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United Kingdom

Thu 24th Jan 2008

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Dormin87 commented on R-Type:

R-Type's always been known as being difficult, and the original certainly lives up to it. Yet I find myself constantly coming back to it, in the vain hope that I will one day be able to defeat the fouth boss



Dormin87 commented on Mega Turrican:

This is definitely better than Super Turrican, but seeing as how I originally played this when it was Turrican 3 on the Amiga, I'm sad to see that they took out some features in this version. For example, on the first sewer level, right at the start there was a secret area where you could obtain golden armour. That's been cut, and if you try to go there in this version, you just die. They also cut an entire level out from the game, which I think was a bit unnecessary.

Aside from those things, I still enjoy playing this game, as it let's me relive some old memories.



Dormin87 commented on Gunstar Heroes:

Another great game by Treasure. I like the fact you can choose what order you can do the levels in (a bit like Megaman,) and you can customise what weapons you want to your liking too. Some of the bosses are pretty unique too, though do become quite ruthless on the harder difficulties. I always have a blast when I play this!



Dormin87 commented on Shockman:

I really didn't like this game, for these reasons:

1) The response time for jumps and shots seem to be a bit laggy.

2) It becomes incredibly difficult during the last half of the game, as health pickups are very few and far between, and you usually die in five or six hits.

3) The shoot-em-up levels are almost imossible to get through without being hit at least once.

4) The sound effects and music really start to grate on you after a while.

5) The best of the lot is that co-op play is worse than playing by yourself, simply because you share the same lifebar AND you can hit each other, making it 100x more difficult. A total waste of 600 points.



Dormin87 commented on Gate of Thunder:

Sure it may be a higher price than other TurboGrafx games available, but it was 800 points well spent. An absolutely awesome shmup.



Dormin87 commented on F-Zero X:

Quite possibly the best racing game to ever come out for the N64. I would even go so far as to say it's better than it's sequel, GX, but that's personal opinion.



Dormin87 commented on F-Zero:

I've gotta say, I do enjoy this game, but not as much as the superior (IMO) F-Zero X. Good to see how it all started after all these years though.



Dormin87 commented on Dynamite Headdy:

Quite a quirky platformer, but a great one. Gotta love some of the bosses in it!



Dormin87 commented on Cybernator:

Oh wow, I couldn't even get past the second stage until I found the secret weapon, then I kicked all kinds of butt. This is definitely a great game.



Dormin87 commented on Contra III: The Alien Wars:

This is such an awesome game! The only thing that could top it for me is if Hard Corps was announced. I'd buy that in a flash.



Dormin87 commented on Castlevania:

The difficulty is utterly ruthless in places, but that doesn't stop me going back to it. I only actually beat it a few days back, but the sense of satisfaction was great.

One note though, I have encountered a game killing glitch. If I pick up an invincibility powerup, then head through a door, the game totally freezes. Has this happened to anyone else?



Dormin87 commented on Alien Soldier:

I'm having a seriously hard time with this game, the difficulty seems extremely hard, but I'm sure it's the tried and tested 'practise makes perfect' method huh?



Dormin87 commented on ActRaiser:

I must say, I was having my doubts about getting this, due to the sim part of the game. But thankfully, it's a truly great game, and I'm having a lot of fun with it!



Dormin87 commented on Bio-Hazard Battle:

I must say, this is one of the most challenging shmups I've played. The fact that there is no form of shield whatsoever is a factor in this, so literally any shot hits you and you're dead. The only real thing I dislike about this game is that the option (or whatever that little thing is called that rotates around your ship,) goes in the opposite direction to whatever movement you make. That's only me being picky though, but overall, an enjoyable game for me.



Dormin87 commented on Gley Lancer:

Not really because I enjoy it so much! It's quickly becoming the shmup I'm playing the most on VC.



Dormin87 commented on Gley Lancer:

Definitely worth my 900 points. I love my shmups, and this is no exception. The good thing about this is it's got a lot of different combinations of weapons and 'movers' to try, so if one doesn;t work, you've got loads more to try.

Oh and DEMON212, it was thanks to you that I downloaded this after seeing your youtube video on it. Keep up the great work!