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Mario's Super Picross (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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More than 10 years before Picross DS, there was Mario's Super Picross for Super Nintendo. This classic ‘picture crossword’ game, previously unavailable outside of Japan, features hundreds of relaxing yet challenging brainteasers.

Each Picross puzzle consists of a grid of tiles which reveal a picture when solved correctly. In Mario’s main game mode, a wrong move means losing precious time. However, in the more difficult Wario puzzles, mistakes are not indicated and the timer counts upwards!

Like Picross DS, Mario's Super Picross also features a save ability that lets you return to a puzzle later, and various background melodies.

Game Review

Wii U eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The in-game tutorial, the greatest puzzle

The early batch of Wii U Virtual Console games have followed a bit of a trend, in that they serve up familiar retro goodies with a few Wii U specific extras. For Europeans there's been the extra treat of getting these classics in their 60Hz variety, but...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

You won't pi cross buying this

Ask anybody to name some Mario puzzlers and you'll most likely hear Dr. Mario, maybe Wario's Woods, Yoshi or Yoshi's Cookie. They never name the best of the lot though — Mario's Super Picross, or its predecessor, 1995 Game Boy title Mario's Picross. The...

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User Comments (53)



Jazzem said:

Hold on, wasn't this JP only?

Either way, I love Picross DS, so I'm certainly not saying no to more of the same!



Yoshi175 said:

Yes finally some games from Nintendo that were never Realeased outside of Japan, and I love Picross!



Mendez said:

I've been a huge Picross fan since Mario's Picross on Gameboy, but Picross DS is probably more than enough for me now...
Still, I'll be considering it.



DEMON212 said:

I have never been more confused and scared by a game. Maybe it's because it's in Japanese (Which I can't read), but just how the bloody hell are you supposed to know what you're drawing?

It doesn't look like it gives you hints or anything. And it can't even be themed, because one of them before the Footie player is an Aubergine (SP).



Drake said:

You're not supposed to know what you're drawing (Not until you're done or near done anyway). Picross is about uncovering a picture, not recreating a picture. You can buy hints in exchange for time, though not in Wario mode.



DEMON212 said:

So if you aren't supposed to know what you're drawing, what makes it fun?

I mean why would hacking/chipping away at a bunch of tiles for hour after hour trying to create a picture in the hopes it's the one that the game wants you to do, be fun?



Drake said:

The same reason loads of people like Sudoku, crossword puzzles and other stuff. Then again, you usually don't like what everybody else likes...



Don-Bon said:

Demon, look at all the numbers around the board. By those numbers you can figure out where to start "chipping away".



DEMON212 said:

The numbers are supposed to help? I'd have thought one of them saying "64" when there aren't 64 tiles in a column to be unhelpful, rather than helpful.

So basically this is a glorified costly version of Minesweeper but with pictures?

Got it.



wii-c-kid said:

Don't rise to the bait Drake, I guess some things are just lost on certain people. DEMON212's just going to have to wait a couple more weeks for Super Metroid.



Paulymate said:

This is a great game, and it's wonderful to get a chance to play it.
Note that, to add to the excellence, as it was never released in PAL before and hence crushed/slowed down/ruined it runs fullscreen and at 60HZ.
Buy, you fools, buy.



KhaoShar said:

Hey, why is there only the first line of my previous comment? Was the rest I wrote so unfitting?

At least my warning that this only runs on screens compatible to 60Hz should be there



SKTTR said:

Just downloaded this, and yeah I love it.

It's just the successor to Mario's Picross for Super Game Boy.
Remixed music and all new levels, everything colored and animated, full screen at 60hz.

Anyway, it's odd that much of the screentext is in Japanese but that won't hold off Picross fans. There is no story or anything that's much of interest. You have to understand the concept of the game, and it's simple and that's all. Everything that could be of importance is written down in English (like the manual).

Many many puzzles await, Nintendo characters like Wario appear, and it's one of the best puzzle games out there.

It's fully playable.



Manaman said:

An absolute classic. I was always hoping it would appear ever since Japan got it last December, and I'm glad to see some of the classic ditties from GB version is in this game.

One of the best puzzle games around and in many ways, it's much better playing Picross on the telly than the handheld... this is especially true with the larger puzzles where scrolling spoiled the experience somewhat in Picross DS.

Puzzle fans should grab this now. It really is a truly awesome experience.



VC_D said:

The official website says this game can only be played using either the classic controller or the gamecube controller. Is it maybe possible to play this game with the wii-remote? I would think you don't need more than 2 buttons for this kind of game (my experience with Picross DS).



Justin said:

I hope this comes to the USA sometime since they didn't release it with SMB:LL



Drake said:

Every Picross game is worth picking up, even if you already have others.



WaddleWave said:

This is definitely worth the points. Every Picross game has different puzzles. The language it's not vital for it's addictive gameplay (you won't notice that minutes becomes hours.). Hope this comes to US pretty soon.



ReZon said:

Yeah, I would totally love if this game were released in NA please?



Quimby said:

This is the game I got the most excited about on the VC. For me, there was no descision to be made about its purchase, it IS a must have. If I had to spend eternity with only 3 games, I would have this, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, & Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. Easy.



Fireballmario said:

Dang it! I really want this game to come out here in America, but as usual we have to wait forever to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Jona said:

i hav picross ds and i really enjoy it. i hope this game cums out in the us. i luv picross.



Terra said:

I'm surprised that this is unreleased in the US still. Hopefully, you guys will get it soon, alongside other hanabi festival releases



Nobarai said:

I'd love for this to come to Northa America, It looks like a real addictive puzzler.

By the way, how do you pronounce "Picross"? Is it PIE-cross or PIH-cross?



Jona said:

i wish this game comes out 4 NA VC. i luv picross ds and mario's super picross.



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

I love Picross DS, so its a bummer we American gamers have yet to get this. sigh...oh well, I am sure it will get here eventually.



hobbes said:

This would be a day one download for me if it came to the states... I'm starting to run out of puzzles to do on the DS version...



CodyRBurns said:

I hope this comes to the U.S. soon! Even if the title and selections are still in Japanese, I don't care! Just bring that Picross action!



brooks83 said:

Never say never. Yeah it has been a long time, but Vectorman took over a year to finally come to NA.

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