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Feature: The Neo Geo Shooters We Need On Virtual Console

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Come on SNK! Less fighting, more shooting!

While it's fairly common knowledge that the Neo Geo system sported a rather sizable library of fighting titles, many people don't realise that the system also featured an extremely impressive assortment of shoot 'em up releases as well. In fact, several of these games rank as some of the best shooters of all time among avid fans of the genre.

So why is it exactly, that we've seen over 20 Neo Geo releases to date and not one shmup released in North America? Even Europe has only seen one Neo Geo shooter title made available, with the release of the import Neo Geo CD release Ironclad last week.

This glaring lack of Neo Geo shmups has given us the itch to take a look back at ten of the best Neo Geo shoot 'em up titles available for the system and put together a list we hope SNK Playmore will take a good long look at when they consider their next Virtual Console releases.

While Andro Dunos isn't quite as flashy as some of the higher end Neo Geo shmups, it's still a lot of fun to play. At times it looks and feels very similar to the earlier PC Engine shoot 'em ups, but with a touch of Salamander influence to it. The game sports a very manageable and smooth difficulty curve, so players of any skill level should find it appealing and easy enough to get into. The bosses in the game, while visually appealing enough, can be a bit drab in their attacks and movements, but the level designs leading up to them more than make up for it. If you can appreciate an 8-bit style shooter experience wrapped up in a solid 16-bit visual performance, you'll find a lot to like about Andro Dunos.

Blazing Star is easily one of the most popular and sought-after shooters available for the various Neo Geo systems. While some fans still prefer the slightly more aggressive Pulstar, you can't argue that Blazing Star is one of the most visually beautiful and playable shmups ever created. The game is chock full of screen-filling bosses to tackle and some of the best level designs ever crafted that should test even the most seasoned shooter fan. It doesn't hurt that the game also features a very user-friendly gameplay system and an extremely smooth difficulty curve to boot. Toss in a fantastic scoring and grading system and you have a shooter that no fans of the genre should miss.

Last Resort is a good candidate for most underrated Neo Geo shmup. While it generally takes a backseat to the likes of Pulstar, Blazing Star, and Viewpoint, it's actually a very high quality shooter and yet another R-Type clone that does enough new things to warrant a play. The game makes use of the same type of pod system as that of R-Type, but in Last Resort you can control the aim of the pod and which direction it shoots or fires a charge shot in. Despite the game being an earlier Neo Geo release, the visuals and music are actually quite impressive. The difficulty curve is rather sharp, although not quite as sharp as that of Viewpoint, but there's enough playability in the level designs and boss fights to keep you coming back for more. An engaging shmup that should not be overlooked.

Prehistoric Isle 2 is one of the more interesting shooters available on the Neo Geo system, mainly due to its unique dinosaur-themed world and its flashy rendered visuals. Of course the game isn't all about eye candy as it's one of the more enjoyable horizontal shmups on the system and despite starting off a bit on the easy side, the game features a solid level of challenge later on in the game. There are also some amazing backdrops to pilot your helicopter through, not to mention a very interesting gameplay mechanic that allows you to rescue stranded people along the way for extra points. It doesn't help matters that the game is a bit on the rare side, so tracking down a copy for the MVS arcade system can be tricky and expensive. Those who own the game will tell you it's well worth the effort.

Pulstar is about as blatant an R-Type rip-off as you could get, but what makes it so funny is that it's actually even better than the actual R-Type release. It basically takes many of the visual and gameplay mechanics of R-Type and spices them all up a bit. Not only is it one of the most graphically impressive Neo Geo shmups with its gorgeous rendered visuals, it's also one of the most rewarding gameplay experiences as well. While the game is a bit high in the difficulty department, it's so much fun that you'll keep coming back to it time and time again, no matter how many times you crash. There's still quite a debate as to whether Pulstar or Blazing Star are the better game, but as anyone who's played these two gems will tell you, any shmup fan worth their weight should own both of them.

