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US VC Releases - 25th February - Kirby 64

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

American NES fans were no doubt a little jealous at Europe for getting River City Ransom last Friday - But no worries, while you aren't getting RCR on Monday, you'll get something else that's also wanted by many people and isn't out in Europe yet.

Japan got Custom Robo V2 as their latest Nintendo 64 game, so some people thought the rest of the world could potentially get that as a new import game (As it wasn't released outside Japan originally). Nintendo has chosen not to do so (For now, at least) and instead release Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby's first 3D game and only game on the N64. But before you get your hopes up too much - While the game is enjoyable for a while and has a fantastic soundtrack (Just like, well, pretty much every other Kirby game), it is generally considered to be the worst of Kirby's main games.

Today's other game is a lot less noteworthy. It's TurboGrafx shoot 'em up Psychosis. It's a good game, but with so much of the TurboGrafx's great shooters (Soldier Blade, Blazing Lazers, Lords of Thunder, etc.) all already available, we can't really fathom why you would pick this title, unless you're an absolute die-hard shooter fan.

Kirby 64 was highly anticipated, but is it really worth it? Check out the reviews:

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Nintendo 64 - 1000 Wii Points

Psychosis - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Wii Points

PLEASE NOTE: These games will not be available to download from the North American Wii Shop Channel until 9 a.m. Pacific time on Monday 25th Feb

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User Comments (61)



Shortay said:

That's a good week for Kirby 64 alone. I really, really hope we get it next week...



jordanr said:

I will be getting Kirby 64 the moment it hits the EU. I have had 800 points left a side for Fun Pak for about a year now but it doesnt look like thats coming so I will have to settle for this.



Starwolf_UK said:

@jordanr. The DS remake pretty much kills that chance off for another few years (I say few years as Super Mario 64 DS hasn't stopped Super Mario 64).

The thing to bear in mind about worst in franchise can usually mean it is a pretty good game just that fans of the franchise will tell you are better off on a different title of the franchise. The only thing I remember the game for is the dual power ups have some interesting combinations (like the refrigerator...oh. how I want to a make a joke here)



Boredom_v2_2 said:

Drake, i think i understand why you think Kirby 64 is one of the worst Kirby games. It may be 3-D, but it doesn't have as much action as the other Kirby games. Plus in this game, Waddle Dee and King Dee Dee Dee are your friends so it doesn't feel like the true adventures of Kirby. Finally, it must be the controls and Artificial Intelligence (i think i spelled artifical wrong). But the reason why i can't wait to get this game is because i loved playing this game whenever i would rent it, and it was the first Kirby game i ever played.



Drake said:

That all contributes to it, plus the relatively slow pace. Kirby can't even run, I believe.



Knux said:

Kirby 64 is possibly one of Kirby's greatest games. Because Kirby can copy and combine 2 abilities. Also,getting 100 crystal shards can take awhile. Download it soon. You won't regret it.



Rapadash6 said:

This is the first time I've ever heard anyone refer to Kirby 64 as the WORST in the series. I always thought of Dreamland 3 as the least exciting but to each their own, I guess. I'm just glad to see a game I want finally come to VC. I know the games they've been releasing so far this year have been decent, just none really appealed to my tastes until now.



Dark_Jinjo said:

Just curious why the sudden change in posting them on the weekend before release as opossed to posting them on Monday mornings? Have you guys always known a few days ahead but waited until Monday or is Nintendo just getting better at letting media outlets know sooner? I think I speak for everybody in saying that it definately helps Nintendo to sell more if they let us know ahead of time so we can get excited about the games and go buy some wii points.



Bass_X0 said:

"""is Nintendo just getting better at letting media outlets know sooner?"""

Yes. We usually know some time on Friday now what releases there will be on Monday. Used to be we didn't know at all until they actually appeared on the shop itself.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

I'll admit I'd rather have RCR than both of these games combined, but I'm no crybaby. It's always good to see a surprise N64 game turn up, and Kirby fans should be really happy with it.

You just know there's going to be a waste catch-up week where NA gets River City Ransom and EU gets Kirby 64.



SepticLemon said:

I didn't like Kirby 64 that much, it's a bit lack luster compared to it's older games. Kirby's Adventure and Kirby's DreamLand 2 are still the better Kirby game IMO



lordbowser said:

@ Pocketim
You must have pretty strict parents if you can't play an old fighting game (I mean seriously if you can play a game with a murderous plumber who dumps a certain king into boiling hot lava, then a harmless beat'em up where no one dies should be okay in my book) and most likely my siblings are younger than you (Judging by the use of good grammar) but they play fighting games all the time.

