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F-Zero (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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In the year 2560, the greatest racing competition is the F-Zero championship. Pilots from all over the galaxy risk their lives as they battle for first place in their dazzling hovercrafts. The unforgettable racing game of the Super Nintendo.

Taking full advantage of the famous "Mode 7" special effect, F-Zero redefined the notion of speed in racing games. The numerous tracks were filled with deadly traps and some of the best players would always find new techniques to improve their lap records in practice Mode. F-Zero also featured one of the most famous soundtracks in the history of video games.

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Wii U eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

The race of a lifetime

Looking at it today, it’s genuinely hard to believe that F-Zero was a SNES launch title. For a game that is now over two decades old, it remains remarkably impressive from a purely visual standpoint. The Mode 7 rotational and scaling effects — which...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

From zero to Mode 7 hero

Before WipEout, there was F-Zero. Nintendo's futuristic racer was one of the first SNES releases, but shows very little sign of aging — in fact, it feels just as fresh and fun today as it did all those years ago. Graphically, the Mode 7 effects have...

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User Comments (66)



Al said:

this is a good one. i remember they used to have this on virgin aeroplanes and they also had mario world on it aswell. i remember i got really angry once cuz my tv didnt work, you can see why

__The Kid


The Kid said:

Very intense and fun game. The best auto racing game of the SNES, it the first racing game i can remember with a time trial mode. It is unfortunate that it didnt have a multi player mode. For sure a 5.



Baldasacoot said:

Still holds up gameplay-wise by today's standards. Way ahead of its time, with a great sense of speed and adrenaline. Pretty much the same as the GameBoy Advance version but on a bigger screen (obviously). The controls are bit hard to master but worth persevering with.



whiteshadow said:

finally,i now own every single f zero game because i missed this one in the snes days.i was surprised how well it held up too,although it will never impress with speed and visuals again sadly.still,the gameplay and challenge is still there which is what keeps me coming back.F-Zero rules



fail:safe said:

This was one of my favorites as a kid, i especially remember the music, the tunes were really catchy and atmospheric.

however, the graphics dont seem to have aged well and compaired to need for speed carbon and numerous other racing games since, im not sure whether its worth my while getting this one.

what do people think - still fun or had its day?




William said:

Trust me on this one: This may not be the fastest game ever like the N64 and GC versions, lke F-Zero X and F-Zero GX, but... U know what? This is still, by far, the best AND awesome game ever made for the SNES! Sure, the fun increases when you have multi-player mode, but... it's all in FUN! All series (except the GB/GBA/GBC versions) of F-Zero ROCKS!!!

Btw... on youtube.com, I've seen a UK version of F-Zero (or F-zero 2?)... I'm not sure where they get their games at, but it's particularly interesting, don't you think? Go, F-Zero!



Mr_64 said:

Another classic game from the early days of the SNES. F-Zero was the game that made the SNES really stand out as it looked absolutely stunning. Nobody had seen anything move as fast as the 'Mode 7' graphics used around the tracks. It made all other arcade-style racing games of the time look about as exciting as a Lada going up a steep hill.

How does it compare 15 years later? Well, the highly stylised visuals still look very nice now (especially the backdrops). The action is still fast, even by today's standards. Wipeout may have pushed the boundaries for futuristic racing games, but it's not bad and it's certainly impressive for a 16-bit game. The soundtrack is also really good too!

The gameplay isn't bad. As many people have pointed out it's quite simple. You have a choice of 4 cars, each with strengths and weaknesses. Your basic aim is to win each of the races you compete in. Not an easy task. The controls are different from many racers and make use of the L and R buttons, as well as the D-Pad, to control your 'glide' through the corners. It's a black art to learn how to corner properly but when you get it right, you'll love it.

It's not the best SNES racer as Super Mario Kart is a country mile better, but it's well worth downloading.



JD said:

A great racing game when it launched with the SNES and still great to this day.

SMK is also great but it's combat racing, not just a racing game like F-Zero.



sashaboo said:

When i first played this it felt so fast and intense to play. F-zero became more enjoyable to me as i got better at the controls. Its a very challenging game when played on the master setting and i played it to death untill i completed every course. I downloaded it instantly and still enjoy playing it to this day.



SKTTR said:

this is very fast and good. but you'll better off with 200 points more and f-zero x.
ok, this one is very different, and has nice music. nostalgia might catch you.
but this has no multiplayer and only 4 machines. it's a classic and it's nice to have it on vc.
solo racers will have a good time.



Lukiduki said:

cool thats the music they put into super smash bros. melee =D
Game looks great fun



Clayfrd said:

Ha. I bought this for the old American block of purple and grey plastic for a dollar on ebay, and it works fine. Easily recommendable for 8 USD, though. (Idk how many euros...or pounds or whatever... my innate American ignorance shines when it comes to foreign currency)



GFrag said:

Personally, I wouldn't give this a 5. A 4 is definitely deserved, but the lack of multiplayer hurts it severely in my eyes.
A Single-player racing game that offers nothing in customizability can only stay amusing for so long. F-Zero X and GX did it much better.
Since we're given the choice, I'd much rather spend the dinky 200 extra Wii points on the N64 version.