Captain Tomaday would have to be considered the "cute-em up" of the Neo Geo system. It's easily one of the most outlandish shmups you're ever likely to encounter and the gameplay is every bit as eccentric as the visual themes the game makes use of. Instead of firing missiles, your renegade tomato fires off his two fists in order to take out enemies that range from flying Jack-O-Lanterns to agitated sea crabs. And as in most shmups, there are plenty of power-ups to pick up along the way to help you out. Combine all of these many zany ideas together and you have not only a very entertaining shooter, but one that will appeal to gamers of a wide age range. But be warned, the game might have a sugary sweet look and feel, but it can be quite challenging in later levels.

Strikers 1945 Plus is the only game developer Psikyo developed for the Neo Geo system, but it was a great choice to add to the system's catalogue of shooters. The game features a World War II-era theme so the planes you'll be piloting are all from the era, or based around them. The action is intense and the enemy fire is heavy and very sporadic, so you'll have to really be on your toes in order to manoeuvre the game's many areas. The visuals and soundtrack are a bit basic, but the game's very smooth and responsive controls more than make up for it. This was one of the best releases from the series, so if you're a fan of the Strikers releases, you're gonna want to get your hands on this one. There weren't a lot of vertical shmups developed for the Neo Geo system, but this is easily one of the better ones.

The one thing that can definitely be said of Twinkle Star Sprites is that there are very few shooters quite like it. The game takes the basic vertical shooter premise and builds a split-screen battle mode around it all. As you destroy enemies on your side of the screen, you can create and launch attacks on the other opponent's side of the screen in an effort to KO them. While this whole thing might seem rather bizarre, everything is integrated so smoothly that the overall experience is a lot of fun, especially if you can round up a second player to join in the fun. The pastel-coloured visuals give the game a unique visual style and the upbeat musical tracks end up adding even more charm and personality to a game that's already overflowing with both. It's no wonder this game is so popular among Neo Geo fans.

Viewpoint has the honor of being almost unanimously voted the Neo Geo shooter most likely to make you put your fist through a wall. While it's unique isometric viewpoint and polygon-style visuals are its main draw, the sheer level of difficulty in beating the game in one credit will drive even the most seasoned shmup fan insane. Of course that's a testament to just how much Neo Geo fans love the game as you know it must be good to keep people coming back to it despite it's brutal difficulty. And although it's not quite on par with Pulstar or Blazing Star, it's unique look and gameplay make it still one of the most popular Neo Geo shmups. If you can appreciate something a little different, you'll love what Viewpoint has to offer. Of course that's assuming you've got what it takes to play the game.

Zed Blade is another Neo Geo shooter that tends to be widely overlooked. Sure the visuals aren't terribly detailed and the techno soundtrack can become a little redundant, but the core gameplay features a surprising amount of intensity, not to mention some enjoyable boss fights. The game's scenery isn't much to look at, but the game does feature some smooth multi-layer scrolling and the special attacks and bosses also show a nice bit of graphical flare. Fans of early 16-bit era shmups, specifically those found on the PC Engine early in its lifecycle, will enjoy the intensity and simple play control mechanics of Zed Blade. It might not be much to look at, but it's got it where it counts.

Well there you have it – ten Neo Geo shoot 'em ups that deserve to be released on the Virtual Console. Not only are some of these titles insanely difficult to find for the actual systems, they're also exorbitantly priced in many cases as well, making them perfect candidates for release on the service.

We'd love to hear what you guys think. And if you've got a favourite Neo Geo shoot 'em up, here's your chance to let SNK Playmore know you want to see it on the Virtual Console.

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Dazza said:

Totally agreed, Neo Geo needs more shmup love on the VC.

Blazing Star is an absolutely amazing shooter, I hope this gets a VC release soon. No more fighters please!

Viewpoint I am less sure about, it took far too much money off me back in the days... I like the game, but it's so damn hard!



