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United Kingdom

Tue 19th May, 2009

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nintendolover88 commented on Review: NASCAR Kart Racing (Wii):

NASCAR kart racing x 10 = Mario Kart Wii,wich is much better- and a whole lot more fun, especially with mates and family - the tracks are better, controls are swifter and lots of mario charecters add to the absolute joy of playing. NASCAR karty racing is just a carbon copy.



nintendolover88 commented on Review: New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle B...:

got this when i was on holiday in the US; it's brilliantt10/10...definatly!!! Who cares it doesn't work with the old bongos? If I wanted that, I would've played it on my GCN agian. I want some changes in controls - NEW PLAY CONTROL! provides us this.



nintendolover88 commented on Punch-Out!!:

I'll wait for a review but if the controls aren't very fully fetched i wont buy it. What i mean is sometimes i punch/jab forward with my wiimote in Wii Sports Boxing and my movements wern't projected on my TV(no offence to the fantas tic wii sports which i enjoyed fully, of course!) All I'm saying is i hope my movements will be projected on the the screen and the controtls are good. The original NES ( which i recommend to all on VC) and super punch-out on SNES(which I'd also recommend on VC) were just fantastic and I'm hoping the wii version won't be just a copy.I'll find out, as the UK release date comes nearer...



nintendolover88 commented on Review: Swords & Soldiers (WiiWare):

GREAT GAME!!! the best thing is you dont actually have to command the units. The spells are really great and i lve the fire breathing chinease dragon Wish it had wi-fi...

P.S Great review Drake!!!