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Sat 1st Aug 2009

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dsijared commented on Review: Pop Plus: Solo (DSiWare):

How much money were you paid to give this game a 9/10. Sure it's loaded with content but all that content revolves around popping bubbles come on you can do better than this Nnooo.



dsijared commented on Review: Paper Plane (DSiWare):

You just can't put this game down it is soooo addicting, and it deserves a 9/10.It is packed with content compared to other 200 point titles. It has Multiplayer, Time Trail, and Endless Mode and all of them are are loaded with detail and content. This is the reason we love Nintendo.



dsijared commented on Merry Christmas from Nintendo Life:

1st day......... Wow he is gonna be so bummed when he plays the pack in title Wii Sports.
2nd day......... His grandma gets more playing time than him
3rd day ...........Starts collecting dust



dsijared commented on DSi LL Shifts 100K Units In Japan:

@slapshot your in for a surprise i predict it will have major sales in the US it is easier to hold for people with big hands and people like bigger screens. who thought wii fit or wii play were gonna sell as much as they did. Wii play sold 5.18 million in 2008 and 24.43 million as of Sep.09 Wii play was the best selling game of 2008