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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Gets Perfect Score in Famitsu

Posted by Damien McFerran

Japanese magazine gives Mario's latest top marks

Print media might be suffering at the moment but that hasn't stopped Japanese magazine Famitsu's influence in the industry.

The veteran publication is still seen as something of an authority - both in its native homeland and the West - so the news that it has awarded New Super Mario Bros. Wii a perfect score of 40/40 is obviously a big deal.

Our very own Corbie is obviously in agreement as he awarded the game 10/10 when he reviewed it recently.

For those of you that don't know, the magazine rates a game by getting four staffers to give it a score out of 10. Those scores are then added up to give the title an overall mark out of 40.

Only a select few titles have earned a perfect rating in Famitsu previously - including the likes of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Nintendogs and Smash Bros. Brawl.

Now you really have no excuse not to go out and buy it, if you haven't done so already.


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Tails said:

glad someone else agrees that this is a revolutionary Mario game well done Famitsu .



KeeperBvK said:

A 40/40 from the Famitsu used to be a big deal, but during the last couple of years it has been awarded so often, it has lost just about any meaning or credibility to me.



Charco said:

I have lost all faith in Famitsu now. This is a 7/10 game. I hope Bayonetta is actually good now that I hear this.



MVP said:

Too many games with perfect score in two years, before very little games had a 40, now it looks like Famitsu scores are for sale...
Anyway, a great game, for me the correct score would be 9, great game, but not innovative enough...



KDR_11k said:

I thought Famitsu's reputation is fairly low these days, generally being seen as buyable.



Jeroen1 said:

For the record, Famitsu awarded Galaxy with 38/40 and Mario 64 with 39/40. I'll let you duke it out.



skywake said:

I think with New Super Mario Bros Wii you'd struggle to find reasonable flaws but with Galaxy its a little bit easier. For a start New SMB Wii didn't have the equivalent of the "spring suit" and because its a 2D platformer it can be hard without worrying about being disorientating. Galaxy also had the almost tacked on attempt at a story line while New SMB Wii accepted that its Mario and doesn't need it.

I personally think they both deserve 10s and would find it almost impossible to pick my favourite. They might be Apples and Oranges but they are both awesome. I just find it funny that Famitsu give it 10, Nintendo Life gives it 10, I play it and can't find flaws and yet.... its averaging 86 on metacritc placing it below games like Guitar Hero 5 (a good game, a great game but there is no comparison). Apparently some critics don't like perfectly constructed nostalgic 2D



Ristar42 said:

I think this is an excellent game.
I don't really care about scores as they are subjective, we will always disagree with each other about some aspect, but personally - this is the best game I've played in a long time.
The pressure on magazine reviews is they are expected to represent an objective view - which can never match with everyone in their readership.
Maybe its 'cause I'm over 30 but I prefer this game to Galaxy - I appreciate Galaxy's artistry and innovation which are outstanding, but for me its less 'fun' to play...

If anyone doubts the remarkable level design, watch some of the 'Super Skills' videos, this is a 2D platformer honed to perfection.



Incognito_D said:

Wind Waker, Brawl, New Super Mario Bros..and Nintendogs(!?)

whatever, I can't wait til I get this game. It's going to be amazing



Percentful said:

Nintendogs got a perfect score!?Ah well, I trust Corbie more than Famitsu anyways, and they agreed with corbie's score! I can't wait till I get this game. It's so popular, on the drive home from church, my parents started talking about how fun it looks, and they are not video game players-they are the ones that walk into the room at random times and say that's a one player game. Turn it off.



Cipher said:

I think what some people need to remember is that this isn't one person saying "this deserves a 40." This is four people who, though might discuss the game itself, don't discuss the scores they're going to give it. It's feasible for all four people to say "this deserves 10 out of 10" because, frankly, it does. I'm actually surprised more games don't get 40s, though I'm sure there are some Craig Revel Horwood wannabes working for Famitsu who tend to be a bit harsher than others.

And I'm sorry, but there's no way in hell NSMB Wii is a 7/10.



Knux said:

Famistu certainly gave the right scores for NSMBW, SSBB, and the Wind Waker. But, Nintendogs does NOT deserve that score!



Kirk said:

I just went out and bought the game so I'll let you know soon enough what I think of it...

