What's in the block?

Sometimes it seems that looking forward to upcoming games is more exciting than playing what’s on the shelf. The anticipation of a new instalment in a favourite franchise is enough to drive many to stalker like tendencies as the internet is scoured for any nugget of new information. Nintendo knows how crazy we can all get, and on February 24th plans to show the world something big in its Q1 Media Summit.

Perhaps Sonic could be confirmed as a playable character in Super Mario Galaxy 2? Could the new Zelda really be shown as a first person adventure game? Will Nintendo finally explain what the heck Metroid: Other M is all about? Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll all be blown out of the water with an announcement of something completely unexpected.

We all have our dreams, and with nothing more to go on than “something very special lined up”, we are all invited to speculate what it could be... what do you hope for?

[source uk.wii.ign.com]