Pahvi said:

SNK Arcade Classics vol. 1 already contains Last Resort... but then again, since Metal Slug was on that volume, on the anthology and also on VC, I guess this doesn't completely overrule the chance of Last Resort coming to VC. But LR on the collection disc is enough for me.

I'm interested in seeing Blazing Star and Twinkle Star Sprites on Wii -- either on a collection disc or on VC.



Link79 said:

As often as we get Neo Geo games added I'm not too hopefull for many more coming anytime soon. Good luck with that list anyway though. Hope SNK will take a look at it.



JamieO said:

Whoa, this it the type of article that I absolutely love to read! A spot on list Corbie, excellent choices. I have only ever had the chance to play Last Resort on the Wii's SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1. I really enjoy it, it is hard but fair. I like that it pays a sort of homage to R-Type. I have also played the Strikers 1945 I & II arcade emulation which was released as a compilation on PS2, (are they similar to 'Plus'?), and the Mega Drive conversion of Viewpoint (of all things!). I have had a few goes of the original arcade Prehistoric Isle (1989) too, which is ace.

I always value Corbie's opinion on shooters. I see him as being a shmup guru, I remember reading about his shooter collection (including original arcade games), on one of his review comments. I have Last Resort, but I would buy all of the others, if they were on Virtual Console. I am with @Dazza, in that I would particularly like to get the chance to play Blazing Star. From reading this I would like to see Blazing Star and Pulstar most of all, but c'mon D4, bring them all to VC! As Corbie states, it would help shed the myth that Neo Geo AES was only good for one-on-one fighters!

Plus the layout of this article is completely lush! Those screenshots, and coloured heading bars, really pop off the screen! Beautiful presentation, guys. Great work.



sykotek said:

I heart shmups, so I totally agree, it'd always be nice to see more released for purchase. Off topic, I know this is a Nintendo site, but I am also looking forward to King of Fighters Sky Stage on XBLA.



jorenmartijn said:

Shooters and Shmups don't really interest me. Though if OutRun were to come out... that'd be awesome! We have a SEGA (and Neo Geo) arcade system at our high school, and OutRun is my favorite game on them.



Guhin said:

Corbie, is that your arcade cabinet in the first picture above? Also, do you own all of these shooting games for your cabinet?



Corbs said:

Yep, that's my Neo 25 cabinet in the article pic. And yes I own all of these games for my cabinet. In fact I was playing Pulstar and Viewpoint during breaks I'd take from writing this very article over the past few days.



JamieO said:

@Corbie (comment 10): Seriously, "Fair play" ! That is a class way to take a break from writing. I bet that your house is popular!
I wonder how many miles it would be for me to fly over to come and visit.



Betagam7 said:

While I'd like to see these games too I'd prefer a NEO GEO shooter retail compilation while the current situation with the PAL Neo Geo continues.
It was great to be able to play Last Resort via the SNK collection in 60hz and with the addition of bonus medals and other features. I wouldn't have been so keen on it had it got the Iron Clad treatment on VC (or for that matter didn't feature an "Easy" mode!)

Meanwhile, the curiously titled "volume 0" of the SNK Classics collection is supposedly due this year. Perhaps we'll see some shooters on that...or the long awaited Volume 2.



JamieO said:

@Betagam7 I agree with you completely, in that these shooters would make an incredible addition to a new SNK Arcade Classics: Vol. 2, Wii compilation. I think that the more of us who shout out for Ignition to release a second edition to their comp, the better. Surely they must be considering that as an option, otherwise they would not have had the 'Vol. 1' sub-heading on their compilation, in the first place.
**** Edit: Mate, if you have a spare minute, could you tell me a little bit more about the 'SNK Arcade Classics: Vol. 0' compilation you mentioned, please? I have not heard of that before. Does it include old SNK arcade games from the late '80s? I would be well up for playing 'Ikari Warriors', 'Psycho Soldier', 'Guerrilla War', 'Victory Road', 'Prehistoric Isle' and 'P.O.W.' on a compilation. Is it for Wii? ****

On a side note, the screenshot of Andro Dunos has a main sprite which looks loads like the ship from Mega Drive Zero Wing, (Toaplan, 1991). They could be twin brothers! I imagine that the Andro Dunos ship does not have a tractor beam, though.



