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The DSi – One Step Closer to a Portable Virtual Console?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo has just unveiled details of a new handheld console called the DSi.

But before you get too excited and spill your Sunny D all over the keyboard, it’s worth noting that it’s essentially a DS with slight modifications rather an all-new machine. Improvements include larger screens (3.25 inches, up from 3 inches), two cameras (both 0.3 megapixel), an SD card slot and a built-in web browser.

This is all very well but the thing that has us most excited here at Virtual Console Reviews is the ability to download games to the machine. As we hypothesised some time ago, Nintendo’s next handheld must surely feature a Virtual Console service of some description – we just didn’t expect it to arrive until the DS2 was released. It seems we might get our dream a little earlier than we thought!

Obviously with the news being so fresh it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what games will be available for download; the removal of the GBA slot from the machine has led some to speculate that GBA titles may be the first pieces of software available for digital distribution. Others have claimed that bite-sized ‘mini games’ will fit the bill, but we hope that Nintendo will see the sheer potential of bringing retro gaming to their handheld. With the Wii Virtual Console service already up and running, surely it would not take a massive amount of effort to migrate the service to the DSi as well.

The new machine is due for release in Japan in Novemeber, with a Western launch following sometime next year (Spring 2009 for Europe, so Nintendo say). In the meantime, why not have a look around Nintendo’s (Japanese) DSi site.

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Bass_X0 said:

interesting. if there is a 'virtual handheld' style thing, i think that will make me get one.



charly_rozen said:

Well another DS Version with a lot of new capabilities but with the same little screens. The interesting thing will be if in fact you can download original games like the VC and Wii Ware. Nothing else interests for me (for take pictures we already have digital cameras and cell phones)



Corbs said:

I think most people saw this coming a long time ago. It just makes sense. There's even been rumors or classic Game Boy And Game Boy Color titles becoming available for the system as well. It will be interesting to see what information comes out at the Tokyo Game Show.



Starwolf_UK said:

All i'll say is I can see Game Boy games being 500 points, GBC 600 and GBA 800 or 1000...

Still its going to take more than emulators (though technnically if they "emulate" GBA they'll only be emulating the GBA slot as the GBA hardware is integral to the DS) to get me to buy a new over priced DS with useless features like a webcam that takes pics in 640*480 since I'm happy with the emulation quality offered by DS homebrew. But for the people not prepared to go down that route it should be a fine service and certainly better than nothing.

Anyway, I hope NOAs conferance today gives more info on the Wii storage solution announced (all the Japanese conferance was some vauge "it'll be easier to transfer stuff to SD, expect it in Spring 2009")



WoRMaSTeR said:

There really is nothing to get excited about confirmed here. Very low quality camera, umm everyone has that allready on their mobile phone + people who want to take pictures have a digital camera for a lot better quality pictures. SD card support does add some possibilities, but until they realize I won't be buying this.

It is kinda lame that they need to come up with new system update on a yearly basis, people need to stop buying this to make them do bigger leaps onward and not just milk us out of our money.



AlexSays said:

Very low quality camera
What were you expecting? An underwater 4.0 mega pixel shoved into the skin of a DS?

SD card support does add some possibilities, but until they realize I won't be buying this.
I'm not sure your sales will make or break Nintendo.

It is kinda lame that they need to come up with new system update on a yearly basis
DS Lite was released in 2006.
Do your research before you decide to post.



Starwolf_UK said:

I think the release schedule for this is foolish at best. Greeat Mr.Iwata DS sales are falling in Japan (or about to) but what would have been a record Christmas for America and Euopre might not be now because some people will think "I'm not buying a DS, I'll wait till spring for the DSi"

-Prediction time: DSi will be £110 in the UK just DS Lite was £10 more than DS Phat.



Bristol_Red said:

@x.SuperMario.x - You're being a bit harsh on the lad aren't you? Cut him a bit of slack - that's his (or her) opinion and they're entitled to it. Besides, I agree re the camera. It's absolutely pathetic! Most modern mobile phones (which are an aweful lot smaller than a DS) have at least a 1.0 mp (if not 2.0 mp) camera.

That aside, I do want one! I never bothered upgrading my DS to a DS Lite as I didn't consider it all that much better, but the DSi sounds amazing and well worth the upgrade.

Damien - can you tell me more about the DS2? Anything? I've never heard of this before? Cheers.



Betagam7 said:

Lets say this system does allow you access to the VC library. Do you think we'll be able to download titles weve already bought for Wii. I don't!
In fact I think the same problem will occur with the Wii's sucessor. We'll be asked to pay for them over and over again with each generation. I'ts one of the reasons I've become more cynical to selling my original games in the hope of having a virtual library. This prospect combined with the tiny internal memory of the Wii (how big would the DS's be?) has put a stop to my panic ebaying



Sharecrow said:

I upgraded to a DS Lite but mostly because my original DS got jacked by someone. But I had to get a new one so I could play Dragon Quest IV!!

Anyway, this gadget sounds interesting. I'll stay tuned!



Mario_maniac said:

Ah, Nintendo. You never disappoint.

Also, I read somewhere that games will be priced at 200, 500, and 800 point intervals. That still doesn't say whether or not the original Game Boy games will be placed at 200 points (which would be highly doubtful...), but free software was also mentioned to be available. And I read that people will receive 1000 points to spend before some specified date for free. Hooray!

... Now I don't know whether I'll want to download the games, or buy them from eBay. I know what would be the safer, probably cheaper option, but...

(Ooh! Thought!) What if the Transfer Pak stuff was in fact possible now, between N64 and GBC games? That would seriously rock my socks.



Starwolf_UK said:

Theres one thing I realised. Since the DS is region free that should mean the DS shop is too...hopefully the stupidity of the region locked Wii Shop will end...



Cipher said:

Virtual Handheld NEEDS to happen. DSi can be the Transfer Pack to the Wii's N64 Virtual Console titles! _



Saisinkolimonadin said:

I might be getting this when/if I get enough money, since DS has been on my shopping list for ages and I still haven't bought it. And Virtual Console in my pocket sounds great.



blackknight77 said:

Just make sure Metriod Zero mission, Fusion, and Castlevania Aria of sorrow are availible at launch. Don't make gamers wait 5 years while they trickle out.

