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Sat 23rd Feb 2008

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Toz commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

As bad as this sounds, I never really played this game back in the day. A few years back I got Four Swords for GBA, but never got to into the game. At the time, I thought that nothing could be as good as the orginal Zelda for NES, and I was bitterly dissapointed with Zelda II for the same reasons most people are. I gave this game a second chance by downloading it the other day and I am not dissapointed at al! I don't know why it didn't click with me before, but I am impressed and inthrawed this time around. The graphic style doesn't feel dated, game play is awesome, the details are amazing, the depth, the list goes on and on. It's everything I loved about the original and more. This game is a must buy for Zelda fans, casual fans, or even people like me who are in the re-descovery camp.



Toz commented on F-Zero:

I never had this game, but I remember bugging my parents to buy it from the hotel entertainment service when we took a family vacation. It had the SNES knock off paddle hooked up to the TV and everything. I'll probaby buy it for the fond memories even though I don't remember much about how the game was.