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Developer Allegedly Has DS2 Kit

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Could this be Nintendo's big reveal?

As Nintendo’s Media Summit approaches, rumours about what exactly the big announcement will be are starting to surface. According to French web site Gamekult, it could well be the unveiling of a DS successor.

Developer sources close to the website are said to have revealed that some studios have already received development kits for the new console. No other details surrounding the specifications of the handheld have been disclosed and Nintendo have declined to comment, obviously.

Whether this is true or not, we would expect Nintendo to be working on a new handheld for release at some point. Although how it turns out to play and what features it has is anyone’s guess.


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Chunky_Droid said:

Who knows what it could be, it would seem silly to announce a DS2 right now, unless it has a Virtual Handheld, I'll forgive them for that!

It just seems weird that they would bring out the DSi, then announce the DSiXL mere months later, then announce the DS2 before the DSiXL even comes out



colmtheperson said:

All this talk about next gen consoles, all turning out to be fake... Is there nothing better in the world of Nintendo to report on?



Corbs said:

It's gotta be coming soon. First Nintendo slip up and announce the VC for the DSi and then take it back suddenly. Could it be for this successor?



Dazza said:

I'd be happy to ditch the dual screens and have something like a touch enabled PSP Go which is essentially a portable Gamecube. Make it happen Nintendo!



Corbs said:

I'm with Daz. Scrap the dual screens and let's get this show on the road.



Reala said:

oh come on now, more screens is the way to go, I wanna open my DS2 for the screens to unfold, much like a wallet with a huge photo collection inside



warioswoods said:

No, I love the double-screen clamshell model. Nintendo reached back beyond the Game Boy to restore that grand tradition from some of the best G&W games, and I hope it's here to stay. The last thing I want is a portable Gamecube; handheld systems do best, in my mind, when they have as little in common with home systems as possible.



47drift said:

I'll pass. With DSiWare just starting to pick up, I see no need for this. Not to mention, the DSi can have firmware updates, so why bother? Not to mention, the DSi is so new. Having three DS's on the market at the same time with different pricing seems destined to fail in my opinion.



aaronsullivan said:

Oh, I don't think so. I guess if it's one hundred percent backwards compatible with both the DSi and all current DSiWare it could work. But then... doesn't that mean it will be really similar to the DS?

I'll admit that the DS is under tremendous pressure from the iPod Touch and iPhone, though. Plus, the iPad has the potential of expanding the similar market to the rest of the family members who aren't into gaming on the run, but rather gaming on the sofa or recliner.

Nintendo might make a drastic move or two. Still, I don't think this is the time. Not with the giant DS still upcoming.



V8_Ninja said:

Possible, but something like that is more suited for E3 than the Nintendo Media Summit. But hey, who am I to judge?



MasterGraveheart said:

The only way I'll accept this is if our DSiShop purchases can transfer to the new platform. However, I'll still say that this probably isn't on the level.



warioswoods said:

It seems highly doubtful. Even if there were some new handheld announced, I would expect at least another year before it hits shelves anywhere, and I would expect it have DSiWare compatibility.



irken004 said:

It better not be a new DS, I already have the Lite and DSi, another one would just.... just.... DS2=<$?!?

/me calls in Lord Megatron



Kid_A said:

Yeah, they might well announce that a DS2 is in development, but I would doubt that they would release it any time soon--it hasn't even been a year since the DSi launched.



brandonbwii said:

I figured the true successor would be one or two years in (was hoping for a holiday 2011 release since I already own a dsi). I just hope Nintendo will find a way to transfer DSiware to DS 2 as I already own quite a few titles, and quite a few more when I get more money.



New_Age_Retro_Hippie said:

The DSi is not a successor to the DS, so making a DS2 makes perfect sense. The DS2 is expected to be significantly more powerful than the DS, and I'm sure that it will go the same direction, what with downloadable games, onboard storage, and being a multimedia device.

