The final DS2 will probably look nothing like this (admittedly gorgeous) 3D mock-up

Did you scoff at the recent rumours of a DS2 development kit doing the rounds? Well get ready to wipe that smirk off your smug face because according to CVG the machine is very real.

The website has been told by an employee at The Pokemon Company that they have indeed received DS2 development kits - although the tech is still at a very early stage in development.

The source has revealed that the new machine has a tilt function much like the iPhone, but also does much more. The mystery man also excitingly proclaims that it is the best thing he has ever worked with.

DS owners need not be too worried about any recent purchase however, as it is also said that this is the first version of the kit which has just been handed out on a trial basis for developer feedback.

With the unit still being at a relatively early stage, it is not expected that Nintendo will make any official announcement at the upcoming Media Summit.

Of course, the Big N remains tight lipped on the subject.