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Sun 16th Aug 2009

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SuperDude95 commented on Fan Site Randomly Generates a "Leaked" List of...:

Here's some more things:
Donkey Kong Country 2. (Another Remaster like SMB3?)
Mario Bros. Collection (But there's only one)
Mario 3DS... (Except it's on WiiU)
Mario Pro (Working Title) [This is on WiiU]
Super Donkey Kong Country Bonsai
Mario Pro [This is on NX]
Duck Cry (Far Cry + that dog?)
Donkey Kong Country U (On 3DS)
F-Zero DX (How many people would want this?)
The Legend of Zelda: Toenail of Pastor (Eww)
Super Super Mario (Working Title)
Metroid: Bedroom U (O.o)
Pokémon 3DS (Which one?)
Dew Shoemaker (???)
Rugby Life (Will Nintendo not screw this up unlike most other developers who did?)



SuperDude95 commented on Nintendo Download: 26th November 2010 (Europe):

I saw the trailer for Music On: Electric Guitar and then bought it (Finding out it actually did come to America on Monday), and it sounds so absolutely sick and awesome it even beats $600 guitar samples that I've found on the internet. It fortunately has really good controls too. Easily the best Music On released yet.



SuperDude95 commented on Steel Diver:

Fun Fact: This game was originally a DS tech demo from over 5 years ago!



SuperDude95 commented on Feature: The Neo Geo Shooters We Need On Virtu...:

Pretty much every game on here can come to the VC with the exception of two games:
Prehistoric Isle 2: 478 Megs "Blocks"
Strikers 1945 Plus: I believe the game is somewhere in the 500 range. Can't remember the exact size but I know that the game is too big to fit on the VC,



SuperDude95 commented on WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase:

@ Julio
Don't worry, you don't need a DS to see new microgames. "Although there will only be 2 games added each week, not counting the games made by "Big Names"."



SuperDude95 commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

In my opinion, this game gets an 8 solely because the evil camera is fixed.
Also I haven't seen any game on the DS since launch that has better graphics than this other than the Nanostray series.



SuperDude95 commented on Nintendo Download: Rayman, Notebooks, Stress B...:

@ StarFox
They still have SSF2 Genesis and the arcade versions of all the Street Fighters "Excluding 3, obviously."
But SFA2 on the VC means that Super FX Support on the VC is nearer than it seems!
"SFA2 used a special graphics chip."



SuperDude95 commented on Earthworm Jim 2:

"Infact, did you know the first game was built from the ground up for the Genesis/MD? It was simply ported over to the SNES."
Did you also know that the sequel was built from the ground up on THE SNES instead of the genesis! Glad I own the SNES version, seeing this game might get cancelled on the VC.