Well, I'm expecting it at least.



DK_vs_KK said:

I agree with Kid_A. If they did announce that there will be a successor to the DSi, I doubt that they would release anytime soon. Still, if they announce it, no one will buy the DSiXL. I wouldn't.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Wow finally more news for teh DS successor .
Its been 5 years since the DS went on the market .
So it means that a successor be annoucing soon would differently makes sense .



pixelman said:

I'd love a single screen DS with a touch screen, powerful graphics card, and clicky buttons. We'll see, but I'd be surprised if they announced something this big before E3.



brandonbwii said:

Hate to be negative on the topic but it is somewhat likely that Nintendo would release a successor to the DS sooner rather than later and lose functionality (like DSiware) in exchange for higher specs or something. Yes, it would be stoopid, but don't put it pass them.



TKOWL said:

These are probably the people who still think Mother 3 is coming to the GBA soon



Kawaiipikachu said:

The only stupid thig Nintendo did got s DS added a smalll cpuple of features & marketed as the DSi making a quick buck .

The whole DSi thing is a joke .
People also fooled into the common misconception that the DSi have faster CPU's when it would coast thousands of dollors to prodice a die for a new Dual CPU chip money that wouldent be spent on something as small as an incarnation of the DS instead of a propper DS successor .



nintenden said:

Why do you guys worry about WHAT Nintendo will show, I'm exited for new games and new hardware any time.


DSi is great, having a menu to choose your mp3's, downloaded games, internet browser, flipnote studio and photos from is great. It's only a bit more expansive than the DS so It's a great deal.


Haha are you serious, Nintendo is selling a lot of DS and Wii hardware, they are making a lot of money and don't have to worry about anybody.



Capt_N said:

It might be a virtual handheld for the DSi, but somehow I don't know. N is afraid of piracy to a great extent. Then again, that's assuming the announcement is of the ability to take your Wii VCs on the go, maybe even temp put them on your handheld, then later restore them to your console, & pick up where you left off (in the game). A virtual Gameboy setup seems more likely in that direction. N partially shot themselves in the foot, imo. They didn't wanna lose the handheld market to the PSP, so they released the DS, w/ limited GB support: GBA only, & only in single-player. All so the GBA could still live. But imo, this prematurely ened the GBA's life. They should have just allowed the DS to carry on the Gameboy's hard/soft-ware capabilities.

On another note, I seem to recall last fall Iwata addressing that N is thinking on it's Wii successor.

But like everyone is saying:
1. Releasing this many handhelds this close may not necessarily be wise.
2. I would be only a bit surprised if Nintendo announced something big, outside of E3. I think they have before, but not traditionally speaking.



Kawaiipikachu said:

The DSi is nothing more than a DS successor with a couple extra features shoehorned in while the propper DS successor is going to bo more powerful than a DS as opposed to having the same dual CPU chip with a different number printed on it it will probably have a Virtual Portable more powerful graphics everything to make it a successor .



Donatello said:

Bah, as much as I love my DSLite...the Wii dominated it once i got it ;p
Still i'm very exciteed for Dementium II and Mega Man Zero Collection. But honestly, where are the Nintendo Games? I know we just got Bowsers Inside Story Zelda Spirit Tracks....but there hasn't been really any new Nintendo game announced. Eh, i guess that's what E3's for. But the DS2 will most likely be revealed

Aslo is the DSi worth uprgading to?....Personally i could care less for DSi Ware for the most part and the Webcam. But the larger screens, the power button place change and volume buttons are the only reason that i'd want to upgrade. but i also hate the Matte Finish on the outside, compared to the DSLite beautiful glossy finish. And i'm one of the few that could care less about not being able to play GBA games on the DSi....Reason being is that you cant configure the buttons in the DS options....playing most GBA games on the DSLite for example sucks button layout wise. I love that you get much better color, brightness and no reflective screen along with a headphone jack which is all awesome. but the DS's tiny buttons make it not as fun or comfortable to play. instead of having to use the B and A buttons, i'd rather switch B to X and A to B Snes style, but you can't.....