Bass_X0 said:

My first experience with this game was just before F-Zero X came out here. Getting excited about an F-Zero game for the first time made me get the SNES game as a taster of things to come. I enjoyed it a lot; I really love the music. I'd give this game a 4 though - better than average but there are still similar games better than it (including its own sequel).

Speaking of F-Zero sequels, I wonder if we will ever see the BS F-Zero game only ever saw in Japan on the Satellaview Super Famicom add-on.



Adamant said:

I agree with GFrag. It's an excellent game, but the lack of multiplayer really makes it hard to give it the top grade.



Lazergun said:

If you want a tough racing game that adds a touch of new concepts. Then this is the game for you. Alot of tracks, 4 cars to choose from each with different strengths and weaknesses. Its really fun, and a classic SNES game.



theberrage said:

3 stars, max. This game feels way outdated. I recommend spending an extra 200 points on the N64 version.



mario221 said:

5 stars. one of my favourite snes games along with Mario world and Kirby super star.



Nigel said:

This game was crazy when it first came out. And it remains fun today. I also give it 5 stars. (and the F stands for formula -- but you knew that)



Capt_K said:

My favourite F-Zero game, loved the music.

4/5 as there was no multiplayer but will probably still download it



Toz said:

I never had this game, but I remember bugging my parents to buy it from the hotel entertainment service when we took a family vacation. It had the SNES knock off paddle hooked up to the TV and everything. I'll probaby buy it for the fond memories even though I don't remember much about how the game was.



MasterMario said:

I played the trial version in Super Smash Bros Brawl and I really didn't enjoy it. Not only was it 40 seconds long, but on the gamecube controller the B button is to accerelate. I don't see myself getting this.



Dazza said:

@MasterMario - 40 secs isnt really long enough to get a feel for how good F-Zero is. It is really worth a taking a chance on, but as you say the Gamecube layout isn't good. A classic controller is a must for this!



MasterMario said:

That's true. I never finished the first lap. I have F-Zero GX for the gamecube and did not enjoy it at all.



stinssd said:

F-Zero was such a great title to get so near launch of the SNES. Nintendo's best work was in the first year of its system. Sega's worst work was in the first year of its system. Who would have thought?



Jon2 said:

A fun game but hard. It takes some time to master the controls. Once you do that you're in for some furious racing!



MasterMario said:

The funniest thing happened. I played the trial version of F-Zero again in SSBB and I acually enjoyed it.



Jimpaco said:

the demo on super smash bros. brawl is fun i might buy it my mom likes racing games



sashaboo said:

Will id say the F in F-zero stands for Formula as in the Formula 1 grand prix in this case its the future so its Formula Zero u plonker DUH



GameGod3008 said:

Does anyone know a place i can Import F-Zero: Climax to England that has it in stock and will ship outside of Japan? I've tried Amazon (American, British and Japanese, which has it but won't ship outside japan), Play, Playasia and Ebay and there's nothing on those.



PHANTOM93 said:

This game is excellent and is a steal at 800 Wii points. But if you aren't very good at racing games you start to get your ass kicked after a couple of courses.



Ricardo91 said:

I decided to download this after playing the demo in Brawl. it's quite fun, but very frustrating at times (Damn you, White Land II!). I'll give it 4 stars as well, since it WAS bested by it's sequels, and the lack of multiplayer is disappointing.



Dormin87 said:

I've gotta say, I do enjoy this game, but not as much as the superior (IMO) F-Zero X. Good to see how it all started after all these years though.



Beau_Skunk said:

My second Super NES game, I ever owned. (It should be easy to guess wich was the first.) Along with Super Mario Kart, it's one of the system's best racers. The game has nice visuals, (for it's time) nicelly designed racetracks, and it's what made me an F-Zero fan.
Be sure to occasionally let off the gas, and use the L & R buttons during turns. Don't be afraid to use the break at times to. It's a li'l frustrating in higher difficulties, but a good game still.
Onley major flaw is not all the tracks are availible in the Time Trial mode. (As far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong if there's a cheat, or unlockable code for this.) So in order to play/practice some tracks you hafta go through Grand Prix mode. Also there's no 2P mode.
Regardless a great game, and a great begining for the F-Zero series.
I might purchase this game again for VC.



Cally said:

I had this back in the day. I got it again, and remembered something that I totally forgot about it.

It's fun, but it's too bad it's essentially a total sham, as I am 99% sure that this is one of those CHEATING RACING GAMES, where the computer speeds up or slows down the opponents relative to your performance (as likewise, it's suspiciously easy to recover from a low position). The difficulty settings, of course, therefore effect how much magic the computer gives the other racers. Granted, this is extremely common in old racing games (what's A.I.? ) but when you know your loss is due to something like this it's hard to put up with.