Edit: If they add portable virtual feature



WoRMaSTeR said:

@ 6. x.SuperMario.x

"What were you expecting? An underwater 4.0 mega pixel shoved into the skin of a DS?"

I was actually expecting 3.0 megapixel and seeing it doesn't even have 1.0 which is the bare minimum these days (and this is a new yet to be released machine) it is as a said VERY VERY low quality camera.

"I'm not sure your sales will make or break Nintendo."

Pointless, but you are aparently very easily annoyed by negative comments towards Nintendo so I can understand.

"DS Lite was released in 2006. Do your research before you decide to post."

My comment derived from the useless GBA updates (Micro anyone?), the PSP also getting a very minor update not year after the next etc. So it was meant to say for people to stop bying just minor updates as they are in my opinion not worth the money. And you knew what I meant when I said yearly (I don't mean exactly a year, but too frequent), you just had to comment on that one too in your rage.

I bought my DS lite this year so maybe I'm just annoyed that is now outdated by a better model. Are they now gonna be making DSi only games (that support dual touch screens) so I have to yet again pay them 200 euros or so. And I really get no technological improvement for my money. Pisses me off atleast.



Yasume said:

Nice, if it's indeed possible to download GB, GBC and GBA games I'll definitely get it.



Jockolantern said:

Love the potential this has with the DS Virtual Console but I think I'll stick with my wonderful little DS Lite for the time being and foreseeable future. It can do me no wrong and I buy all the GBA titles I actually care about in cart form, so I prefer to have the ability to play my GBA games on my DS.



slangman said:

A bit annoying. I just bought a DS Lite 3 months ago. unless it can download GB,GBC and GBA i won't be that intrested in buying it.



Varoennauraa said:

Why cannot they update older DS's? There has already been camera for DS in Japan, why cannot they make two-way-camera-with-a-memory add-on? That should make the virtual-handheldDSWare platform nice and big to attract developers. Why there wasn't any hints towards supporting a merely couple years old product?



Stuffgamer1 said:

Is that camera info even correct? Gamespot said the camera on the outside of the DSi was 3-megapixel, with the one on the inside being quote "lower-resolution." Also, not EVERYBODY has access to a different camera. I don't have a cell phone, and the stupid PSP camera never bothered to come out in America. So a camera on my DS would be pretty sweet.

Taking out the GBA slot seems a bit odd, mostly because of Guitar Hero: On Tour. How are people gonna play that game on a DSi? Maybe they'll make a new version for DSi with a different peripheral?

Slightly larger screens sounds cool, but won't that lead to games being made "only for DSi," as the display won't fit on an older model's screen? Look at it that way, and this might basically BE the DS2 after all (just without the horsepower increase people might have been expecting)!

Game Boy VC sounds amazing. I've been hoping for something like that for the past two years. DSWare and whatever else they want to put up for download could be pretty sweet, too.

Overall, get the impression than I'm more excited for the DSi than most of the people here. I'll probably get one on release day (won't be hard to guarantee one, since I work at Gamestop ).



Outrunner said:

Hmm... another new version of the DS. I might consider getting this if they do a fair trade-in deal at my local GAME. However I can't help but feel a little cheated again.



Terra said:

I don't care if they are trying to rake in more money, i need a new DS and i will get this version. I can't help but wonder if they will still manufacture DS Lites. I will keep hold of my current DS, as i did with my Gamecube as i do want to play the GBA games i bought.

As for the price of these games they release, if they do re-release old Game Boy Games, i reckon that it would be 300 for GB Games, 500 for GBC games and 800 for GBA games. I'm making those estimates based on the fact that GBC is as technically powerful as a NES and that the GBA is as powerful as the SNES.

Also, when the DS Ware games (Guessing they will be similar to WiiWare, just for the DS) are released, will there be a seperate site for news on that or will news on that stuff be on WiiWare World?



Ricardo91 said:

I don't give a crap if the camera's bad. I can take pictures with my phone. Even though it too takes horrible pictures.

But a Virtual Handheld? DO WANT!



Satans_Therapist said:

Id be more interested in they put a better d pad on it rather than the spongy unresponsive one we have now on the ds lite.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Satan's Therapist: You're the first person I've ever heard complain about the DS Lite's D-pad. It's great as is! Of course, there's always someone who disagrees somewhere. Not insulting your opinion or anything, I'm just a little confused by it.

@Enslaven00bs: I doubt it. Nintendo has always been careful with their new handhelds, always trying to keep the battery life good and stuff (unlike Sony with their stupid 3-6 hour battery). I think trying to make this two years ago straight up from the original DS would have been a problem in that way and quite possibly in another way I couldn't even think of. The DS Lite was AMAZING for what it was over the original, and I don't mind the DSi coming out now, after I've put a good two years of mileage on my DS Lite.



DarkLloyd said:

well i dont see when this is coming out to america and canada does anyone know when its coming there

and i like to state alot of us espically me probably dreamed of vc handheld

and i just thought maybe some wiiware games could go portable for instance like megaman 9 and toki tori i think haven't got that one yet



rbtransformed said:

BlackFira - it won't come out until "well into calendar 2009" according to Reggie (IGN).

I personally think this new DS will be awesome, but I really will have no use for it at all unless they let you play your vc games - specifically N64 games - on it. I would love to play OoT or SM64 on the go.

I just bought an iPod Touch (8GB) and it has gone far above and beyond my expectations. Outside of games, the iPod completely trumps the new DSi- I never thought I'd have to compare an iPod to a DS! lol. I already have a camera as well, so unless the DSi has new exclusive software and/or a portable vc of sorts (not just DSWare, which was announced), I'll hold off until the DS2.



DarkLloyd said:

33. rbtransformed thanks dude this is exciting news i will make my self busy for times to come by playing some awsome games coming out.



rbtransformed said:

Oh I know! When I first saw it online last night during the Tokyo Conference, I was so excited about it! Really, as long as they implement the vc in some way, I'll be won over! I've been honestly hoping for a rerelease/update of Ocarina of Time for a while now considering next month will be its 10th anniversary. I have the Master Quest version, but would be more than happy to spend 1000 points on the vc version if I could transfer it to my DS!



blackknight77 said:

"Bringing VC games on the road sounds pretty cool."
Yes all of our favorites such as Urban Champion, Volleyball, China Warrior, Donkey Kong Math, and Operation Wolf on the go!