THE_AG said:

Now I just have to wait for Nintendo to question this rumour I guess.



Digiki said:

I'm suprised at these scrap the dual screen comments, some games made fantastic use of both screens (like TWEWY), while most others were used more simply to provide great practicality (like pretty much every RPG).



M00se said:

so nintendo what happen to your DSi exclusive games??? and what about that virtual console you confirmed to be released in japan????? 2 reasons i bought a DSi and now this??



nintenden said:

@Capt N

Change your mentality, DS, DSi, DS XL are the same handheld with different characteristics, so consumers can choose between different versions. The DSi and DS XL are no new handhelds, the new handheld may be completely different from the DS.



Corbs said:

@ longtimegamer - It was announced at a Japanese Club Nintendo special event in March 2009 that the GB/GBA Virtual Console would be coming to the DSi system, starting with mainly 1st party Nintendo titles and continuing later to third party offerings. It was shortly thereafter recanted. Many news outlets ran with the story immediately including Kotaku and Kombo before the statement from Nintendo took the announcement back.



Donatello said:

I think that the people wanting to get the DS XL for the larger screens will be dissapointed having to go back with smaller(most likely widescreens) for the DS2....I think I'll just stick with my DSLite as much as I'd love to have the larger screens for the DS XL.




2 screens are the way to go, but I'm not going for multi touch. It's slower and less precise, which can really take a hit on some games



Capt_N said:

I was stoked to buy a DSi later this year, but now this, & I feel I will now wait, & end up purchasing something else, if a new handheld pops up.



Donatello said:


2 WideScreens
High resolution graphics
Gamecube-like graphics
Motion sensing controls
GB, GBC, GBA,Game Gear Virtual Console
2 Touch Screens
DS games Compatible
DSi Ware Compatible
Superior LCD technology for slightly better motion, blacks and color



nintenden said:

quote kawaiipikachu:

The DSi is nothing more than a DS successor with a couple extra features shoehorned in while the propper DS successor is going to bo more powerful than a DS as opposed to having the same dual CPU chip with a different number printed on it it will probably have a Virtual Portable more powerful graphics everything to make it a successor .

I never said it is a true succesor, it's a different version of the DS. All I am saying is that the extra features are great, and for the little it money it costs more it is a great deal if you don't already have a ds lite.



ReZon said:

Bring it on I say, I'm ready for the next DS. No more minor upgrades to the DS(i) - give me the real deal!



retrobuttons said:

Haha this is stupid, people getting mad if Nintendo will show of something new because you just bought somthing. It would be great if the would show of a new DS and a new Wii. New hardware to me is very exiting.



Megumi said:

But it feels like I just got the DS not too long ago though...
...Oh wait that was the DSi, lol.



Capt_N said:

We all must consider a terrible truth that N possibly was only thinking on something, changed their minds relatively quick, & this...

I hope not, but even if this is a rumor that will fizzle, I'm sure E3 will hold good things in store. I'm already looking for Galaxy 2, & Other M, among other games this year.



retrobuttons said:

@Capt N

a terrible truth are you serious man???


I don't care, I have got a DSi and I enjoy it, Nintendo announcing something new doesn't change that. If they announce something new it doesn't mean you can buy it tomorrow or that they won't support the DS anymore, the DS has a large install base.



Raylax said:

Don't Nintendo normally announce their consoles whilst they're still about 3/4's of the way through developing it? Look at the prototype DS Phat, for eg. It seems unlikely, then, that the kind of developers that are likely to leak information will have devkits. At this stage those devkits would only be around Nintendo and the bigger 3rd parties - Capcom, Sega, EA and the likes (basically all those with enough funds to make tech demos for the event and all the marketing, stands and booth girls that go with that, knowing they'll see little to no immediate return); who aren't likely to shout about it.
So I doubt DS2 is on the cards for this event.