Betagam7 said:

I'm rather surprised that Sega hasn't tried to find a way to get the European Megadrive version of Zero Wing onto the VC yet, given the guaranteed ironic sales it would no doubt get. Although given how long it took to sweep the internet clean of that annoying meme last time, maybe its for the best that it gathers dust.

Magician Lord on SNK Collection 1 and VC kind of gets close to it in humorously garbled translation though



shake_zula said:

Cool article, I've never heard of any of these games before but we definitely need more shmups. D:



JamieO said:

@Betagam7 Yep, Zero Wing should be remembered for one reason and one reason only; Being a great Mega Drive shooter! Nt. Mean Machines, Issue 10 (July, 1991), magazine review scan link is from Mean Machines Archive.



motang said:

at the moment VC offering of NeoGeo makes it seem as if there were only fighting games, but in actuality that's not true. This article is a good indication of that.



Varoennauraa said:

The usual suspects, like best installments from Samurai Shodown and Metal Slug asap!
I'd also like classic arcade games from Capcom, Namco, Konami and Sega.



Warioware said:

Was the first Prehistoric Isle on the Neo Geo? I'd want that for nostalgia. And from this list I'd probably pick up Blazing Star, PI2 and Twinkle Star Sprites.



Slapshot said:

@Corbie.... Awesome article, and I kinda figured that was your Cabinet

Viewpoint.... beat the whole game in Isometric View in ONE life. I think I will make sure to NEVER play that one. I can see myself Hardcore veins start really boiling on that one.... Let me guess though YOU have beaten it?



Objection said:

I saw this on the frontpage and was like "Corbie did it," which made me laugh for no reason. Nice article, I'm not overly familar with the genre but it still got me hyped up for wanting a few of these.



JamieO said:

@Warioware The first Prehistoric Isle in 1930 was an SNK arcade game, it was released in 1989, so it predated the Neo Geo AES console and MVS arcade system by just one year. As Corbie mentions, in the sequel you fly a helicopter, but in the first game you pilot a red, or blue biplane (simultaneous two player).

It joins a number of arcade games that were never converted to console, only its sequel reached the Neo Geo. Admitedly, it is visually not up to scratch to have received a direct conversion on the more advanced Neo Geo hardware, don't get me wrong though, it still looks good. It would have made a nice shooter for a PC Engine, or Mega Drive conversion, both of which were out in '89. Sadly it never happened, which may have been for the best, because it probably would have resulted in loads of broken PCE/ MD pads, 'cause it is rock hard!



TheLonelyGamer said:

I agree, Neo Geo on VC DOES need some great shooters, such as Last Resort, Alpha Mission II, Prehistoric Isle 2, NAM-1975, and more.
But personally, I really want Robo Army (a beat 'em up) to be on VC.



Chrono_Cross said:

Holy crap, all those games look beautiful and sound like so much fun to play. I've never owned or played a Neo Geo game before and I hope these come to VC so I can.



Atlantis1982 said:

Out of all of those, I only had the pleasure to play Twinkle Star Sprites thanks to Gametap before it went web browser only.

It amazes me so little are being released on the NEO-GEO (plus the VCA), and for any system nowadays for that matter. If there is one system I want to see released more, it is the NEO-GEO because of games like Twinkle Star Sprites, and a few others.



meppi said:

Wow, great article! Love the layout for it as well, very simple yet so distinct.
I really love Andro Dunos and Strikers 1945 Plus, both of which I have on AES, the latter one being a conversion from arcade parts.
Two games that never seem to get the praise they deserve IMO.
Not so crazy on Prehistoric Isle 2 myself but perhaps I need to dig deeper into it as it doesn't play like your average shmup.
Pulstar and Blazing Star are wonderful indeed, as is Last Resort.
Twinkle Star Sprites has been a favourite of mine ever since I got the Saturn version all those years back. So addictive in multiplayer!