I am kidding of course



Bensei said:

I hope they released MGolf 64 as a little advertisement for the GBC Golf for DSi to link them up



Stuffgamer1 said:

Umm.. why does everybody seem to think Nintendo's going to put the Wii VC on DS? I really don't think they'd bother. They'd much rather you buy a Wii for console VC and a DS for handheld VC (the entire Gameboy series, probably Game Gear, maybe even Virtual Boy [though I doubt it]). It'd really work better that way, too, as games originally made for TV's don't usually work all that well scrunched onto a much smaller screen (exceptions for stuff like Mario Advance, as they reprogrammed it to work and it wasn't a mere port).

@rbtransformed: I'm sure you've heard this before, but if you want to play Mario 64 on the go, just get Mario 64 DS! I firmly believe it's a better game anyway, and one of the older DS games that they still make new (which pisses me off for the lack of Warioware, Tetris DS, etc., but that's a different discussion). Just my advice, whether it was helpful or not.



Wiiloveit said:

Super Mario Land shall return!

Hopefully we'll get new titles as well, a la WiiWare.



Bensei said:

Oh and I don't think GBA games will se the VC soon, I guess I'd pay more than 800 points for a game like M&L, and 800 points seemed to be Nintendos maximum for DSi...



Mayhem said:

Well if they announce a way for non DSi owners to download the games to some GBA flash pack, then there is zero reason for me to upgrade. I'm still quite happy with the US launch day phat silver DS I own...



CanisWolfred said:

All right, this is great news! I was hoping to get a new DS to replace my lauch one( or compliment it, rather, since I never throw out my handhelds). Plus, my friend just broke his DS, so I think this would really come in handy for him.

Edit: wait, they did remove the GBA slot? I guess I won't be replacing mine after all, since I rely on the Rumble pack in order to keep the beat on Elite Beat Agents. Now I'm vouching for the GBA flash thing the guy above me mentioned.



Twilight_Crow said:

I like my digital camera and my ipod, so I'm not buying the DSi for those new applications, internet, meh, we don't have so many hotspots in here anyway, now the handheld vc sounds interesting, but first lets see how they do implement it, still, as a collector, I'll end up buying it, but far far in the future.



rbtransformed said:

StuffGamer1- I bought the original DS at launch back in '04 and got SM64DS a few days later! I know you didn't know any better, but for some reason I just like the original one more. I thoroughly enjoyed the DS remake, but the original has the spiral staircase glitch among others... then again the DS one has the hill/waterfall area glitch outside of the castle. hm...

I guess the possibility of the vc or even just a "GB vc" coming to the DSi has got everyone excited. Then again, why shouldn't it? Have you ever noticed that Nintendo fans usually seem to have better ideas about games/connectivity than Nintendo?

But just so everyone else knows, Nintendo hasn't explicitly said that they'll do anything of the sort (as far as I know). The only hint has been the announcement of DSWare. So don't get your hopes up too high!



Clayfrd said:

I have an original DS, and a DS lite, but I won the lite in an arcade game , and I wouldn't have bought it otherwise. I might just get this one too. It has enough good new features to justify a purchase.



Rapadash6 said:

If this new DS can indeed play VC (Game Boy, Game Gear, Lynx) games, then and only then will I upgrade. I'm finding it difficult to warrant a $180 upgrade otherwise. Obviously all the technology is in place to do it, from the SNES standard controls, proper resolution screen(s)(with black borders, obviously) and now flash and SD expandable memory. It seems like a no brainer to me.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Rapadash6: Lynx, really? I doubt that. It had come to my mind, but I just don't see it actually happening (largely because of Atari's extremely confusing ownership history, and the fact that Nintendo hasn't tried to get other Atari systems on the Wii's VC yet).

@rbtransformed: I wouldn't know about all those glitches, as I'm not really a "glitch gamer." I just have a personal preference for game's awesome remakes (Mario Advance, Link to the Past, Mario 64, on and on) and thought it might be an option. I figured you should've already considered it, at least, but it didn't hurt to mention it!

@eltomo: Try this:
It's in English, straight from Nintendo's own Japanese web site, and has plenty of good info on the DSi.



timp29 said:

If downloadable content in the form of GBC and GBA only ever comes to the DSi, I might get one. I will never ever use the camera, and probably never use the mp3 player either. Thats what a nokia n95 is for. If nintendo wants to do something smart, make the DSi a telephone too. If it was cheap, it would be the entry level phone for every kid out there, and we've all seen how well McDonalds does by getting in early... familiarity is a winner.



classicmike said:

Wow, this is some great news! I can't wait to get this, I hope it comes out soon.
@ rbtransformed: Your right in one way, Nintendo hasn't made an offical statement that it is coming out yet. But the main reason i'll disagree with you is besause Nintendo did put up a website up for information on the DSi so it looks like that it will come out.



rbtransformed said:

Stuffgamer1, I don't mind you mentioning that at all. I should've distinguished between the two. I just wanted to clear that up so I didn't come across as being ignorant. Oh, and I'm not too much of a "glitch gamer" per se, but it is fun to try out little tricks like that after seeing them on youtube and the like. Have you seen the 16-minute speed run of the original SM64? That's epic in every sense of the word! I've been able to pull off the backwards long-jumping, stair case skipping trick a few times... good times...

Classicmike, I'm kind of confused as to which comment you were responding to. I know that the DSi is coming out if that's what you were talking about. Were you referring to the "well into late calendar 2009" comment? Or were you talking about the vc coming to the DSi? I'll have to go check out that site, but if you were talking about the vc, I certainly hope you're right! That'll warrant me getting a new DS soon.

What vc games would you guys want to play on the DSi the most?



Surgical_Precision said:

I'm truly mixed on this one...

On one hand the possibly of playing the countless greats from the GB to GBC library (Not expecting GBA support probably until the next update) is just to good for worlds...

