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The odd world in this shooter made for quite the conversation piece in its day. Players control either Idaten or Benten, celestial warriors out to bring an end to the tyrannical rule of the emperor of Planet Builder, who holds muscular prowess to be the supreme virtue of the universe.

Aided by able-bodied muscle-head options Adon and Samson, they must battle to defeat the emperor’s army across five stages. Use the buttons to fire away and lay into the Builder forces. Power up your character and options with protein from defeated enemies to have them “bulk up” with a yell, and take their macho battle to the next level.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Idaten or Benten are celestial warriors who are out to bring an end to the tyrannical rule of the emperor of Planet Builder.

The Japanese are often accused of creating some seriously weird and wonderful videogames. While this reputation is often underserved (with games like Jet Set Willy, Western developers are just as guilty of producing bonkers titles), a few Eastern...

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User Comments (77)



Damo said:

Shame, cos you'll be missing out on an excellent little shooter.

If you think this looks strange, wait till you see the sequel!



KeeperBvK said:

Yeah, can't wait to see the PSX/SS-sequel. Been looking for an original copy at a reasonable price for some time and couldn't even find one in Tokyo.



morphballer said:

LOL Yeah, I've seen some of the later versions and to tell you the truth, I wish I hadn't.



Mirokunite said:

I really hope Cho Aniki comes state side. Its a great novelty game, and conversation piece.



DEMON212 said:

As SHMUPS go, it doesn't look all that great IMO. I might pick it up, but doubt it.



KeeperBvK said:

"The 32-bit versions are best forgotten..."

What the...?
The SNES Beat 'em Up is best forgotten, but Choaniki: Kyuukyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyou Otoko is hilarious fun at its best...the gameplay left aside. ^^



Serpent said:

This series of games are too weird and disturbing for me, I hope this doesnt come out in the US.



playner1 said:

Damo, If you were to pick the best shooter games of ALL TIME what would you suggest. Even ones not on the VC. Can you give me a list from best to worst what you think is the best.



Kelvin said:

Serpent, you don't have to buy it if you don't want to, so it seems a bit unfair to wish for the game to go unreleased. This looks like a great laugh to me; the gaming world takes itself far too seriously, and stuff like this and Parodius are a breath of fresh air, I reckon.



Kelvin said:

StarDust, that article includes Ghosts 'n' Goblins as a "sexual game" purely because Arthur runs around in his boxers; I don't think we need to take it seriously.



michinmuri said:

Looks like another shooter I will get even if for nostalgic laugh factor. The graphics almost remind me of the Valis games, which also need a VC release. Is the music in this game worth listening to?



Adamant said:

Yeah. Seriously, people, stop taking your opinions from internet idiots. Chou Aniki has been ridiculed as some sort of borderline gay porn ever since Seanbaby got his hands on it. Yes, it has a bizarre sense of humor, but it's no worse than stuff like Parodius in that manner - just different. Try it out, laugh at the silly humor, and enjoy the game for what it is, rather than thinking you'll grow gay from even thinking about the game. In terms of "gayness", this is the videogame equivalent of Team America, not Brokeback Mountain.



Ragnor said:

haha, the beggining looks like Forgotten Worlds, with the evil dude looming over the city



Atlantis1982 said:


Good luck, most gamers play 'Follow the leader', and the reviewers are the leaders since gamers don't have an opinion of their own to choose which game they want.



DEMON212 said:

While the art looks funny, Damo said that the gameplay won't set your world on fire. And that Blade fans would be dissapointed. So I think I'd rather just wait for Parodier.

Of course if Wiiware turns out to be awful, I might get this to wipe my points out instead



Viral said:

This game looks interesting, however, I will still pass on it since it's another shooter.



slangman said:

This game looks and sounds mental. Would love to hear the music in this game though if it sounds that good.



djshep1973 said:

I can't believe some of the negative comments on here, I think it looks like a lot of fun, and having had a look at the video, you can certainly see some similarities with Gynoug in its visual style, and the way it plays, and that's a good thing!



