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United States

Mon 8th Dec 2008

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IJMSPORT commented on F-Zero:

I LOVE this game. Bought it a while back, but just registered for this forum. Of course, the one downside was that there was no multi-player, but then again becuz of the records, if someone couldnt beat your times, it didnt matter if there was multi-player or not becuz they couldnt beat you.

I am sure alot of you were very good at this game, but I was unbeatable. OK, so I played it from front to back and pretty much tried everything I could think of to make my times as fast as they could be. But I was a monster. I only wish that this version had some sort of online database or record board built in, so people could compare times if they couldnt race each other.

A great game, limited or not, for any nintendo fan that was into racing. And if you cant run Silence in under 2 minutes, keep playing.