But on the other hand the other stuff that replace's the GBA Slot just doesn't do it for me...

I'm getting one of the Dell Netbooks pretty soon here so just about everything the new DSi can do I'll already be able to do better (except for the games obviously)

But my personal case aside I can't really imagine the new DS Web Browser really working well for anyone if the Wii's own browser is any indication... (Mind you the Wii's is still pretty damn good, But gah! The memory sucks soooo bad!)

And the camera is clearly only meant to be used either for saving pictures to the DSi itself or transferring them over to the Wii and not much else...

640x480 Isn't horrible by digital standards, but don't even bother to think about printing anything... Viewing them on your TV or PC will be about as far as you can go...

And my final grip is that if it's not bad enough as it is already that the GBA Slot is gone, So too is the DS logo!!!

I mean what the hell is it to you Nintendo? A game system or a media device!?!?

Nintendo has always been tops in my book in the past when it comes to putting games first & keeping everything else strictly as a second look afterthought...

This one however does have me a little worried...

But all in all it's not supposed to compete with with other media devise's, but rather bring more features to the Nintendo audience... And that it does...

I just hope Nintendo's not sacrificing too much in the name of innovation...

After all this isn't really a optional update like the Light was to the original DS, You WILL NEED THIS to play several of the newer DS games as well as anything to do with DSware... (On that note HEY CAPCOM GB style Mega Man 6 please! )



Having a Virtual Console on your Nintendo DS would be pretty neat, but I don't know exactly how long it would hold my interest. Since I already have this function on my Wii, and I don't travel that much, I would rather just play it on my TV.

I planned on replacing my DS anyways though, and I read that the DS Lite is flimsy. If they correct that problem with this new release, then it might be worth picking up. Who knows?



Surgical_Precision said:

Badknux Who the hell lead you to believe that?

The DS Light is MUCH better made then the original DS ever was... (Except a whole lot easier to scratch up for the glossy case models, Same as the Wii)

But everything else about them is exceptionally well made, It's damn near impossible to scratch the touch screen for one thing... (Ironically not true however if you put a screen protector on it of all things)

But yah, overall I downright love the thing... Best damn portable I've ever owned!

But don't get me wrong... If by flimsy you mean anything that's not made like the original Game Boy then well... Good luck scratching that itch!

Those damn electrical bricks have been reported to have survived fires!!



Devastator said:

I think I will wait to the DS2 comes out. Nintendo keeps coming out with a new hand held every year or so, and it makes you feel like when you buy one, another improved one is just released. *I am not wanting technology to slow down, but it feels like you get cheated a little.



Wikipedia led me to believe that, and since DS Lite has fallen apart for more than one person, I will never buy it. I bought an XBOX 360 and the whole thing failed on me. I should have read up on it first, I would have saved some money. I'll just wait for this new DS to come out and read the full review before I replace my old one. Makes more sense to me.



Atlantis1982 said:

Did I miss something? I never heard ANYTHING about downloadable Gameboy games; DSiWare games/apps, yes, but not Virtual Portable games. Though I do hope I can transfer, and play my Virtual Console games from the Wii to the DSi.

By the way, I like that it has a camera, and yes....

30. Enslaven00bs
"This is what the DS Lite should have been."



Varoennauraa said:

Anyone else thinking it would be possible to make an add on for older DS's? Two-way camera and SD-reader built-into gba-cart would nicely expand the DSWare audiense by 80 million. I thought that leaving the gba-slot away meant just this, but as there was no mention I got a little worried. Older gba-slot camera cost 40$, was it with a game too(face training)? If two-way camera and a reader wont fit into gba-cart, then at least they could give us the reader?



Surgical_Precision said:

Varoennauraa Unfortunately I seriously doubt the'll even consider it...

A reader is completely possible as it's been done already through third party support... OR uh... Rather a lack there of actually... (Seeing as most people use them to play pirated game roms)

But I doubt they could pull it off with all the Shop Channel connectivity stuff the DSi is supposed to have all in one cart and still have room left over for games... At least not without a decently oversized & overpriced cart...

Badknux I think you're talking about the early DS Lights that had the over tightened screws that caused the case's to crack apart right?...

If so that's a LONG GONE and resolved issue... The newer matte DS Lights like the Crimson/Black & Cobalt/Black (The one I have) can't even have that problem in the firstplace as they completely lack the glossy plastic overcoat that had the problem...

Never the less if you've waited this long so far you might as well wait a little bit longer for the next hardware update...

They shouldn't have any such problems either as well as they are also matte plastic without the glossy overcoat...



MarkyVigoroth said:

Heh, since my second DS broke, I guess I will hope that someone will import this for me for Christmas. I just hope that this DS is not region-locked (As you can see from my flag, I am Puerto Rican.) and can come in a balck colour (I want to put a "Bowser Logo" sticker on the DSi...)...

EDIT: Oh. There is a Black DSi. * does the Daddy dance *
But still, after I read the comments, I want to say some things:
1. The DS Nitro (the 2005 version) is the DS1, and the DS Lite is the DS2, so the DSi will be the DS3.
2. I doubt that they would release a GameBoy Series/Handhelds Virtual Console, since the DS Nitro/Lite users would be excluded. However, I would like that I could download handhled titles from Wii to the DSi and be able to update the savedata (in the appropiate titles) from the DSi back to Wii. (I just hope that, if thast happens, I can also play multiplayer games like Pokémon Blue with other DSi users who have these games...
3. The N64 has 10 buttons, a Control Pad, and a Control Stick. The DS has 8 buttons, a Control Pad, and a Touch Screen. How would N64 games be emulated on the DSi (unless the Touch screen is used for the Control Stick and C buttons...)?



Surgical_Precision said:

MarkVigoroth not to harp on you or anything but the current DS users are already being excluded from all the DSware and even the upcoming DSi exclusive games so that's already a issue...

An no Nintendo made device has been able to play GB & GBC games sense the improved backlight model of the Game Boy SP...

Which most who didn't have the forsight to stock-up on extra batteries because of how they worked are now finding is becoming unusable, leaving only the original GBA & the GB Player for the NGC as the only semi-recent devices that are capable of playing the older games...

