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Wed 4th Nov 2009

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Gum commented on DS Successor To Offer 3D Gaming:

"I think the official name will be Nintendo ED (Extra-Dimensional)."

The Nintendo ED will sound great next to the Nintendo Wii >___>

(you know ED stands for erectile dysfunction,right?)



Gum commented on Fragile Dreams Come True in March:

as much as i'd like to buy this game at full price. i dunno what to expect from it, so cha, pricedrop = the fact that i decided to go all crazy retro should hold me over for the 2 months it takes for this game to hit 20$ anyway.



Gum commented on Miyamoto Hints Towards Next Console:

the next console will NOT be the same thing with all those little changes. Once the new system comes it, it will be a successor, not a coexisting one.



Gum commented on Project Needlemouse to Focus Solely on Sonic?:

fun fact, the name Ivo Robotnik was used to take advantage of the animosity felt towards the USSR back in the early 90s.

but cha, Unleashed Wii was much better than PS360. Although it missed to levels, it also lacked the useless hubs, the poor shooter everytime you would go inbetween countries, and the pointless camera mission....all thins the PS360 would be better without.



Gum commented on Project Needlemouse to Focus Solely on Sonic?:

i love how Sonic 'fans' complain that "SONIC ONLY" should be the way to go...but S3&K had 2 other playable characters...and that is widely regarded as the best Sonic game ever.

Tails and Knuckles will be missed =