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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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romanista commented on Review: G.G Series SCORE ATTACKER (DSiWare):

@mitchvogel Just to try and help you: A bullet he is where enemies lay down a carper of bullets, for you to find a rhytm and dodging them (dodonpachi/cave, gigawing (one the pioneers ) etc), while shoot'em ups like raiden 3 are more traditionalist, where an enemy aims at you, and you fight him, see for a good explanation.. they really are fundamentally different games, even though the fact that they might look a bit similar at first glance (space ship going up on screen),..



romanista commented on Top 10 Neo Geo Games We Want To Come To The Vi...:

a bit of an unbalanced list if you ask me, sure, some of the fighter series should/will be completed, but more interesting are the other games.. mr do is a good example, but viewpoint would be a great addition for the shmups (as there isn't a zaxxon style one), neo turf master is a classic golf game, metal slug 3 isn't the pinnacle of the series (X is)

we would need more storage room to use all those nbeo geo games though

(oh and supernes games: unirally! zombies ate my neighbours!)



romanista commented on Galaga '90:

stuart campbell declared it lovable in his galaxian retro gamer special



romanista commented on Dynamite Headdy:

yup, sin & punishment would be lovely.... also a real function for the VC, like battle loadrunner, to bring us games we originally couldn't get.