Adamant said:

"While the art looks funny, Damo said that the gameplay won't set your world on fire. And that Blade fans would be dissapointed. So I think I'd rather just wait for Parodier."

Yes, that's true - the appeal is mostly in the humor, not in the gameplay itself, which is fairly unimpressive. If what you're looking for is just a good shmup game, you should look elsewhere, but if you want a game with tons of silly humor and weirdness, this is a winner. Gameplay-wise, the game isn't bad, but it's not outstanding either, and there are so many fantastic shmups on the VC that overshadow it completely. Get this for the humor, nothing else.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

After seeing the link in StarDust's post....I'm scared. I'm not going to come anywhere near this game if it comes to the US.



WitchFinder1 said:

What's up with all the kids scared of the imagery in this game? I think this looks like a blast. I really hope this comes to the US. We can all use a little flamboyance in our lives.



DEMON212 said:

Well after recording the Pod Cast, I'd really made myself want this. It's pretty damn good. Although Damo/Dazza/Drake, I'd try and find better youtube footage, I have no idea why, but that video plays sooooooo much slower than my game.

Adamant, yep, we have some brill shooters

Anyone who's interested, I've video reviewed this, as well as all of my other 147 VC games




Drake said:

We're waiting on Corbie from Virtual Turbo to make videos like he said he would but he still hasn't done so!



The_Indigo_Effect said:

Earthbound is one of my favorite games. That being said, I don't mind "weird" games. If a "weird" game means an entirely new gameplay experience, then I'm all for it. I'm not one to condemn creativity and innovation in video games, If you are repulsed by the premise of this game, then you are obviously taking this game too seriously. This game doesn't even take itself seriously; if I'm not mistaken, it's supposed to be funny. This is the very reason why game developers don't take chances with video games anymore; if it's too "weird," then no one will buy it. So what happens? We get yet another first-person shooter. Seriously folks, broaden your horizons a bit; try something "weird." You may be surprised by how much you enjoy it.



DEMON212 said:


Well get him telt then lol

I just thought I'd mention it because the slowness put me off, so incase it's put others off... It's actually pretty fast It faster than a few VC SHMUPS.



Bass_X0 said:

seems like Virtual-Turbo are only concerned about TurboGrafx related releases on the U.S. Virtual Console. I haven't seen any mention of our recent releases on the site.



Dazza said:

It is probably just a reflection on how busy Corbie is. After all he is our star WiiWare reviewer now



Drake said:

Bass: He did mention all recently rated imports in the news and even promised videos.



Adamant said:

^None of those pictures are from this game.

The first couple are from Ai Chou Aniki, which has been announced for VC release, though, so save your pennies a bit longer, and you'll get your desires fulfilled.



CopyofCopyX said:

This game looks a lot like Gynoug (Mega Drive), with its merging of man and machine, maybe a bit less "ugly" than Gynoug.



Zinjak said:

haha i cant beleive this is one of the VC games. the only one i knew about was the one that was more similar to a tournament fighter, didnt even know about the shmup. while that one was extremely "gay" as some might put ( i know i would lol) it is a super funny game, and if the shooters ( i love parodius btw) are as funny as those games ( i mean in the fighter chou aniki one of the guys shot a ki blast from his wang, how can you not love that) then this is something to consider.



Corbs said:

This game might be crazy weird, but it's fun. And I second what was said about the sequel. If you think this one's weird, you should see the sequel. WOW! : )



koresh1959 said:

I really want to play this for the novelty factor. The only thing that puts me off is that the sequels are more erotic, and I'd like as much obscure man-erotica as possible to justify a purchase. How predominant is the homosexual imagery in this game?



Ricardo91 said:

wow. whoever thought this game up must be really gay, or had one bad lsd trip. hopefully it won't come to america. but yea the sequels are much worse.

Edit: The music is the wierdest thing I've ever heard. It's wierder than Katamari Damacy's music! Yet it's funny, and oddly captivating.



