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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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GFrag commented on Shining in the Darkness:

I once bought this game on the cheap as an ex-rental, and back then, I... didn't really like it that much. I got lost BADLY in the "first trial" part of the dungeon (where you have to find some altar), and overall wrote it off as a terrible game.
It wasn't until recently that I found that dusty old cartridge again in an old moving box, plugged it in my Megadrive, and went on where I left off. With my additional built up skill over the years (particularly in mapmaking), it wasn't long until I finished the dungeon I was stuck at for so long, in a cinch. I continued playing, and right now I'm at the third "trial". I sorta stopped playing it again nowadays, but I do intend to finish it eventually. =P
I wouldn't reccomend this game to RPG newbies, and if you DO download it, it's VITAL to keep a few sheets of graph paper handy for mapping purposes (or look for 'em on the Internet, ya cheater. ;D )



GFrag commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

Nintendo would be a fool not to release Sonic and Knuckles, and ideal would be "Sonic 3 and Knuckles" as a free additional download - only if both the other titles have already been bought.
The way the VC is set up this would be easy, since the thing keeps track of everything you bought, as well as everything you may or may not have updated.

As for the game itself? Awesome. I loved this back when I rented it (and bought it soon after), and I'm one of the few people who DIDN'T get stuck in Carnival Night's bounce-barrel bit. (Press DOWN!)
And who can forget the fabulous sound track, with Ice Cap Zone's theme a known fan favourite? =P



GFrag commented on Crack Down:

I remember borrowing this game from a friend of mine. I played it through with one of my other friends in one sitting. I dunno if this is a testament to our skill back then or its difficulty level, but if it's good enough for us to keep playing it all the way to the end, it couldn't have been too bad. =)



GFrag commented on Urban Champion:

There's a SLIGHT bit more strategy besides just high and low punches to this game; there's also the option of throwing fast weak punches, or a more powerful one, which takes a little while to "charge up", but will knock your opponent back much further.

...This doesn't really mean it's suddenly a good game, though not QUITE as bad as the review lets on, at least. My friend with the NES clone and I played this occasionally, and much like I said with Legend of Kage; It's kinda fun for a free built-in game, but don't waste your precious Wii-points on it. 500 is an unforgivable rip-off. Maybe 50 points, but definitely no more then that.
This game is the prime example to show why Nintendo really ought to classify the price of their VC games based on how good they are. Because who in their right mind would pay 500 points for Urban Chumpion, if they can get Punch Out for the same amount?



GFrag commented on F-Zero:

Personally, I wouldn't give this a 5. A 4 is definitely deserved, but the lack of multiplayer hurts it severely in my eyes.
A Single-player racing game that offers nothing in customizability can only stay amusing for so long. F-Zero X and GX did it much better.
Since we're given the choice, I'd much rather spend the dinky 200 extra Wii points on the N64 version.



GFrag commented on ToeJam & Earl:

Okay, for the record: This game has one very serious requirement for enjoying it to the fullest;
A Second Player.
The original creators of the game already described this game as a "Two-player game with a single-player option", rather then the other way around. That said, this game is an absolute blast when you're playing it with a buddy. Alone, it just gets boring.
The fun lies in both characters splitting up, exploring the large floating islands, helping eachother out of a mess, sharing items, health (High-five!) and powerups, and basically just trying to get through the game together.
I remember basically racing around the stages trying to find the Rocket Boots powerup as quick as possible so one of us could skate across the ocean in level 1, and end up on the island that brought you to level 0 (which had powerups, life refills, extra lives and a jacuzzi with hulagirls in it).

All in all... If you got a friend, roommate or sibling who likes gaming as much as you do, give it a try!



GFrag commented on The Legend of Kage:

Back in the day, this game was built into my friend's "NES Clone" console. Both of us kinda liked this game, if only because he had Turbo-controllers, which meant that if you held the "Tonfa" button down all the time, you'd be practically invincible.
It's fun for a built-in freebie; however, not nearly worth the 500 Wii points it costs on the VC channel. 100, maybe. But yeah, watch the youtube movie above. If you've seen it, you've pretty much seen the entire game.



GFrag commented on Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine:

If you've played one Puyo game, you've played them all. However, this one in particular is pretty funny in terms of animation and quotes, and while you don't get cute anime girls in this one, Dr. Robotnik and his henchmen prove to be an enjoyable enough crew to pit your reflexes against.
I got this via Sonic Mega Collection, and I still play this regularly with a friend on 2-player mode. =P



GFrag commented on Comix Zone:

The 1-life thing isn't entirely true; you get a second and third life after finishing the first and second chapter, respectively.
OK, it's not exactly bountiful, but you take what you get.



GFrag commented on J.J. & Jeff:

Buh. That's the last time I download a game without any prior knowledge on it. Ohwell, I might just try and give it a run-through to see the crazy stuff in there.



GFrag commented on Double Dungeons:

This has got to be the first videogame ever in which I see the word "Zounds!" being used.
Also, cute shopkeeper.