On topic I'm definintley picking up Kirby but not until EarthBound or RCR comes out here.



Viral said:

...Where is Earthbound as Lordbowser put it? Must have games :

Super Mario RPG
Kirby Super Star

Do you guys think that Nintendo should release Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on the Virtual Console as well, or is it just me?



Bensei said:

It's not just you. You could connect your purchased Pokémon Blue with Poémon Stadium, or Mario Golf with Mario Golf



Roo said:

Another N64 game I've already owned for years. That's 12 outta 12 thus far groan.

But if you've not played it, get it in - it's far from a classic, but hearty mindless fun



Clayfrd said:

I already have this for the N64; I won't need to download it. It's a good game. The review is a bit misleading. I love VC reviews, but I honestly hate it when people say a game is bad because others in its series were better. This lead to negatively biased views on Super Mario Bros. 2 and Sunshine, not to mention Zelda II. Granted, those were deviations from the formula for the two franchises, but they were cast down because other games were better that preceded them. Anyway, Kirby 64=Good game.



Kevin said:

I'll be getting Kirby for sure. Too bad no River City Ransom this week though. Hopefully we'll get it soon.



RevolverLink said:

I'll definitely be picking up Kirby 64 sometime soon. It was pretty easy, but I still loved playing through that game and the power-up combo system. Hopefully, River City Ransom is still on the horizon, though.



Mike1 said:

I was really hoping that this would be the next N64 game. Anyway, I agree with others, the review is very misleading. This game is easily 4 stars. I can't wait for Monday, Kirby 64 will be my first download since DKC3. How great would it be if Nintendo gave us Super Smash Bros. next week. Hey, I can at least dream!



DEMON212 said:

Seeing how much this game usually goes for on e-Bay, I think 1,000 for Kirby makes it worthy enough for a look at it. It looks alright.



Hylian7 said:

I rented Kirby 64 back in the day and loved it, I just didn't have the money to buy it. I do think it is above average and not quite as bad as all the reviews make it out to be. The concept of sidescroller in 3D was unheard of at the time and looked and worked well. I particularly liked the way most of the boss fights were, where they were on a circular platform around the boss.



Mr_Nintendo21 said:

What a coincidence. Just yesterday I was playing Kirby 64 and I thought "That would be great if this game came out soon, but I doubt it would." Now look what happened. The same thing happened for DKC 3.

Are there any games for next week that someone wants me to think of? haha. For sure I will think of Super Mario RPG.

Other than that, Kirby 64 is not that bad of a game. It's nothing compared to Super Star/Fun Pack, but like some other N64 games, it can really take some time and challenges trying to get all the crystal shards, and even trying to get all the cards of the game's enemies.



Storyteller said:

This is the first time I've ever seen Nintendo release a game for the virtual console that wasn't on this site's "coming soon" list. I almost took it for granted that if a game wasn't on the list it wouldn't be coming out yet. It makes me wonder if Nintendo will fall into a trend of giving no advance warning for major titles and try to play off the shock value a little bit.



jg233 said:

@ Dark Jinjo-

There are people that get the press release early for the next monday's games and tell this site about it.



Kakarikovillage said:

The best shooter has been released on the VC in "Lords of Thunder" IMO Hudson still has a great library of games to release on the VC. Y's Book I & II come to mind as my most anticipated. Dungeon Explorer II and Exile would be nice. Another I would like to see is from Konami. Dracula X Rondo of Blood. The PC Engine version. I wonder if we will ever see it do to the remake on the PSP.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Drake: Kirby can, in fact, run in Kirby 64. Just double tap the D-pad in the direction you move, just like in Kirby's Dreamland 3 and countless other games in the series!

Also, no matter what anybody may tell you, I believe that Kirby 64 is one of the two best games in the series (the other being Dreamland 3). On a semi-related note, has anybody else wondered why Kirby's Dreamland 3 was just re-rated, but this game was released first? Not a complaint as such, just curious.