Dazza said:

Its a TG16-CD game, they all cost 800. Add another 100 because its never been released outside of Japan before!



Atlantis1982 said:

@Mr. Cheez

BLASPHEMY! But unfortunally I don't see this one coming to State-side. We already have enough whining idiots with Pong Toss. >.>

(Updated) Well I been proven wrong, in a GOOD WAY.



CanisWolfred said:

Looks like hilarious stuff! I don't think I'll get it, since, while I like a laugh, I'd prefer to play a good game. I'll gladly watch some videos though. Hooray for Youtube!

Edit: Wow, it does have great music!



Rashoodeus said:

900 is quite high... 300 points extra just because it's an import? Or was it a turbografx cd game?

Btw I somehow feel imports should cost less actually. I mean, think of it, you're getting an untranslated game. Granted, there's probably not much text, but still...



Super_Sonic said:

Why release this worthless game known only for it's humor? This game should not come to the Virtual Console for the U.S.A. But it is which is a BAD idea! Let's release classic like Earthbound, or Megaman X not this!
Hudson Soft should be sued are be force to work on their more famous series like Bomberman!



MrPoo6321 said:

I actually can't wait now for this to come out, after watching that video. This game looks very entertaining.



michaelb3600 said:

Can't wait to DL tomorrow after lunch. Just beat Star Parodier, highly recommend that one too.



badsmoothie said:

If you're a shooter fan then a shooter is a shooter. Check the phobias at the door and bust out the skillz men.



cecesigue said:

Why would you take a game like Cho Aniki so seriously? Come on! Besides if this were ladies in bikini suits nobody would be saying anything



The_Indigo_Effect said:

"If you're a shooter fan then a shooter is a shooter. Check the phobias at the door and bust out the skillz men."

I couldn't have said it better myself.



ShadowFlame76 said:

lol @ everyone not wanting this to be released in North America... cause, here it is.. looks like an odd shmup to say the least



The_Fox said:

I downloaded the game to see what all the fuss was, and I have to say...it's not that weird. The only problem is that it's an average shooter with an inflated price.



deadbattery said:

I like bizarre games, and I think this game is fun... but it can be VERY frustrating. But I like its surreal art style, the music is great, and the controls are good. So I'd give it 3.5/5. But since it's either 3/5 or 4/5, I'll go with 4/5.

There really isn't that much homoerotic imagery in the game - after all, it's rated E10+. But just wait for the sequels!

Edit: I'm finally used to the controls, so now I'm having a gay old time.



fxtek76 said:

I am gay and I definately wanna try this out. But it does look like the pride parade came to town with this game.



TheElusiveHobo said:

I wonder if they'll release Ai Cho Aniki? I'd love to see the gaming community's reponse to that piece of work. Kicking the absurdity into full throttle. Hell yes.



Twilight_Crow said:

It looks weird, but I've been looking for a good horizontal shooter, and it seems good enough but, aren't there better TG-16 horizontal shooters out there? Gate of Thunder perhaps.



No go for me. I don't have any points to spare anyway, saving what's left of my reserve for Mega Man 9!



michinmuri said:

Anything good and F!ed-up, like the movies Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, and this game, I want. Will be getting it once I get my new job, cuz then I can afford a TV.



Klapaucius said:

I downloaded this because I wanted more Japanese games, and it seemed bizarre... it is bizarre, its also hilarious and somehow charming. Most importantly, its fun!



Zork2 said:

This game is fun and worth it for the art and music alone. It's not actually gay (unlike the sequels), more like "demented". It plays like a standard shooter.



astarisborn94 said:

I remember commenting here as Super Sonic when I hated this game with a passion. Man was I an idiot back then, now I realize it's a good game.



Namo said:

The Indigo Effect: "This is the very reason why game developers don't take chances with video games anymore; if it's too "weird," then no one will buy it. So what happens? We get yet another first-person shooter. Seriously folks, broaden your horizons a bit; try something "weird." You may be surprised by how much you enjoy it."

You are absolutely right. Every word.

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