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EU VC Release - 4th April - Yoshi's Cookie

Posted by Darren Calvert

So what’s up for grabs on the European Virtual Console update this week? Well, sadly nothing other than a rather lonely looking Yoshi’s Cookie!

It is hard to get too enthusiastic as the VC already has an abundance of Nintendo puzzlers such as Mario & Yoshi, Wario’s Woods, etc but it is not such a bad thing that this has finally come out even if it is the less attractive NES version opposed to the SNES version we might have preferred.

With Mario Kart Wii coming out on April 11th in the EU it seems like a huge oversight on Nintendo’s part not to have released Mario Kart SNES today but this won’t be the first time that Nintendo of Europe have shattered our expectations but we still love them don’t we?

At the very least they could have released DoReMi Fantasy this week to catch up with the USA.

Oh well, rant over – Yoshi’s Cookie might entertain some. Check out Drake’s review and make your own mind up.

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SepticLemon said:

Hmm... Yoshi's Cookie was alright on the Oringal GB, but Dr Mario is still the better Mario themed puzzle game. I'm still waiting for May for WiiWare. Dr Mario and Germ Blaster will be mine!



Will said:

Can anyone tell me the key combination for angry face emoticon? I need to express myself thusly regarding tonights release.
Thank you.



i8cookie said:

lame, where's mario kart? I probably wouldnt get it right away anyway, but it's nice to have the option



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well there are people that will buy this & enjoy but as for me i don't really care for this or Mario Kart just like i never downloaded Super Mario Bros 1,2 or 3 .



Rapadash6 said:

Oh, don't complain about not getting DoReMi Fantasy. We here in North America are still waiting for Mega Man I AND II, Mario's Picross, Vectorman and River City Ransom. This is seriously dissappointing though, as April seemed to see a HUGE boost in VC releases for Japan, of which even when they were slowed they still got more than one or two games a week. I just don't know what the problem is with releasing three a week like they use to.



Timmy said:

@russta: we'll probably get Mario kart a week before it comes out in America like with super Metroid. We Euros and Aussies will probably have to wait for about a month after America gets it



GamerWho said:

Well with a big game like Mario Kart Wii I'm sure they'd rather us spend our money on that so it doesn't come as that big of a surprise to me.



E-dawg said:

C'mon on Nintendo, give us Super Mario Kart at least to coincide with the release of MKWii. Oh by the way, considering Europe/Australia don't have Brawl yet (or even a release date) we should be getting better VC games to make up for it...



romanista said:

bus as april 11th is a friday, next week would be more logical; for smk-snes, wouldn't it?



WoRMaSTeR said:

Just when I though it would be getting a little bit better after the 3 games last week. I wish they would even bother to give out some official explanation why the releases have been so scarce and frankly really bad...



Bensei said:

I hate NoE...
I already have the Gamecube Version of that game (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)...

@romanista: Who would want to play smk when they can play MKWii?



alvieao said:

Where is Tetris Attack? That game should have been released instead.

@Bensei: You're lucky to have Nintendo Puzzle Collection, because I am pissed off that NoA quietly cancelled it a few years back...



Starwolf_UK said:

I already have the Gamecube Version of that game (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)...
Same here. I always found it funny how that was the most updated game on the Nintendo Puzzle collection, yet the least played for everybody (Dr.Mairo was Dr.Mario 64 and Panel de Pon was probably bulit off Pokemon Puzzle leaguge, it still has N64 quality assests) .

@Bensei: You're lucky to have Nintendo Puzzle Collection, because I am pissed off that NoA quietly cancelled it a few years back...
So did NOE...and by cancel I mean show it at a trade show and then deny it ever existed. It seemed weird, Nintendo had a lack of games for the Gamecube (moreso for the N64) yet there are still Japan only titles that Nintendo could have easily published. You'ld think they would localise anything they could given how desperate they seemed.
Anyway, got a Gamecube lying round? Buy a freeloader (or aciton replay) and the game. Play-Asia sell the game still ($30) but a gamecube compatable freeloader will have to bought off Datel from the looks of it.



blackknight77 said:

I am guessing the US will get Bases Loaded on Monday not Yoshi Cookie. ( Since its the start of baseball season)

1 game weeks have to go:(



-Regii said:

The VC will die if this goes on.
Had that game on my Gameboy but I also think Dr. Mario is the better way to go.



Mike1 said:

"Well with a big game like Mario Kart Wii I'm sure they'd rather us spend our money on that so it doesn't come as that big of a surprise to me."

You're right. That is why Nintendo has slowed things down in the US. They would rather put garbage on the VC and have you spend $50 on games like SSBB or Mario Kart Wii than a $10 VC game. I have a feeling that after Mario Kart Wii comes out and WiiWare launches on May 12, Nintendo will start loading up the VC again.



D00M said:

I am really starting to lose intrest in the VC.
For me, at one point Nintendo were starting to pull in front of XBL



Herandar said:

Who cares, when you can play Brawl??? Oh... yeah... Europe hasn't got Brawl yet, have they? Sorry guys.



Adamant said:

It's not a bad game, guys. Sure, it's not a fantastic one either, but it's good fun if you like the genre.



Mendez said:

Not too exciting, I'll probably get it though.
Thank god for Brawl and next week, Mario Kart Wii!



Kevin said:

It is a good puzzle game guys. I figured you'd get wonder boy or something for the master system though.



Tim said:

Unlike Wario’s Woods, the NES Yoshi's Cookie looks like poo compared to the SNES version.



Pj1 said:

Yeah I was hoping for Wonder boy for the Master System this week, it's a real shame that we didn't get Mario Kart either but I reckon America and Canada will get this on Monday! Then hopefully it won't be too long for us.... the VC is still Cool though.



ChocoDK said:

What a horrible week for the Europeans. That is just sad step up Nintendo!



Bass_X0 said:

I think I would have preferred a game from the previous week when we got three games delayed until this week so that we get two games each week. One game a week feels like a let down.

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