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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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THE_AG commented on Axelay:

A Question... If I change region settings on Wii (from Sweden to Australia), will it delete or mess up my account activity in wii shop when I change back after I get Axelay? I'm a little worried about it...



THE_AG commented on Bionic Commando NOT coming to the Virtual Cons...:

Christian Svensson says:
"Please remember, Nintendo calls the shots on what goes up on VC, not third parties."

What I believe is that Nintendo decides what will come on VC, not Capcom. And that is, Nintendo says when Bionic Commando should come on VC.
So please, no rash conclusions. It never says Nintendo is exclude a possibility. I believe it will come.



THE_AG commented on Europe VC Releases - 6th July - Sega Megadrive...:

I already have does games on MegaDrive Collection...
But for you who don't have Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on MegaDrive or have no plans buying it on any Collection disk whould not be disappointed. If you find the first Sonic the Hedgehog entertaining, then this one is really woth does 800 Points. This really is Sonic's finest hour...