We are LONG overdo for a way to play the older games again & Nintendo would be foolish to ignore the potential profit from them being made available thru the download service...

As for home console games coming to the DS, or the even better but even more unlikely thought of Nintendo allowing you to upload your current games to the new DS just doesn't seem like something Nintendo would do all at one...

We are overdo for the portable games but unfortunately that's about as far as I could possibly see Nintendo going with this new update... (If there past trends are any indication)

When people say the DS2 they basically mean the next MAJOR portable from Nintendo (Like Sony's PS1 to PS2) not vary accurate I suppose but that's what they're referring too...



MarkyVigoroth said:

You did not harp on me (whatever that means). You just clarified things.

EDIT: Since the DSi is intended to be "my kind of DS," is not WarioWare: You Made It!/Made in Me specially tailored to the DSi (while also being available for the DS Nitro/Lite)?



Kevin said:

With the sd card being the Wii's storage solution I wouldn't be surprised if they let us play the VC games on it with the sd card.



chiefeagle02 said:

Eh...I'm good with my Lite for the time being. Plus, I have the web browser for it (I browse sites designed for mobile phones on the DS to get around the hardware/speed issue). Although, the DSi's shop channel does interest me, so we'll see. But for what I need now, I'm good with what I've got.



Loooca said:

Well, aren't some just picky with what Nintendo is giving away. If you do not like, simply do not buy. Some people around here are still holding to their old DS's, so...

I still have my DS (mind, it has been through a lot), and it's still working so perfectly. And I haven't played with it in a while, but I WILL get the DSi - simply because of the possibilities that could come with it, but mainly because I'm the only one around with an old, bulky DS.



Surgical_Precision said:

That sure would be nice if they do wouldn't it Kevin...

But unfortunately they would have to find a way around the security code system they've already put in place to keep games from working on any unit other then the one they where originally downloaded onto...

And I honestly doubt very much their even considering shooting themselves in the foot like that...

As is we don't even know if we're going to be allowed to transfer any of the things we've bought thru the Shop Channel already to the next console Nintendo has planed to replace the Wii...



Well Surgical Precision, thanks for the update. But, like you said, I will just wait for the new DS. Depending on the reviews, I may or may not pick it up. Hopefully, there won't be any issues.



Cthuloops said:

I have a DS Lite that I got when they first came out and let's just say that the little guy has been through some bad scrapes and the thing still works amazingly well! If there is one thing besides making great games that Nintendo is known for, it is that their consoles, handhelds especially, are durable little suckers. Game Boy anyone?



Surgical_Precision said:

No kidding beastman93!

I still can't get over that original game boy Nintendo has in the NY city store that survived being through a fire & actually still works!

I still remember reading about it for the first time years ago in one of the old Nintendo Power magazines, And the thought of it still blows me away!

I've been using my original GBA for years as a controller & it still works just as good as when I first bought it, with little to no sign of damage thru my abusive gaming sessions...

The DS on the otherhand never was made to be as tough as one of the earlier Game Boys though, More or less the DS Light is about just as durable as the GBA SP with the original DS being only a little bit weaker... (Though actually the original's touch screen is MUCH more flimsy & easy to scratch & break)

Badknux to be blunt I do believe the newer DSi will be just a tad bit flimsyer than the DS Light is now if only for the fact that it's being mainly directed at the older audience that Nintendo now understands makes up most of their customers...

Basically it's a unwilling side effect of cramming more into it & making it thinner... All those small light parts can't be that well protected in a space that barley even holds them in the firstplace...

This is not to say it's gonna be bad by any means though!

You'll just have to be as careful with it as any other device that's mainly made for adults... (Like a iPod or PDA)



Oh believe me Surgical Precision, I understand about being careful. But accidents happen, and like Beastman said, most Nintendo handhelds are durable little suckers. I dropped my DS flat on its face and it works fine! Amazing really. But, I am still going to wait for the reviews before I make my final purchase. Just to be safe, you know.



Ricardo91 said:

@Surgical Precision. Wait, There was a Game Boy that could withstand FIRE!? Holy moly that's unbelieveable! They could've made a (bigger) fortune off that thing!!

And of all people, I would know how sturdy Nintendo's handhelds are. Despite all the times I've punched the screen out of frustration (I can have a nasty temper when it comes to video games.), my white GBA still works like a charm. Though I did snap my SP in half and screw up the screen of my transparent GBA.
But even then, they lasted a good 2-3 years before they broke (or, more like, I broke them .). I've dropped them by accident a few times too, but they still took it. My PSP would NEVER take that kind of punishment.



Surgical_Precision said:

Yah Badknux... Unfortunately happens from time to time...

[rant] Truth be told as much as I hate to even acknowledge it's existence, I have OCD and as such I tend to make a normal frequent habit of treating my game collection with more love, care, and respect then I'd ever think give to myself...

And when eventually happens sooner or later I actually degenerate into an emotional wreck! Even if it's something so small and insignificant that a normal person couldn't even see it let alone care... (Like hareline scratches)

God it annoys me to no end... And medication only works so well... Gah... [/endrant]

So yah I'm pretty much an expert when it comes to taking care of things, and durability and long lifespan are always the top things on my list when I look into buying something... (Which is one of the reasons why I've been such a loyal Nintendo fan all these years)

You probably wouldn't even know it by looking at it that I've ever even used my DS Light even once...


Gah! You better stay far FAR away from my collection Mr. Cheez!

Actually I have the same problem too with a few games... (Glares at Mario Kart Wii)

Ironically I play Brawl all the time & love it though... (Mainly because I normally do REALLY well at it)

But as for that Game Boy, All it is, is just your regular everyday run of the mill original brick sized Game Boys...

I've already known they can take one hell of a beating considering how many times I've dropped mine back when I was a kid...

I'm just SHOCKED to have found out that they're THAT TOUGH!



I take extremely good care of everything I own. But when something gets even the slightest scratch, I usually replace it. I have even bought new games entirely to replace the old cases with fresh new ones just because there were remnants of the pricing tag in the upper right hand corner. In the case of DS games, I throw out the new catridges as well. So, in other words, I understand what you're talking about. My family thinks it's dumb, but unless something looks flawless, I can't stop thinking about it.