47drift said:

What you folks aren't seeing is that plenty of people have very recently picked up a DS Lite or DSi, and these systems cost some serious money. Releasing a new DS so soon after people just dished out the cash for the current gen system isn't going to look all that great in the eye of the public who has already purchased. It's sort of like the Dreamcast, you know?



nintenden said:


Nintendo announcing a new system doesn't mean it will be out tommorow or that they will drop support for the DS. Nintendo has a business to run, just be happy they also make creative decisions to make great games that are different from competitors, and not just follow the market but create new trends.



Kawaiipikachu said:

The DSi is just nothing more than a quick cashin & thus news is further evedence on that matter.
When my old DSlite had had a wonky hinge I replaced it with another DS lite.
I'm not going to waste an extra $100 when a Successor due soon.



TwilightV said:

I believe I remember a long while back reading something about several companies confirming they were already developing for the next-gen consoles, so i'm not particularly worried about this. I'm just going to wait until next week's media summit.



Capt_N said:


A system w/ a modular nature would be an ideal system in this case. Sorta like upgrading a computer. You've already got most everything. You're just adding a new pci card, or some new software. There are of course downfalls to this system, as well, compared to a hard-wired system, handheld, or console...



Slapshot said:

@retrobuttons..... they have a point. Money for gaming isnt really ever a problem for me. I can afford a new handheld and console now if I want. It still doesnt take from the fact that Nintendo DID say that they would release a VC on DSi wich is why I went and spent the $189 USD on the system only to quickly find out its not happening, and still hasnt. It was kinda bad on N, and then releasing a XL right after it. I do hope they announce DS2, its time for a upgrade to both N systems. It still doesnt change the fact that Nintendo the "everybody" company WILL release expensive hardware and not give it full support!



motang said:

I smell some truth to this, as the DS is 6 years old. We shall see/hear more about this soon enough either at the Media Summit or at GDC.



Donatello said:

I agree people complaining about a new DS2 is silly. After all the DS was released Nov' 04' It's now been alittle over than 5 years(it's been 6 now in Japan) and the timing seems about right. I find it selfish and close mindend when people complain and say they 'just' baught a DS and havent even had it for a year, and start to complain when a new DS is on the way. it's not our fault you just jumped on board with the DS, it's been out for over 5 years in America.

As for me, I jumped on board the DS train as soon as the DSLite hit with New Super Mario Bros, Brain Age and Nintendogs which was a year and a half after the orginal DS came out. And as cool as I thaught the original DS was at the time, i was turned off by it's crappy brightness(especially) and even the ugly design, not to mention it didn't exactly have a fantastic line up of games besides a few gems.. I was too into my GameCube at the time anyways ;p Anyways, Kirby Canvas Curse is the greatest DS games handsdown if you ask me
i can't wait for Dementium II and the Mega Man Zero Collection



TKOWL said:

Is this the confromation of Super Mario Galaxy DS? (Probably Not)



Megumi said: 5 years huh? XD
I'm not ready to give up the Wii/DS yet, lol...
Feels like it hasn't been that long with these things.



Donatello said:

I think I can give up the DS in alittle over a year.....there are only 2 games I'm looking forward to for it this year. I'm sure E3 will have some wicked announcments for 2010 DS games as well. As of now there are probably around 15 games for the DS that I want. I already have 15's a matter of digging up the money and getting them ;p But i'm just too into the Wii right now. Legendary Starfy, i must have youuuu.

As for the Wii, hell no...I'm not ready to give that up at all. I could in 2 years maybe, but it's too damn good right now



Capt_N said:

The Wii will be 4yrs old next Nov 19th. I am still using my original DS that I've had ever since very close to when it came out.