@ Hyper Luigi

Can you please explain why Nintendogs does not deserve 40/40 please?

Considering each individual category that is usually scored such as presentation, graphics, sound, gameplay, lastability, replayability etc, I personally can't see a single good reason why the hell it shouldn't get 40/40?

I mean as far as I'm concerned it still has some of the best graphics, animation and sound on the console, and it uses the features of the DS better than almost any other DS game I can think of. The controls are really good and really draw you into the game, things like throwing a Frisbee with a flick of the stylus or dragging the dog on the leash and flicking to make it run or rubbing it's stomach with the stylus etc etc, or calling the dog and telling it to roll over and jump and sit down etc etc. There's loads to collect and discover. You can play the basic game almost endlessly if you want to. It's just a completely well rounded and highly polished game in every respect.

Seriously...what the hell more do you expect from a DS game or any game for that matter?

The single issue I had with the game was that it took too long to get enough money to buy the later houses in the game, but I wouldn't knock any particular scoring in any category for that because all it means is that I would have to put a lot of time into earning those house but I personally couldn't be bothered.

I really don't get the hate for that game.



Dazza said:

I wonder what the Kotaku comments board will have to say about this? In their Frankenreview many readers thought Nlife was a soft touch



Objection said:

I do have an excuse. I have no rupees (to buy games for MYSELF) right now. But I can settle for playing in a month.



ODOGG618 said:

I agree with everyone who notices that Famitsu is much softer on the ratings these days. Seems to be a pretty common trend. All I know is that even Nintendo Power gave it a 9. This game has its share flaws if you can get over the nostalgia factor which is not easy for some. I think Galaxy 2 will make a stronger case for a top rating because it takes advantage of what the Wii is truly capable of.



Knux said:

@Kirk-Because I played that game, and it is a good game, but it is a pet simulator. The game does not deserve a 10, it is not THAT fun. NL gave Nintendogs a 7, and I agree with the score.



nintendoduffin said:

That's not how Famitsu scores work, each game is awarded a score out of ten by four people and they simply combine their scores to give a score out of 40.



Bentendo said:

@Hyper Luigi

Well, you heard it here first folks! Regardless of how great it is, a pet simulator CANNOT be that great.

Seriously though, I'm agreeing more with Kirk because at least he's willing to give reasons why it's good. You're simply saying that because it's part of the pet simulation genre it automatically makes it a seven.

I enjoyed the game when it came out, and actually got two versions. It was unlike any pet simulation game before it, and part of me says that it actually does deserve a 10. The other part of me says "GIVE IT A 2" since it started the pet simulation craze.



Bentendo said:

"Comments do support basic [bbcode] style formatting."

Oh great, I see that after I post!



Ren said:

Prosdy said it best.
games just aren't what they used to be; in a good way. so what do we do? Up our standards by enough so that anything not 3-D enough, online enough, or photo realistic enough has to get lower scores?
Can we not rate games on what they make us feel? The technology has clearly allowed games to become an art form on par with film. How they make us feel is part of the pleasure of a great retro styled release, and 2-D platforming can live on indefinitely in it's original form but with more and more polish on a new console. So if we are to judge NSMBwii against any other 2-D platformer that has come before it, it is clearly the best there is and easily justifies such a high score even today. It can't be judged against Galaxy, or Halo, or Resident Evils. Gaming is at a different place now.
Should we really complain that there is such a flood of great material that high scores are really pretty easy to give out when you try to keep each one in it's proper context? If you prefer to judge each game on how it stands against every other game ever, or even every other game out right now it's just... well good luck with that.
When a real new mario bros game comes out and Miyamoto had anything to say about it, it's an event that's hard to top, but nowadays takes a little context to try and review. Famitsu certainly has that.



SwerdMurd said:

I feel similarly--8/10 maybe, great platformer...but it was Mario DS with some kinda iffy tilt/motion added in. Definitely not 40/40 by any stretch...not even 36/40 imo; similarly worried about Bayonetta.