Surgical_Precision said:

Oh god... I'm so sorry to hear that Badknux... In a strange kinda way I had pretty much convinced myself that I was the only one up enough in the head to do stuff like that...

I'm pretty poor myself (Below poverty, even though that's not saying much by most of the worlds standards coming from an american) but regardless of that I've frequently found myself going without food or refusing to pickup a game I really want until I finally have a copy of a game that I already own that I can find excepteble...

I've honestly tried to quite gaming in the past just to save me from myself... (Though that only makes my depression worse then it already is)

The Nintendo Wii has been a NIGHTMARE console for me simply because of it's glossy surface... I'm actually currently heavily looking into a good matte replacement case for it for absolutely no other reason other then that fact...

So yah... That's a bizarre form of self inflicted mental mutilation that I'm all to well acquainted with unfortunately...

I'm so sorry... :/



Surgical_Precision said:


Well anyawhoo not much else to say... In fact almost to much was said actually... But meh... We all have our demons I guess... We just need to learn how to dance with them... (Unfortunately mine likes the @#$%! god damn tango!)

Until more is actually known about the DSi I guess that's that...

To me it sounds good but I've already been reading numerous criticism's from people on other blog's & message boards...

So I might just end up giving it some time to make sure it's gonna catch on before I jump on board...

No need to repeat my mistake with the Micro... (Though that one is my favorite)



Captain_Konami said:

This is very positive news. I can indeed see a market for classic portable games released on a portable VC, as such would be much less desirable on the big screen of the Wii.

Which brings me to why I'm not one who'll benefit from a portable VC. As much as I consider my old gameboy Baseball and TMNT gaming as precious fun, I've pretty much been off of portable gaming for a quite a while. I just can't talk myself into putting out money for a gaming experience limited to such a small viewing area. The gaming can still be addictive and fun (Tetris plays and addicts well under almost any circumstances), but it just loses too much for me when I press a button too hard and my screen moves, or I have to strain my eyes to pickup on an approaching enemy.

So much of my gaming enjoyment is in the controls and the precision challenges (I obviously still have my Mega Man play from last night on my mind), and a small screen just loses too much.

My money will go towards my tabletop gaming systems, but I am very excited for others who'll get to enjoy the classics on the newer portable systems!! Good on ya Big N.



legend_he said:

i don't want to sound like a dick, and i'm not normally a pirate but do you guys seriously not already have ALL the NES and most of SNES games permanently loaded on your DS? because i do, and so does everyone i know, in fact the emu was why i bought the system.



Fignuts said:

Well, it would definitly give some new life the the ds, and be a great way to boost sales in the virtual titles.



Surgical_Precision said:

@legend he

Technically I don't even own a computer so no... (Just using my Nintendo Wii in the meantime)

But emulation on consoles is something I don't normally do unless it's officially supported...

To many things can go wrong to easily...

And besides I don't like to steal anything unless it's something I'm otherwise not being given access too...

Mother 3 is a good example of that because regardless if you import it or download it you are still technically doing something illegal... (It's actually illegal by Japanese law to export software outside of the country)

But obviously that's a law that frequently go's ignored...



BulbasaurusRex said:

I might be interested if it could play GBA games. Getting rid of the GBA slot was a terrible idea. Some DS games like Pokémon D/P/Pl still use the GBA slot. I'll stick with my GBA.



Varoennauraa said:

I'm still wishing that Nintendo would make it possible for old DS owners too to acces DS shop. Not holding my breath though since no matter how easy and good business it sounds, theres not even slighest of the usual forum mumbling anywhere in the world. Does everyone like to buy every DS model? I'm first day console buyer myself, but I don't like buying minor upgrades. I'm still (othervice)happy about my DS phat.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@legend he: I definitely DON'T. I only use emulators in extreme circumstances (like Mother 3, once the fan translation is done being tested), and NEVER if the game in question is available on VC or in a remade form. And seeing as this web site is primarily for fans of the VC, I'd guess most of us don't use a lot of emulators.

@Surgical Precision: So you're saying I obtained my copy of Tingle's Balloon Fight DS illegally? Man, that's a freaking weird law!

I notice that everybody's still treating this system like another upgrade to the old DS. I would encourage people to view it as I am: A brand new system that will have its own games that the DS phat and DS lite aren't forwards compatible with. That's a given with the DS shop, and a probable occurrence with retail games. I'm pretty sure the DSi will be BC with old DS games, but that's about it. Until it's officially cleared up by Nintendo, we have no way to be sure, but that's how I'm looking at it.



Surgical_Precision said:

Stuffgamer1... If your copy came from Japan then yes you as the buyer are partly responsible for braking a Japanese law...

A law that no one (including most of the major Japanese companies) even care about let alone bother to adhere too...

So no worries... Besides as narrow minded as this might sound it's really just the laws of your own country that you should worry about 99% of the time... (Unless of course your into some REALLY BAD like the drug trade biz)

Anyawhoo... I agree with your point of view completely...

This is more of a GBC in comparison to the Game Boy Pocket, as opposed to the Micro next to the GBA SP...

While most future software titles should work for current users without issue, the compatibility ends there...

Unlike the GBC the DSi has several features that are bound to become standards given enough time, thus making the DSi a required update more then it is an optional one providing you want to play the future software titles that require the newer hardware...

I doubt the camera is going to be much more then a novelty given past track records of games that made use of them... But the downloadable content is another matter...

I can easily see a great many future DS games making good use of add-on ware... (Pokémon was practically made for such a thing)



Varoennauraa said:

I still think old DS's could be updated if Nintendo wanted, or better, if enough customers wanted. If I were a developer, I would think 80million DS's as a bunch of untapped money. Software makes the money here. Give the old DS's acces to DS-Ware, and software starts to sell. I don't think the new model will sell 80 million until the real successor comes. +Im not sure if this new expanded audience will be ready to buy every model...thus making it harder to sell the proper DS2.