Two games I'd like to add to the list myself are Ghost Pilot and ASOII.



gojiguy said:

To tell you the truth, I just want another SNK Arcade Classics. It's worlds better than their VC releases because it allows button mapping!

I remember playing prehistoric isle as a kid... I want that now lol



Corbs said:

I'd happily take all of these together on one Wii retail compilation disc as well.



Supermegaman said:

I really like the look of the andro dunos one, and pulstar and twinkle star look to be good.
Id probly get some of these if they ever went VC, even though im not really into shmups.
Awesome article Corbie!



StarBoy91 said:

Viewpoint looks interesting. Hooray for isometricism in the viewpoint (coudln't resist). The other shmups looks good, too. Twinkle Star Sprites looks cool.



Rebel81 said:

Except missing Captain Tomaday (quite a unique shooter), Aero Fighters 3 and Nam-1975.

Also minor mistake calling Aero Fighters 2 -> Sonic Wings 3. Aero Fighters 3 has been released in the west on cd-only.



Atlantis1982 said:

There would be three games that will make me buy Volume 2:
Twinkle Star Sprites, Windjammers, and Sengoku 2.



Corbs said:

Actually I had originally included Sonic Wings 3/Aero Fighters 3 and then at the last minute changed it to Sonic Wings 2/Aero Fighters 2. Fix'd. Good catch. And I don't consider Nam 1975 a shmup, but a great game nonetheless.

Edit: And yes there was an Aero Fighters 1. It was released in the Arcade and on the Super Nintendo, and Playstation 2 systems. Never made it to the Neo Geo.



StarBoy91 said:

So, Aero Fighters 1 is known as Sonic Wings on the SNES?
How challenging is it? I love challenge in a video game.



moomoo said:

The only ones I've played are Pulstar and Aero Fighters 2, both of which were in the arcades. I'd probably buy them if they were on VC.



StarBoy91 said:

The only one of those I've played was Last Resort on SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 on the PSP. My heavens, that game is hard.



Knux said:

I never knew there were that many shumps on the Neo Geo, time to look into some of these SNK collections!



I am more familiar with Neo geo fighters although I do remember Zed blade and Aero fighters which you ignored..



Corbs said:

Zed Blade is on there. Or did you not get that far down. LOL. And I only chose 10 of them, so some had to be eliminated and since Strikers 1945 Plus is similar to the Aero Fighter games, and a bit superior in my opinion, I left them off this time.



axelay80 said:

I've watched videos of both Pulstar and Blazing Star before and was really hoping they would get released on VC. They both look amazing.



Adamant said:

The first Prehistoric Isle is supposed to be on SNK Arcade Classics vol 0, whenever that comes out. The lineup is supposedly Alpha Mission, Athena, Baseball Stars, Bermuda Triangle, Gold Medalist, Guerrilla War, HAL 21, Ikari Warriors, Ikari 3: The Rescue, Marvin's Maze, POW, Prehistoric Isle, Psycho Soldier, SAR: Search & Rescue, Sasuke vs Commander, Street Smart, Touchdown Fever, TNK 3, Vanguard 2 and Victory Road.



timp29 said:

How can you people accomplish anything when you play these games all the time ?? I can't even justify spending my 1000 wii points card on the wiiware castlevania, i dont even have time to play it.



BlueFlameBat said:

Why is Twinkle Star Sprites listed under Untitled? Error in the making of this article? I haven't played all of these games (...yet...) but out of the ones I did play, I think I enjoyed Twinkle Star Sprites the most because, never mind. But TSS is still my favorite.
I'm not into buying Neo Geo games on the VC, though. I'd be interested in the VC ports if they included the extra options like the ones contained in SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 such as infinite credits and complete controller reconfiguration. Yes, I have the Thrustmaster GameCube/Wii controller, and it may have been top of the line when they first made it, but it sure as hell ain't top of the line anymore.
I'd probably buy Twinkle Star Sprites on the VC regardless because I heard that there was going to be another Twinkle Star Sprites games (a new one, not a port) but it was canceled because the company that made it thought it wouldn't be successful. Perhaps if Twinkle Star Sprites does show up on VC, XBLA, and/or PSN and sells well, the unfinished successor can be resurrected and actually released.