Viral said:

I do believe this game is worth a download, however, I must warn you all that if you're going to be playing it, my ex-girlfriend beat this game (having no gaming experience whatsoever) and did it in 4 days time. She did not collect all the shards and what not, so that's the only real reason I could see anyone downloading it. Still, I do think this title has been treated unfairly too. I liked the graphics and the side-scrolling gameplay is always a plus. Some games work better as side scrollers, aka, Contra / Super Probector. Contra 4 for DS for the Win!



Baanber said:

I have this game still for my N64. This game was great because you can suck up enemies and combine two powers, which was cool, but its easy to beat. I beat it easily even when i was 7 years old! I would still get it if your a kirby fan or if you don't still have it for your N64. Great game!



DjinnFighter said:

I'm surprised they're not releasing Super Smash Bros.

But, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is a great game. I played all Kirby games and it's false to say that Kirby 64 is the worst of the series. It's not the best, but it's a very good game. I think the worst is Kirby's Dream Land, even if it's the first of the series.



Csheroe said:

I agree with Zelda Freak this is one of kirby's best games. I don't like side-scrolling shooters that much. I must get Earthbound for the original Snes! I want RCR too!



KMcVay said:

YES, Kirby 64. I remember this game. It was actually pretty challenging to collect all 100 crystal shards. The last time I played this game must of been about 6 years ago. I am definitely going to download this game as soon as it hits the VC on Monday. Also, I love the final boss in this game. O2 was epic and so was the music. I also can't believe that the boss music that plays during this battle scene is going to be in BRAWL! Looks like my wishes are coming true, well, sort of...



Waxxy said:

@Storyteller: "This is the first time I've ever seen Nintendo release a game for the virtual console that wasn't on this site's "coming soon" list. I almost took it for granted that if a game wasn't on the list it wouldn't be coming out yet. It makes me wonder if Nintendo will fall into a trend of giving no advance warning for major titles and try to play off the shock value a little bit."

Actually, Nintendo usually doesn't let us know more than a few days in advance what is going to be on the VC, ever. There are several reasons a game might show up on the "Coming Soon" list here, and by far the most common one is that it's been rated by the ESRB or another rating system, which usually means its copyright-holder is getting ready to re-release it somewhere. Unlike the earlier systems on the VC, the N64 came out after the ESRB was established, and all of its games were rated previously, so there's no need to rate them again. This is the likely reason that it didn't show up in the list.



Zweck36 said:

I never even knew that this came out for 64. But all Kirby games are great, and this will be an instant download. Phooey on Drake!



E-dawg said:

@ Csheroe
Agreed, do you think they'll also release Super Mario Kart to coincide with Mario Kart Wii?



alvieao said:

Kirby 64 was the second game in the series that I played, counting the original Game Boy platformer. As much as I enjoyed the N64 game, I'll download it sometime later. I'm still looking forward to get Brawl in the meantime...



BJ1 said:

The "worst"?! I think that's just the reviewer's opinion. My brother LOVES this game and we're are DEFINATELY going to buy this today! HECK YEAH!



That_One_Guy said:

Personally, I found Kirby 64 to be largely disappointing back in the day (I would have given 6 out of 10), and some how, I would say the passing of time, even more so, has been unkind to this one (probably in the 5 out of 10 range). Granted, the variety in the power-ups were great, however, the game was painfully short and level design just felt generic.



That_One_Guy said:

@ Clayfrd: Zelda II is lacking not because of comparison sake... its because of its design:

  • Having to rely on three lives to get everywhere is annoying
  • Link's sword really needed to be bigger
  • Random encounters become tiresome


Zweck36 said:

I have to say, that every N64 game offered to us has been a top-notch game. I even love Yoshi's story and pokemon snap.



Tim said:

Could some one who has purchased Kirby 64 be kind enough to inform me how many blocks of memory it requires?



KhaoShar said:

I really thought NA whould get Streetgangs/RCR like EU did last week but look whát happened! Is Nintendo really trying to push theyr sales by surprise effect now?

Makes me somewhat think that they are fighting a war against the gamers, and they are fighting about money. Another war-like tactic could have been to to starve us by cutting the releases and now feeding just enough to keep us interested...

On a sidenote: When checking the release list I saw that Psychosis is actually marked as "out now" for the EU as well, bearing the release date "29 Feb 08". Do you guys know this for sure or is this some kind of mistake? For I personally whould save my WiiPoints for this.



BJ1 said:

Unlike some franchises, Kirby perfectly translated from 2D to 3D. The gameplay is still a side-scroller, but in 3D and with new abilities, too.

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