Surgical_Precision said:

Varoennauraa Yah... I already said something along these lines earlier, but yah making a GBA memory pack with an SD slot would be almost effortlessly easy for Nintendo to do... (Except for trying to actually get the thing to connect to the Nintendo Shop Channel with the DS's current wi-fi capabilities)

However IF they did something like that then how many DSi's do you think they could possibly sell?...

That would be a very foolish move on their behalf and is something I seriously doubt they would even consider unless the DSi turns out to be a total flop on the market...

And even then I honestly think all they'll do is rush to get the true "DS2" out on the market instead...



Chunky_Droid said:

My guess is that these may be what the Free, 200, 500 and 800 price points may be

New channels/features = Free
Gameboy Original = 200 (Because they're in black and white)
Gameboy Color/Gamegear (possibly Atari Lynx?) = 500
Gameboy Advance/Wonderswan Color = 800

That sounds reasonable to me



Chunky_Droid said:

Wow, looking at a list of handheld consoles that could potentially come out, this could be really good!

Turbo Express - Apparently only played TG-16 titles, the ability to play them on the go sounds good

And the Neo Geo pocket would be cool too

They may release the old school Game & Watch games at 200 points each too, which would come out good on the 2 screens!



Surgical_Precision said:

Game & Watch titles would have to be made from the ground up Mega Man 9 style since there's no gfx data to those game's roms... (Just movement patterns)

Every G&W title you might have seen on the internet that can be played on your computer has had all its image's remade (Usually by hand) in order to be usable...

The only way to get that information off the G&W devices is to take pictures of the screen and then either by uploading them to your computer or by simply looking at them closely, re-draw each & every object to go with the roms object movement data...

My overall point being is IF they where to do all that, 200 points is a criminally small asking price considering all the work involved...

They're much better off selling those kinda games in those G&W Gallery collections they've made in the past...

Also even though this is just my opinion... I kinda doubt we'll be seeing any TG16 titles on the DS...

The Game Gear is likely the only home console gone portable that I honestly feel has any kind of shot getting on that list simply because it was so popular as a portable...

Sega made the Nomad as well which is exactly like the Turbo Express in its ability to take the home games with you...

But also like the Turbo it never was a standalone console like the Game Gear... Just a portable version of a home console that was never quite as popular as its bigger brother...



Chunky_Droid said:

Well I knew the Game & Watch games had to be built up from scratch, but it wouldn't take a terrible amount of time or difficulty to make hence my 200 price point. I mean, Mr. Game & Watch has what? 10 frames of animation per game at most? Plus Nintendo has given away 2 Game and Watch Collections for DS (At least I think it was 2, I know they had a 2nd one in the works) as part of Club Nintendo. So they already have the games waiting in the wings.

The Game Gear mostly had its own games or variations of Master System games (the Sonic games had drastically different levels), so it has a high chance of making it. I doubt we'll actually see Game Gear ports on the Virtual Console like they originally said we would as they would just look terrible on such a large screen.



Surgical_Precision said:

Yah GG titles would only work well with some good upscaling and enhancement effects not currently seen in other VC titles... Every time I've ever seen GG Games put on a larger screen they've looked absolutely HORRIBLE... (Like in Sonic Gems Collection)

While it's true that remaking a G&W Game isn't THAT hard of a thing to do, a 200 point asking price still wouldn't even cover the cost of putting the game on the download service unless they where to sell in droves...

The fact that they'd have to go out of their way to remake the ones that aren't already remade doesn't help matters much either...

But I do admit that IF they are going to sell them separately then that is the price point to do it at...

It's foolish to think most peoples would be willing to pay more then that for such a game... (Though I would for the Zelda or Super Mario ones)



Chunky_Droid said:

Definitely would pay more for the Zelda one remade, I have the original and it's great!

I just can't think of what app or game they would sell at 200 points... unless it's a new picto chat or some other crap that wouldn't sell for anything more lol.



Surgical_Precision said:

Yah... Same here...

My moneys on a wi-fi extension to the pico chat and other such minor updates that Nintendo would consider to big of a deal to just let it go without being paid for it...

Um... BTW... Your Avatar makes me think you like Brawl yes?... That or you're just really despite to see Kirby in a non E rated game...

But if it's the former would you want to play a match online sometime?...



MaxPlastic said:

DS version of Virtual console? Okay
SD card slot? That's cool
Bigger screens? Yes please!
... Cameras? For what?

I'd rather them just go ahead and announce the next REAL DS... One with bigger, brighter screens at a higher resolution, with multiple touch-points on the touch screens



Chunky_Droid said:

Well, both lol. Love Brawl, and love seeing Kirby with stubble

But my Wii's getting repaired, the GPU overheated



x10power said:

I love the idea of the DSi there just so much to it and the being to download games is just an amazing idea



Surgical_Precision said:


Aww that sucks! sorry to hear... Er... Read it...

Maybe when you get it back you can look me up for a few matches?...

I main Kirby myself so you might find me to be an interesting opponent...

Edit: Ahh heck I'll just give you my Brawl FC and if you want you can give me yours, we'll be sure to see eachother online at some point eventually...

Mine is 1375-8337-7438



Chunky_Droid said:

@ Surgical Precision

Thanks I'll keep it saved on a notepad file and look you up when I get the Wii back

Depending if Nintendo are bothered to keep my save file in the event my Wii gets replaced I won't know if I'll have the same Friend Code!

I main Ike and Toon Link myself I just love that pic of Kirby
Just remember I live in Australia and I'm not sure what connection's like outside the country.

And just to stay on topic, Nintendo will need to come up with a solution to emulating the Link Cable, especially if they plan on re-releasing games like F1-Race and Pokemon.



Manicfatty said:

@x.SuperMario.x - Why be such an @ss? Jeez. We're talking about video games, not politics or religion!

Anywhooo... I like the idea of a DS VC, but if they won't let us play from the Wii SD Card, why would they let us do the same with the DS? I see the SD card being there primarily for pictures, music, downloadable content for DS games, DS apps, and the odd DS specific game. Not so much for emulation. Could it happen? Yes. It would just be a very peculiar move and yet another slap in the face for Wii owners, given the decisions to continue to make the VC game swap/storage as archaic, and inconvenient as possible (Pfft... storage solution my @ss!)