Corbs said:

What are you talking about. "Untitled" is nowhere in the article?



JamieO said:

@Adamant Cheers for posting what you know about the list of titles which may be coming to SNK Arcade Classics Vol.0. The games you mentioned truly make it sound like a '80s retro-terrific treat!

My main question now is regarding which systems it will be released on. Surely the Wii will be included in its release.



SuperDude95 said:

Pretty much every game on here can come to the VC with the exception of two games:
Prehistoric Isle 2: 478 Megs "Blocks"
Strikers 1945 Plus: I believe the game is somewhere in the 500 range. Can't remember the exact size but I know that the game is too big to fit on the VC,



gojiguy said:

I believe Wii WILL be included for SNKAC v:0. It hasn't been officially announced yet, though.



gojiguy said:

Yeah actually the same deal happened with volume 1- it was announced for Japan, PSP only. Got released on PS2 and Wii in US. It just hasn't been announced in the US yet.



nix said:

been calling for this for a long time, neogeo shmup compilation on one disc great idea



JamieO said:

@Adamant and @gojiguy I have got PS2 and PSP as well, it is just that I think if they want to get the best out of sales of a compilation in Western regions, they need to be releasing it on Wii as well. I hope that gojiguy is right, perhaps SNK Playmore will handle which systems receive it in Japan and Ignition choose if Wii gets it in the West. Presumably it is SNK Playmore as developers who have to program all of its emulation in the first place, though. So they would have to actually make SNK Arcade Classics Vol.0 on the Wii.

@meppi I did not know that you had an AES, mate. Now I am officially jealous of you too, as I am anyone who owns a Neo Geo. Ha, ha, I am most envious of Corbie's Neo 25 cabinet, though. All you gamers who save the spondoolies to invest in the higher prices of Neo Geo hardware, AES carts and MVS boards earn my instant respect.

@nix I think that you hit the nail on the head, which is also one of the points of Corbie's feature (although the feature refers directly to Virtual Console, Corbie mentioned in comment 36 that he would "happily take all of these together on one Wii retail compilation disc as well"). :
SNK Playmore and Ignition could release these 10 games as a shooter compilation, without any other SNK titles from different genres, and it would still be a must buy!



Boman said:

I have all of these Neo Geo shmups
on my arcade machine
Last resort is quite difficult,
It took my a while just to get to the second stage.
Strange you did not select "Aero fighters" 2 or 3
in your list.



BlueFlameBat said:

It was when I posted that message. It said Untitled where it now says Twinkle Star Sprites with the two screenshots that were added later. The Lithium medication I took last night may have made me feel weird, but it doesn't do hallucinations. I know what I saw.



retro_player_22 said:

Great top ten, at least Ironclad made it to US VC today so yeah maybe one of those top ten might be release someday too but I want Fatal Fury 3 and The King of Fighters 95 before those though.



Rebel81 said:

Het the list changing. Aero Fighters 2 has been replaced with Captain Tomaday.

So her a complete list:
Aero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 2 102 meg 1994
Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3 154 meg 1995
Alpha Mission 2 / ASO II : Last Guardian 47 meg 1992
Andro Dunos 32 meg 1992
Blazing Star 346 meg 1998
Captain Tomaday 106 meg 1999
Last Resort 45 meg 1992
Prehistoric Isle 2 478 meg 1999
Pulstar 305 meg 1995
Strikers 1945 Plus 681 meg 1999
Twinkle Star Sprites 146 meg 1996
Viewpoint 74 meg 1992
Zed Blade / Operation Ragnarok 102 meg 1994

Last Hope 2006 AES-only
Last Hope: Pink Bullets (coming 2010)
Fast Striker (coming 2010)



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I always thought Blazing Star and Viewpoint looked incredible on screenshots. I want to get my hands on Twinkle Star Sprites as well, but I´m considering the Saturn version.



