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Fri 8th Aug 2008

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Mr_M commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

What most people don't understand is that the real problem with Rise Of Lyric is not Big Red Button, the real problem is the board members of SEGA of Japan, they are the ones who are in control, they don't care about quality, otherwise they would have allowed Big Red Button to take their time on Rise Of Lyric and make it a classic, but no, SEGA of Japan only puts money over quality, that's why they pushed Big Red Button to rush out Rise Of Lyric, that's why they push Sonic Team to rush out their unfinished broken products out on the market, for the sake of SEGA of Japan making a quick buck. so here is what id like. Before there is any new Sonic game in the works, I would like for SEGA of Japan to have a serious restructure, "The Right Restructure", where the "Right" people, the people who value quality, are put in charge of SEGA of Japan, If that ever happens, maybe SEGA as well as their mascot Sonic can return to glory, and future Sonic games, regardless of genre, will be treated like great classics that stand the test of time. So yeah, I don't want there to be a new Sonic game any time soon, I would like for all the boardmembers of SEGA of Japan to lose their jobs and be replaced with the "Right" people, then I will anticipate a new Sonic game (a really great one).



Mr_M commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Mixed Week With Wii ...:

Call of Duty, the biggest cash-cow in the industry?, ok so basically that means that the "hardcore" gamers don't care about quality, they just like FPS's with the most realistic graphics, quicktime events, linear level design, and instant life recharging without any health items, Maybe the so called "hardcore" gamers are part of the problem.



Mr_M commented on UNO:

I suppose that with your opponets looking at your cards, there will be some challenge to this game, because your opponets will come out with great strategies so you must come up with a much better strategy than your opponents.



Mr_M commented on Nintendo Rep: Virtual Console Being Toned Down:

Personally, i think that the days of adding classic games to the service are over. i understand that it is a new era for gaming right now, and it's time for the new games to shine, but it is sad that NOA made this decision concerning the Virtual Console, maybe sadder than keeping a GBA slot out of the DSi system. the 28th of July has been a dark day for classic games.



Mr_M commented on Frontier Boss: Wii Reviewers Are The Problem:

I GOT IT!, maybe reviewers for any review site should be divided into two, the hardcore group and the casual group, What i'm thinking is that all review sites should have both a hardcore group and a casual group, that way, possibly every game get's a proper review.



Mr_M commented on Sony And Microsoft Suffering From Wii-nis Envy?:

Maybe if there is a new nunchuk with 1:1 motion control, and it's hoked up to the Wii remote with motion plus, it will be way better that holding two Sony bingo dabbers (seriously, the Sony motion controller look like a bingo dabber). Heh heh Wii-nis Envy heh heh.



Mr_M commented on Reggie: The Future Is Now:

I love the Wii but personally, with the Natal and the Sony motion controller on the horizon, i think that Microsoft and Sony will have enough firepower to destroy the Wii. The Sony motion controller may look like a bingo dabber, but it is much more technically advanced than the Wii remote (even with motion plus), and with the Natal, the xbox 360 could have Natel exclusive fitness games, and both the Natel technology and Natel exclusive fitness games will make the Wii balance board irrelevant.



Mr_M commented on Wii Sports: The Biggest Selling Video Game Of ...:

The only reason Wii Sports outselled Super Mario Bros. is because it was bundled with the Wii, and i think that the Wii's demographics also come into play, witch would explain the sales figures of both the Wii, and Wii Sports.



Mr_M commented on The Revenge of Shinobi:

I thought that this game was in licensing hell as well, If this game comes out on the Japanese Wii Shop Chanel, then maybe it can come here too. YAY!



Mr_M commented on ESRB Cleans Up:

Maybe the reason why the ESRB removed those games from their list is because, those games were never going to be released.



Mr_M commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

It just occured to me. Maybey the reason for the lack of upcomming classic games is because of the economic crisis, either that or Nintendo are taking their focus away from VC and on to other things.



Mr_M commented on Super Smash Bros.:

Excuse me but, why the #*@% has Nintendo not released Super Smash Bros. for download for the Wii in north American shores yet?



Mr_M commented on Wii Firmware Update Makes Transferring to SD F...:

Recently, i've just copied Tetris Party (three hundred somthing blocks) to my SD card and it was very quick, Thanks Nintendo.

If anybody is still worried about the Wii's short amout of storage space, just get an SD card that can hold a lot, because if you download the new Wii system update, it will take much less time to copy a game and game data to the card.




Mr_M commented on Clu Clu Land:

Virtual Console Reviews was right, my first awareness of Clu Clu Land was that statue of Bubbles in Super Smash Bros. Melee. I like Clu Clu Land. I'm giving it a three out of five as well.



Mr_M commented on Goldeneye Locked In Legal Limbo:

I suppose that the reason Nintendo doesn't want Goldeneye on XBLA is because it originated on the Nintendo 64. I think that everybody (the developers, and the rights holders, and Nintendo) should cooperate with each other and release it on both the Wii Shop Channel and XBLA.



Mr_M commented on Goldeneye Locked In Legal Limbo:

I supose that, if all the developers and licence holders get paid royalties, Goldeneye for he Wii would cost more that 1000 Wii points. But if it ever comes to the Wii Shop Channel (even with a bigger price tag than the other N64 games), don't let the big price tag bother you.