Just thinking out-loud. But seeing as nothing has been announced yet, and all of this DSVC talk is just speculation and wishful thinking, I thought I'd interject.



Surgical_Precision said:


The DSi just like the Wii will have onboard flash storage also... Hopefully at least the same amount of it... (512mb)

So I'd imagine it should work in roughly the same manner... Problems and all...


I won't sugarcoat it... It's gonna lag like hell...

But I have a good speed service (about 6mbps) & make good use of my Wii's LAN Adapter, So at least I know on my end everything is as strong as it can get granting what the Wii's hardware is capable of actually utilising...

I've vary rarely ever been disconnected from an online match myself... Only during times with someone who's using an old wi-fi router or has a REALLY BAD ISP SPEED...

As long as your connection is 5mbps or faster we should be ok... (probably around 20-30 fps on a good day)

A LAN Adapter would help keep the connection held stronger as well... (ONLY use the Nintendo made one of those though!)

If that's not an option then just make sure your wi-fi signal is secure & the router your using is newer then three years old...

If any of those criteria are met we should be perfectly fine...

I'm in California myself so at least I'm as close to you as I can possibly get for a mainland dwelling american...



Manicfatty said:

@Surgical Precision - Yeah - I knew about the internal flash, but I'm thinking that it will fill up incredibly fast with a variety of music, photo, chat, and browser apps. Not to mention ps3 and 360 - like themes and Mii crap. So what then? More swapping. Just sick of Nintendo always holding back so they can give up just one more crappy/passable update to their portable systems. I haven't been soaked for cash by N, but many have. I'm sure we'll get a DS VC, I'm just not sure it' worth it, especially considering as how most of the 'classic' games are plentiful and cheap, as are the systems. If they start releasing imports and rare games, I might bite.

They still haven't mentioned the size of the internal memory and I'm guessing 256 to save money, as Nintendo is the only company that is ALWAYS profitable on their hardware out of the gate. Even if it's an extra $2-5 a unit they save, Multiply that by Millions of units sold and you'll understand why Nintendo still has deep pockets while being sued by damn near everyone.

Sorry. Not happy with Nintendo. Not aimed at you in any way!



Surgical_Precision said:

Naaaaaah... Manicfatty I understand where it is you're coming from... I was there once... Actually... Come to think of it... I'm still there....


Err... What I ment to say is there's always hope it'll get better before to much longer...


Well at the vary least if it is anything like the Wii, then anything that's not a game should be perfectly fine to be saved & used straight off the SD card...

And as for VC games I'm sure GB to GBC games couldn't possibly take up THAT much space right?... I think the largest original GB title was 32mb in size tops and the largest GBC games where 128mb in size... The GBC Zelda's where one of very few GBC games to go that high up... (Though only in Europe... Because of the multi language data)

And that's all just in raw rom format without any compression...

Knowing Nintendo they might actually be able to get some of the better GBA games down to the 150mb range whenever they feel like crossing that bridge...

Though obviously those odd ball GBA titles like the Japan only Hyper Collections (Don't think I got the name right but believe it or not they aren't pirateware) that got as high as 1gb & actually needed a AAA battery to work... They likely won't be making any kind of appearance...

I think the worst data hog (No it's NOT a new Sonic character Roles Eyes) in the normal GBA world was Europe's Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga... It came in at a full 256mb which is as high as any normal GBA game has ever gone... (And that was WITH data compression)



Starwolf_UK said:

and the largest GBC games where 128mb in size... The GBC Zelda's where one of very few GBC games to go that high up... (Though only in Europe... Because of the multi language data)
Megabits or Megabytes? Zelda Oracles the US and Japanese versions are 1 megabyte (8 megabit) and the European versions 2 megabytes (16 megabit).



Surgical_Precision said:

There only that large as raw extracted data... Every game I mentioned is smaller in scale in it's pre-compressed (native to console) format...

Except for Europe's Mario & Luigi which had something different done to it to compress it even smaller then normal games... (It doesn't extract as cleanly as the other GBA games do and if extracted in it's raw format (512mb) it's unusable...

I only know this crap because I once uploaded those two Zelda games (My OoA was an import) along with a few other GB, GBC, & GBA games to my old pc to use with a GBA flash cart... (So I could use them on my old Micro)

Obviously that limited personal experience isn't my sole basis for what I have come to think is the largest games in their respective class... (I did quite a bit of research on the stuff before I even bought the device)

But mind you for all that I did find out there is a fairly good chance that THAT file size was just a random pre-set number that the equipment I used chose to make the games once uploaded... (Though if that's the case I can't figure out why all games weren't the same size in each class)

But if that's the case then yah I'm sorry for up & talking out of my like that...

Edit: Yaknow... The more I think about it... That probably was the case...

Ok... So the larger ones where only 2 mb then eh?...

I wonder what the largest original GB game really was then...



antihero82 said:

I just bought a DS Lite and now there is a new version on the horizon! Is it worth shelling more money for this new handheld?



NESgamer said:

Man i want to buy this, i feel so bad however.... it's like so consumist, like I DON'T NEED IT but i will end getting it


At least it's not going to cost that much... right?, i hope they don't launch it with a retarded high price ><.



Surgical_Precision said:


Well that all depends wherever you live i'm afraid...

Over here in the US we shouldn't be expecting to pay any more then $169 tops ($149 realistically) if our previous price trends in comparison to Japan's is any indication...

But if you live in some of the more remote parts of Europe I could easily see them stiffing you up to around the $320 dollar (By the american price equivalent) range for just one system...

Basically if your in that situation importing might be a good idea for you just as long as you're ok about having different DS Store support...



Big_A2 said:

Let's hope they make a way to back up our downloads, since handheld systems have been known to drop an break.

Meh, I'm still not buying one.



masterof8elements said:

I wonder if the Nintendo DSi will be able to fix some of the problems with certain Wii VC games, such as allowing Mario Kart 64 and Wave Race 64 access to a Controller Pak-like menu option, or allowing Transfer Pak games like Mario Golf connectivity to their Game Boy counterparts in the DSi VC library.

Maybe we'll see Pokemon Stadium 2 after all...

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