I wouldn't mind buying a new DS, if when any new hardware comes out, that the old system still gets worthwhile support. That's actually why I never got around to purchasing a DS Lite. I have a bad taste in my mouth for getting hardware too late, as I feel it will only too soon after lose support, as the co. (that made it) moves on to the next hardware.



y2josh said:

@warioswoods: didn't mean the micro had downloadable games, just that it added a gimmick to sell more systems, which it didn't do a great job at.



Bobpie said:

Consider me excited, but only if it has VC, lets you transfer your DSiWare and doesn't change too extremely.



Donatello said:


You should definitly upgrade. Don't you want to beable to play perfectly bright games without having to worry about having a worm light/lamp over your head while playing? ;p The DSPhat doesn't cut imo, and the design is ugly. to each their own though. but if i were you, i'd definitly upgrade.



Megumi said:

lol DSPhat....I don't think I would even be able to see the screen after using the DS Lite/i for a while now. XD



Nightsky071 said:

(Sigh) That rathter Effen annoying news for me if true. I just got the damn Dsi last year and there already unveiling a new Ds type deal. Well it need better online, shop apt, a chatroom that goes online so we can exchange fc easier, a dual stick type deal, the D pad isn't bad but is getting annoying when playing games like mmo type games, and a bigger memory



Megumi said:

Eh...most likely just a rumor....I know its time for new systems...but, I'm really not ready yet. XD



Donatello said:

What's annoying is that some of the older gems from the DS are hard to find and pricy on eBay....yes I want Super Princess Peach damnit ;p



Brainhost said:

The DS itself is long from dead, or anywhere near the end of a business-theory lifecycle. They just don't need to do this, and actually, I don't want them to.



Jon2 said:

The DS2 will be revealed at the 24th. It will be released early next year (or maybe Christmas this year in Japan). The Wii's successor will be revealed at E3 2011 and released 2012.
This is my predictions and I'm pretty sure I'm not that far off.



TwillightPrince said:

nintendo will not officially talk about a successor since the dsi xl is not released in europe/usa. maybe 3 days later.



Phobos said:

Guys, guys, guys! I read the article announcing the DS2 some time ago. It's just a re-make of the original DS which the control pad and D-pad are enabled to fold inside a slot underneath the touch-screen. The top screen doesn't extend to the control pad and D-pad. so when you fold the whole DS2, it becomes a little box. So much for that. :/ It comes out in 2011. Not buying this, people.

Comes in lots of colours though!



Kirk said:

If they release a DS successor then it's a f'n joke considering they just released the DSi a short time ago and most recently the DSi XL.

An incremental upgrade that's not really essential is fine but a whole new machine is just not warranted yet.

Luckily I never bought a DSi so I suppose if there is a new machine announced I don't have to worry too much.



Octopod said:

remember when they first talked about the DS and everyone was worried about GBA and Ninty said that they were gonna be a three tiered company(which never really panned out) perhaps they have finally remembered that and are going to announce a new GB which this third party dev is just calling DS2. would it be that bad too have one handheld that does gaming browsing and pda type of stuff. and one that does just pure button mashing goodness?



Reala said:


Hardly pointless, DS successor rumors have been around for a while, and is interesting enough to attract near 100 comments at time of typing, if people are concerned their DSi's will become obsolete sooner than they imagined, then I'm sure its of great interest to those people, as well as those wondering whether to buy a DSi now or wait for the next possible handheld, much more worthy than a review of Scarface IMO.



mushroomer said:

Here are the details of the DSii (pronounced D See)

  • 2 screens the size of i Phone
  • both touch screen enabled
  • e book software included
  • download-able contend only (if you own the old games and register them you can download them via internet to one unit)
  • metalic gold and blue finish available at release
  • a new voucher to download a new Mario title will ship with every unit
  • agreement with Verizon, Sprint and At&t to use as a phone device
  • netflix enabled
  • 4G technology included
  • blue-tooth enabled
  • both screens are HD 720p
  • battery life expected to last 6months in sleep mode 8 hours full use
  • Full compatibility with the Wii and the next Wiii to be released within a year of each other
  • 3 year replacement warranty including any included software
  • full mp3/AAC support
  • 2 HD video cameras/photo(10mp)
  • motion detector included


super-nintendo said:

If I can play my virtual console games (Wii) on it, then I will pay top dollar on day 1. It probably will be around $249-299 or so. $199 would sell like hotcakes.



grumblegrumble said:

If they don't allow us to bring over our already purchased dsiware games on our sd cards, i will be pissed ;-/



Wolfcoyote said:

It's been a while since I've commented, but in this case I have to. I just picked up an iPod touch and after reading the article and the inclusion of an accelerometer I'm hoping that the DS2 won't use it in lieu of standard controls in the same way that Apple's handheld devices do. From the sampling of games that I've purchased for the iPod, either the controls are too sensitive for racing games (like Ridge Racer) or include imprecise controls that take up valuable screen real estate (Pac-Man Championship). Only certain genres would benefit from being motion-sensing enabled, which would limit the variety and the software potential.

But this IS Nintendo. Iwata and his engineers ARE gamers, and they're not stupid. While I do wish that Nintendo's future handhelds will revert back to a single screen like the classic GB line, it would be awesome if the next DS indeed contained two high-resolution screens running off of the Nvidia Tegra chip, include more video RAM and allow a more reasonable size of internal memory (only 256 MB for DSi? WTH!). Give me a Virtual Handheld application on day one, make it reasonably priced and I may just put away my consoles and settle down with the DS2 after work.

Backwards compatibility may be an issue though; I thought that not having a GBA slot in the DSi would bother me, but it did after I gave my shiny DS Lite to my mother. Regarding the DS library I have over 50 DS games now (I'm a former DS podcaster) but as long as I keep my DSi in good shape and in my possession then I guess I'll be okay. I'm not too worried about DSiWare compatibility either, because unlike my DS software library I've kept a VERY tight rein on the games that I downloaded.

One more thing: do we REALLY want a multimedia DS2? GB/GBP/GBA weren't multimedia systems and they provided the most memorable gaming moments in my life. Just this evening I was playing FFTA2 with the sound muted while listening to music on my iPod during my commute. That ninety-minute ride was over too soon.



komicturtle said:

I hope Nintendo holds off until next year or something... I just got my DSi nearly a year ago, and it would just be wrong if the DS2 just comes on out. DSi is still fresh and new, but at least it is more successful than PSPgo.

I kinda look at it this way:
DS PHAT = Orig. Gameboy
DS Lite = Gameboy Pocket (smaller size, just like the GBP was to the Original GB)

DSi = Gameboy Color (GBC gave the games color and had some EXCLUSIVE titles only compatible with it. DSi does the same by having some exclusives and throwing in a bunch of other features. You get the point)

Now, the DS2 will probably be like the Gameboy Advance. As in, enhanced visuals and retain the obvious features of that of the DSi...

Oh, and when is there ever going to be another Firmware update on the DSi? I'm hoping for some SD Card support and maybe.. Dare I say, and DSi Address Book to add friends.. But maybe they should save that for DS2.. Oh, and about Video Playback? List goes on...



Wolfcoyote said:

@komicturtle - the DSi as as an expanded version of the DS line may be new, but everyone has a valid argument in saying that the underlying technology is approaching five years old, while the PSP has (despite it's failure to wrest control of the handheld market completely from the N) leapfrogged that technology since minute one in April 2005 (North America). It does stink that some people have purchased the DSi as the first DS, but how long can Nintendo survive on outdated technology (256 MB-sized cartridges, low-res screens, limited gameplay potential). I view it as just a simple case of the need to move forward with available technologies - Nintendo stuck by their guns with the DS and made their point. In the face of the PSP, Nintendo's DS won against overwhelming odds, but Apple's iPod touch/iPhone nanotechnology as well as the App Store have changed the field.

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