There is some fantastic polish (I will never tire of the koopas/goombas dancing to the last 2 notes in the main phrase) but yeah...40/40 is absurd.



dsijared said:

the parts in the game where you shake or tilt the controller is annoying but besides that it`s a fun game. So if you can get used to it it deserves a 40/40



TKOWL said:

see, only the japanese know what a proper game is unlike all the trashy american reviews it got




[sarcasm]Are you serious? But it is impossible for a game to be good with highly detailed, overly shiny yet dull looking gore and/or massive online fest with 12 year olds who cuz too much because they think they are cool!!!!!![/sarcasm]

If they add my score, they would have a 50/50
Amazing game. GOTY for me.



TKOWL said:

a 9.99 out of 100 for me, one hundreth of a point taken off for that one time i was stuck for 10 minutes



Rhansley64 said:

Finally a group of Reviewers besides Nintendolife's own Corbie that see the awesomeness and greatness of New Super Mario Bros Wii this is way i now hate IGN and Gametrailers and i don't even want to hear Gamespot's stupid excuse.



blackknight77 said:

" i don't even want to hear Gamespot's stupid excuse"

I can tell the excuse. SMB is a great game, but since its on the Wii and not Sony or Microsoft's platform we will knock down the score because we do not deem it "hardcore" enough



Kaeobais said:

Perhaps the reason games are getting better scores is because games are getting better? Just throwing that out there.



warioswoods said:

After a weekend of some fantastic multiplayer, I must concur with the perfect score. If you have at least one friend and two Wii remotes, this is a required purchase.



Rebel81 said:

It shoudl be 39/40 for Super Mario 64, the worst amrio i ever played makes it must to be 40/40.

Oh and Nintendo Life Gradius Rebirth also should 10/10 as there isn't any wiiware i played more.



megaboomface2 said:

well r u surprised and also how did nintendogs get 40/40 i give it an 37/40 but anymore = big no no



Sylverstone said:

Mario never fails... and it still shows that great games deserve great scores, not because of their graphical capability or online features alone!

@Prosody I guess so.... Wait til next year! I think you'll faint when the big guns start shelling out!



The_Fox said:

The fanboyism has reached critical levels in the comments for this story. We may have to amputate to save the rest of the site from rampant douchebaggery.



she_gamer said:

All I can say is, this game reached a 10/10 for me when I threw my sister off a cliff to get a star coin. Classic.



Modern_Legend said:

Im sorry, i disagree with famitsu as well. I dont believe this game ranks up there with the likes of brawl in the slightest. im sorry, i just dont feel the same way. 35-37/40 more like what id have expected

EDIT I recognize this is FOUR opinions, and that four people may not share my own out of thousands of reviewers, so im not complaining



odd69 said:

This is a 10.No doubts about it.It deserves the score plain and simple.I just don't see how anyone couldn't get enough enjoyment from this game. I guess I'm easy to please and after such a long wait for a "good" 2D platformer I'm just glad we finally got one. Not that i care about reviews but I'd say that 10 is accurate enough for this type of game.



HiroshiYamauchi said:

Now Wii have four Famitsu perfect scores, in less than 2 years:

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de
  • Monster Hunter Tri
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii



Wow, that's a shocker! The Japanese are praising themselves.



Pupito said:

Famitsu once again lays down the law. This is a masterful game, and anyone who doesn't see it has serious personal/social issues.



Token_Girl said:


Yeah, I'm kind of pissed that it's scored lower than Guitar Hero 5, since most reviews knocked off points for a "lack of innovation." Can someone please tell me how Guitar Hero 5 innovated? Oh wait, it has DLC, so you can buy more songs and do the exact same thing you've been doing since Guitar Hero 1 (or at least world tour if you're using the whole band). Lack of innovation = code for no online I suppose. I'm not knocking GH5, but the reason NSMB Wii got a lower score is sort of bs, since it's basically just a more polished Guitar Hero. Guess I don't have the same definition of innovation as IGN and company.

Though I suppose DLC is pretty innovative on the Wii, but it's still the exact same game, unlike NSMB which did innovate the 2d platforming Mario game with the addition of local multiplayer.



Kelvin said:

I don't know if I'd give it 10/10, but I do prefer it to Galaxy (which I do like a lot), and it does deserve better scores than it's been getting. Just because it's not in 3D and HD, and is not online, you'd think it's the worst game ever from some of the reviews. Of course, those things are just knobs and polish, and it's one of the most depressing fallacies in modern video game thought that they're anything but.

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