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United Arab Emirates

Fri 21st Mar 2008

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Rashoodeus commented on Review: Eduardo the Samurai Toaster (WiiWare):

The game is boring. Played it with 2 other players and we beat it in 1:34hr. It's just attacking the same monsters over and over again in the most boring level designs ever conceived. The effects for some of the levels were actually distracting more than beautiful, they hurt the eyes and sometimes you couldn't see were you were going. Not recommended.



Rashoodeus commented on Review: Bonsai Barber (WiiWare):

Are there multiple save files? I'd like to purchase it, but with 5 haircuts a day and several players wanting to try it out I don't think it will work.



Rashoodeus commented on Art Style Continues on DSiWare:

Since dsiware is region locked ill wait for the US version.

Btw artstyle games are fantastic. Try the wiiware ones, you won't be disappointed.



Rashoodeus commented on Club Nintendo Comes To North America:

Guys if you're skeptical and think that maybe something better will come along check the japanese store, because the same items that were offered there are offered on the american store, and the ones that haven't been brought ove yet are likely to at a future date. Noteworthy stuff include: Exclamation warriors (voice controlled ds game), Tingle's balloon fight DS (I have this, it's balloon fight with tingle as the character), SNES wii controller, wii tv remote, and a puzzle toy by gunpei yokoi

EDIT: Btw to those who ordered anything, check your account. They're preparing the items to be shipped



Rashoodeus commented on Club Nintendo Comes To North America:

Registered stuff till I got to 800 and ordered G&W. I want to ask how long does it take for wiiware/vc purchases to be synced with my registered games list, because they didn't show up after I registered my wii.



Rashoodeus commented on Ys Book I & II:

Finally beat the game. I couldn't kill the boss even though I was at level 61 (with all the right gear on). I went back to Jira's basement, found a sweet spot across from the spawn spot and taped a coin to the magic button on the classic controller

At level 62, I trampled it. I know it's doable on 60, but I don't have the skill

Moral of the story: if a boss is kicking your ass, take a hint. Go level up.



Rashoodeus commented on Cho Aniki:

900 is quite high... 300 points extra just because it's an import? Or was it a turbografx cd game?

Btw I somehow feel imports should cost less actually. I mean, think of it, you're getting an untranslated game. Granted, there's probably not much text, but still...



Rashoodeus commented on Neutopia:

I know the game copies zelda, but you mentioned the word "zelda" 16 times in that review... it was annoying to say the least