For a nostalgia trip only. It's dated. It's been improved upon in its most fundamental game design. Some may like the visuals, but I thought they were rather phony-looking even at the time, and the whole thing looks inescapably FLAT and yet pixelated (well, okay, two layers of flat, including the backdrop for the roads).

2.5/5 (and that IS nostalgia talking)



Marvel_Maniac said:

Loved this game as a kid even though I never owned it. We used to hang out at my neighbour's house and play it there. It's true that the most frustrating thing about it is that you can't play co-op on it. This is especially true when you have 3 kids sitting in a basement, all watching someone else play. I still have a working N64 and in my mind, the series has never topped F-Zero X, so I think I'll stick with that.



Betagam7 said:

Is this full screen on the PAL version. I seemed to remember hearing it had borders but the smash bros demo doesnt have them?



AgentSpalko said:

The F Zero X version, and GX version ar every different to this one. I can't see how people can really say "Get those over the SNES one"...it is like saying "Get Mario Lost Levels over Mario 64". They are from different time periods. F Zero is limited, and rather time with the track designs, but if you fancy a retro gaming style, get it.

The music is brilliant. Nostalgia does and can play apart in enjoying this, but anyone interested in F Zero as a franchise, and gaming history would be wise to invest and experience this.



Kaluba said:

This game is a strange one. There are times when I want to do nothing but play it. Then there are times when I want to do anything but play it. Although, I find it a good game for relaxing or thinking.



deggs said:

honestly, i love this game. i still play it every now and then. and for a while, i was obsessed with f-zero maximum velocity on the gameboy advance (which is kinda similar to this game in many ways). haven't played X or GX but i look forward to discovering those as well in the near future.



AJL said:

This is one the greats in racing games. Wow... what a game, some of the best gaming music of all time and just pure awesomeness. Only thing I don't like is lack of multiplayer and those damn Death Wind levels or what they were called, just frustrating, not that fun IMO



Corbs said:

I remember getting this game not long after I got my Super NES console and I didn't like it too much. Then a few years later I made the single biggest gaming mistake of my life and sold my Super NES console and 42 games to buy what the media was calling "the net big thing in gaming" which was the Panasonic 3DO console.

Needless to say I only kept that pile of garbage system for a few months before selling it and buying another Super NES. It was then that I picked up F-Zero again on clearance at Sears for $9.99. For some strange reason, I started liking it the second time around. As for it's release on the Virtual Console, I'd have slapped a 4/5 on it. It has some good points, but I still feel like the overall game itself could have used some added game play elements to make it more interesting. Just me personally. But let's remember, the game's main focus was showing off the Super NES system's Mode 7 effects, and as far as that went, it did a great job of it.




I LOVE this game. Bought it a while back, but just registered for this forum. Of course, the one downside was that there was no multi-player, but then again becuz of the records, if someone couldnt beat your times, it didnt matter if there was multi-player or not becuz they couldnt beat you.

I am sure alot of you were very good at this game, but I was unbeatable. OK, so I played it from front to back and pretty much tried everything I could think of to make my times as fast as they could be. But I was a monster. I only wish that this version had some sort of online database or record board built in, so people could compare times if they couldnt race each other.

A great game, limited or not, for any nintendo fan that was into racing. And if you cant run Silence in under 2 minutes, keep playing.



cheeseman said:

I never liked this game too much, the controlls were too loose and the tracks were all the same.



Nintendork said:

^ "i got the gamecube one and its got beater tracks"
Yes, they certainly do "beat" you up. Personally, I found the SNES and GC versions to be too loose for controls, as well as the tracks being WAY too difficult to master. However, the N64 game nailed it with perfect controls, track design, and difficulty level. Please get F-Zero X.



GN0LAUM said:

Finally bought it. Love me this game. I actually forgot how enjoyable it was until I played it again. Yes, it lacks a 2-player format, but I don't have that many to play with nowadays anyway.

I actually prefer this to Mario Kart and I would recommend this to anyone who happens to play single player games more often than not.



RallyFTW said:

I still play this from time to time.

The crashes, espcially when going out of the track, scared me.

I tried cheating, put it pulled me back.

Fire Field is a pain to do.



Willybomb said:

F-Zero is classic fast paced racing that kept you coming back for more. I love playing this game still and with only a few draw backs like no 2 player or only 4 racers to choose from, this game is still right up there with Super Mario Kart. The reason for this game being so kick ass is the music. These tunes are so in your face and set the mood and pace for the race ahead. Everyone being rememberable. This game totally rocks and in my eyes its the best of the series and will be very hard to beat. Long live Captain Falcon



FinalFantisiac said:

I'm quite worried about this game. I just recently downloaded it because I had enough points to spend, and the thing is that I already downloaded F-Zero X, and since I'm so accustomed to it's style of gameplay (and graphics, if you will) I'm worried I won't like F-Zero and that I'll find it a total waste of points, which I don't want to happen. /:S

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