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Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M Coming This Summer

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Nintendo Australia reveals release window

We knew Nintendo was all set to have a big Wii year with a line-up that includes Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Team Ninja collaboration Metroid: Other M and possibly a new Zelda game. What we didn't know was when, but thanks to Nintendo Australia we've a stronger idea for at least two of these.

Greg Arthurton, Nintendo Australia's marketing director, confirmed to IGN that both Mario and Metroid will be arriving between June and August.

Nintendo of America will be holding a media summit tomorrow, with the European arm hosting one on Thursday. Hopefully the summits will bring more solid release dates, more surprises and maybe an answer or two. We'll be in attendance on Thursday, so keep your eyes locked to Nintendo Life for all the juicy tidbits.

Well, that frees up the holiday season nicely, doesn't it?


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User Comments (53)



metakirbyknight said:

Gah! Nintendo is plotting against me. Whenever I get close to a PS3 they send a barrage of amazing titles I have to buy.



Hardy83 said:

Hmm... Well IGN said not to expect any new hardware at this event (which they could be wrong about but I believe them) and their biggest games are coming out at the lastest August.
With little AAA third party support after June I wonder what they have up their sleeve for a holiday title (I'm sure it'll be just one not more than that)
I'd get excited but I'm sure their holiday will focus on casual gaming and have another Wii Fit game or focus on the vitality sensor with some lame puzzle game whose only focus is to move more systems.



Yosher said:

That's pretty neat! I was almost sure they'd get a release around Christmas, but it's nice to see them coming earlier. As long as it doesn't drain on their quality, though!



Tails said:

I pray to god i will have enough money in my wallet to get this beauty or at least put down a pre-order for it when I go to get HeartGold on the 13 of march. It's gonna be epic.



V8_Ninja said:

I thought the story (at first) was speculation, but I guess it's happening! But then again that's probably an Australian/Japanese release date and not an American or European release date, so I guess everything's in the air.



mushroomer said:

I hope galaxy is more platforming and less story..
i hope metroid goes back to its roots and introduces something really different



irken004 said:

I thought Galaxy had a great story. According to Miyamoto, this new one will have less story though.



Objection said:

Wow, earlier than expected. I'm really excited about Other M, not as much Galaxy 2 (sequelitis, I'll get over it.)



Token_Girl said:

Two words: Win Sauce.

This is about when I get home. Will I be able to complete Galaxy and Prime Trilogy before I bust into these? (Fairly likely, unfortunately, given that it will probably be a while before getting home and getting a paycheck).



thaantman said:

Not too surprise about metro possibly coming in august, but didn't think we get galaxy 2 till close to the holidays. Man this is great mm10 march 1, mario & sonic & metroid coming out in the summer. gotta get savin now



Objection said:

I find it hard to believe (with the rumors of Zelda at the end of the year) we might get a new title of all three franchises on Wii this year.



Radixxs said:

Hopefully these aren't Japanese release dates, as I need some gaming action over summer.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Awww, hell yeah! I can't wait for more concrete information tomorrow! Come on, NOA, say you're getting these titles first and (specifically) when...



Megumi said:

Can't wait for all three...this summer release goes for USA too right? I hope so. XD



RedYoshi999 said:

So how many hours is it until the US summit? Sorry but when you say tomorrow in the US it already is in Australia!



timp29 said:

Looking forward to these, especially mario galaxy 2. However, I have no idea how I will find time to play these around med school



Fuzzy said:

Sounds great. Hopefully we get to see some more trailers as well!



warioswoods said:

If true, this certainly does raise questions about the holiday season. They wouldn't be putting these out in Summer without something very big planned for the holidays... but what could it be?



Machu said:

I was planning on getting lots of sun over the summer. I think that plan just changed.



suburban_sensei said:

Looks like soon I will need to get to pre-ordering these puppies! I am taking next semester off of school, so these AAA titles couldn't have hit at a better time.



motang said:

Awesome news, I have had my reservation for SMG 2 since last year need to reserve Metroid Other M soon.



Bigdog said:

These games coming out over the summer doesn't necessarily mean a big release Christmas time. It could be a casual gamer focused game coming out later in the year, something that is a big seller. SMBW is a great game, but also one that mom-and-pops would pick up. I think that's the focus, a big seller, not necessarily a big game.

But one can hope, right? Something like Zelda and an unconfirmed title coming out over Christmas would be awesome. (S&P2, Starfox, F-Zero, etc)



Objection said:

@Corbie- Oh I don't mind believing at all.
Now that I've annoyed fans of a certain anime, I'm going to slink off...



Discipledoctor said:

<i>So how many hours is it until the US summit? Sorry but when you say tomorrow in the US it already is in Australia!</i>

It's at 11 Central.



Discipledoctor said:

Oh, and to Objection_Blaster:
Nice picture. I need one of Feenie instead of me putting my leg behind my head.



FJOJR said:

That is unless someone pirates it a week before then "No Games for you!!!"



MeloMan said:

My year is just... done. The possibility of 3 AAA 1st party titles, and all other releases like Fragile Dreams, Arc Rise Fantasia, Sin and Punishment 2, Monado, and Golden Sun 3?! Even if I play them all, I don't have the cash. C'mon Gamefly, I need ya...



Ark said:

I'm with MeloMan, this is...o_o Sin and Punishment, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Metroid Other M all within about a month? Wallets will bleed this summer, and that's surprising considering summer usually has slow, shallow releases.

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