Corbs said:

Well BlueFlameBat, then the graphic must not have loaded up on your browser, because I've read over this thing countless times since the moment I put it up live and it's been fine. Also, you're the only one that's mentioned it in 70+ comments.

And yes, I replaced Aero Fighters 2 with Captain Tomaday at a personal request from a very old friend of mine.



BlueFlameBat said:

The graphics and colored banners containing the titles were loaded for all the games listed except for Twinkle Star Sprites. It's fixed now, so there's really nothing to worry about.

All of the Aero Fighters games I've played were awesome, by the way ... well, almost. Aero Fighters Assault on the Nintendo 64 was okay, but it could have been much better. Nevertheless, I think there should be a Sonic Wings collection pak which contains all of the Sonic Wings / Aero Fighters games including Aero Fighters Assault and Sonic Wings Special if they can get all the rights to do so. They should also have the SNES version of Aero Fighters on the Virtual Console.



Corbs said:

Who knows what the deal was with the Twinkle Star Sprites thing. LOL.

I'm with you on the Aero Fighters thing. I too like the games. I have Aero Fighters 2 on the Neo cabinet and Aero Fighters on SNES. I have played Aero Fighters 3, but it's been awhile back. As you mentioned, getting the various rights to all of these shmups might be a heck of a task indeed considering they were almost all developed by different companies. Still be nice to see it happen.



jbrodack said:

Nice list though andro dunos and zeb blade aren't that great. Some of the others are quite good and I agree about last resort being underrated. Twinkle star sprites is one of the most unique games I've ever seen. I'd love to be able to play it online. Maybe a wiiware remake or something.



Zinjak said:

ehh...i dunno, im sure these are quality games and all but aren't there already a crap ton of shmups on the VC already? i'd like to see other genre's on here....



StarBoy91 said:

[StarBoy screams]
Captain Tomaday looks cute!!!
I loved cute'em ups since I played Star Parodier and Detana!! TwinBee. This Neo Geo one looks interesting.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

@Zinjak: Yeah, the goal should not be "less fighting, more shooting" but "less ancient titles, more good games". Neo Geo has a great deal of quality titles, but SNK Playmore has been keen on releasing the sequels of old games one at a time. We really don´t need Fatal Fury 2 when Special exists. And frankly, the series became good for real when the "Real Bout" games came along. So if SNK Playmore really wants us to be interested in their older games, they should bring in some of the best titles instead of being so focused on chronology. And yeah I bought Ironclad and it´s good.



Rerun said:

I want more SHMUPs. It's cheaper playing them at home than on the arcade! He he he.



JebbyDeringer said:

I've said it before but there are technical limitations stopping the release of a lot of the newer games.

A lot of those shooters are great. Pulstar is my favorite just because it's more rewarding and I love the slower pacing while Blazing Star is straight up action. I could never get into Last Resort but I finally played all the way through Andro Dunos recently.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Still, some of the late 90´s games aren´t larger than the first ones, so it should be perfectly possible to release them instead of the next sequel in a series of 5-9 games...



Adroitone said:

@That Guy from Faxanadu

I have to disagree with what you said concerning Fatal Fury. Fatal Fury became really really good when FF3 came out.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

OK, haven´t played FF3! But I do like the Real Bout games. Of course Fatal Fury is just one example, others being World Heroes 1, Art of Fighting 1, and perhaps Samurai Shodown 1 (since SS2 is better).



GoldJumper said:

I like to see NeoGeo Alpha Mission II on Vc !!!!!! Don´t like to see more fatal fury or KOF. NeoGeo have a large variety off good games ... i like: Mutation Nation, Cyber Lip, 8 Man, Robo Army, View Point, Ghost Pilots ....

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