (>' ')> <( ' ' )> <(' '<) <( ' ' )> (>' ')> <( ' ' )> <(' '<) <( ' ' )> (>' ')> <( ' ' )> <(' '<) <( ' ' )> (>' ')> <( ' ' )> <(' '<) <( ' ' )> (>' ')> <( ' ' )> <(' '<) <( ' ' )> (>' ')> <( ' ' )> <(' '<)



B-ry commented on Strum Along with Music On: Acoustic Guitar Nex...:

I've been using Jam Sessions to guitar-on-the-go for years now. For someone that can't read music it's a great way to figure a song out before you actually learn to play it on a real guitar. This sounds deeper than Jam Sessions, can't wait to see for myself



B-ry commented on Review: myNotebook: Carbon, Pearl and Tan (DSi...:

Here's what Nnooo told us: Owning myNotebook: Blue, Red, Green, Carbon, Tan or Pearl
each opens a theme. Carbon does not open a bonus theme in Carbon and so on (you get the idea).
Use the application (write a lot, start the app up a lot)
Own Pop+ Solo
myDiary and myPostcards don't unlock anything for the notebooks, but themes in myDiary will be unlocked by ALL prior Nnooo products and by using the app. I hope that answers your question, sorry for the late response!



B-ry commented on Review: Ivy the Kiwi? (DS):

This game is hard to find where I'm from. I was gonna pick it up as a gift, and I checked GameStop, Toys R Us, Wal-mart, K-mart, and Best Buy. Most said they won't be getting any in because they didn't have any pre orders for it, but Best Buy said they'll be getting 2 copies in a few weeks. I live in a decently sized city so it was kind of surprising that it's just not available.



B-ry commented on 3DS Coming to Japan by October:

I really hope that it comes out stateside in November at $199.99. However, Corbie thinks it's gonna be more expensive, so that makes me nervous. I guess i think that since he's held it in his hands, he has a better idea of what it'll be.....also, my bet is on no dsiware transfers. It's disappointing, but 3dsware will help soothe the pain _



B-ry commented on Hey Square Enix, Let Obsidian Develop a Chrono...:

I just played Chrono Trigger on the ds, and a direct sequel like they did with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years would be awkward and only accessible to hardcore fans..... that being said, make it 500 points with extra downloadable content and I'm sold.