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United Kingdom

Sun 5th Oct 2008

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AgentSpalko commented on Mario Golf:

When is this out on UK vitrual console? Love this game still, even thou it can get as frustrating as hell. Managed to get a few hole in ones, all the stars on ring shot, and unlock all characters. Took me ages to get metal Mario by getting all 100 + something birdie badges.



AgentSpalko commented on F-Zero:

The F Zero X version, and GX version ar every different to this one. I can't see how people can really say "Get those over the SNES one" is like saying "Get Mario Lost Levels over Mario 64". They are from different time periods. F Zero is limited, and rather time with the track designs, but if you fancy a retro gaming style, get it.

The music is brilliant. Nostalgia does and can play apart in enjoying this, but anyone interested in F Zero as a franchise, and gaming history would be wise to invest and experience this.



AgentSpalko commented on Contra III: The Alien Wars:

Brilliant game, played it since it first came out. Was really hard when I was younger, and it is still a challange, however, now able to finish the game on hard generally very easy - but the gameplay and replay value is still enjoyable! Having a second player also is really fun.

The music in this game is brilliant, the end of game boss is also, personally I think this Contra is the best one, the others seem like parodies and very poor musically and enemy design wise in comparison. Uranian Devil Gappa is a great end of game, compared to the ones I've seen on other Contra games. The music for his battle is good too - it is very military sounding.

For more of a task, try playing it on Easy, Normal and Hard back to back.

Oh and Tandem, the reason you can't alter the controller settings is obvious. Nintendo want people to buy their Classic Contoller, because they know Snes games will be easier to play on it.



AgentSpalko commented on Bonk 2: Bonk's Revenge:

I also think Bonk one (Or as I am used to the franchise, PC KID - I had the PC Engine inported in the early 90s) was a great game, and PC Kid 2 is also a great game. I don't agree with comments about the colours seeming flat is a flat game, it isn't 3D...and the colours are actually very rich.

I prefer Bonk 1 and 2, to 3, if I recall correctly, but I never had as much play time with the 3rd. I guess time will tell when I get to play it again.



AgentSpalko commented on Dragon Spirit:

I used to play this on the PC Engine we had imported from Japan in the early 90s. Dragon Spirit was always one of my favourites, even back then I loved the music on this game. Even in its flat, basic tone the music is brilliant.

The dragon's size isn't overally big, but big enough that dodging it a task - but it is part of the challenge. The cost of having 3 heads with strong fire power is a larger target in yourelf. This game is bascially about remembering enemy locations.

I have only ever finished this about twice in my life. The hardest part of this, is the last 2 levels, but the most unforgiving section is the final corridor before the boss - a narrow corridor with sharp spears jutting in and out quickly towards you, as smaller enemies shoot at you. Being a small dragon(a power up) would help you get through - but you lack firepower for the end boss, which sucks you towards it with its weapon.

A great game, overlooked and and underated. Easy to understand, but those who got to play it years ago, will realise why it is a treasure.