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Pokémon Snap (N64 / Nintendo 64)

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In Pokémon Snap, you capture Pokémon not with a Poke Ball but with a camera! As budding young photographer Todd, help Professor Oak research Pokémon by taking pictures of them from your purpose-built vehicle, the ZERO-ONE.

Travel across Pokémon Island and snap the Pokémon in their home turf. However, many Pokémon are camera-shy, so you’ll need to use special items like food or a flute to bring them out into the open.

Professor Oak will score your photos based on factors like the Pokémon's pose and its size in the frame. So get out there and put your Pokémon snapping skills to the test!

Also, the Virtual Console version of Pokémon Snap has been enhanced to work with the Wii Message Board – so now you can share your favourite Pokémon pics with your friends!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

In Pokémon Snap, you capture Pokémon not with a Poke Ball but with a camera!

Pokémon Snap's an odd one - it's not an adventure game like the handheld versions or a fighting game like those on the console. Instead, you have to take pictures of Pokémon!You play as Todd, who you might know from the anime. He has been asked by...

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User Comments (104)



Mr_Nintendo21 said:

Hmm. Sounds interesting with the added function of being able to send pictures to the Message Board. Played this game a few times when I was younger. Not too bad of a game, dunno if I would buy it though. Maybe in the future.



Mendez said:

This is my favourite spin-off Pokémon game EVER!!
I'm so excited about this news, especially with the added stuff! =D
I hope we get this game before Christmas!



Adthegreat said:

I played this game when I was younger and really want to play it again, I can't wait.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I might agree with Clinker, but i already have the game. This Pokemon game if i remember correctly is the shortest Pokemon game ever. But it's way better than "Hey You Pikachu"

BTW Drake or anyone else, when it comes out in the country you live in, can you guys make a youtube video featuring the picture feature. I think it will give people some more thought for deciding whether or not we should get the game.



morphballer said:

I've never understood the appeal of riding around in a rail-car snapping pictures of Pokemon...



Shortay said:

I might actually give this one a go as it as a Pokémon game and I never got round to playing it when I had my first N64.



jg233 said:

Excellent game! I already have the N64 one and don't have any Wii friends to send pics to so no thx.



Corey said:

I used to love this game. But I am not sure if it is worth 1000 points ... maybe the added functionality will make it worth while ... still, I would rather of had a brand new WiiWare version of the game with a lot more pokemon and areas to explore.



Bass_X0 said:

I remember renting this. It is fun but yeah, it is short. A weekend's rental is all you need with this game (which obviously you can't do on V.C.). I'm glad to finally see a Pokémon game on the V.C. - I was hoping for Puzzle League first though.



aaronsullivan said:

So few believe it, but this game is a BLAST. I don't particularly like Pokemon and haven't played any other Pokemon game, but this one I love. It's a bit short leaving you to want more, and the worst part about it is that Nintendo never made a sequel with the newer, better hardware. Unique, fun, what more do you want?



Tom_Blanders said:

One of my least favourite games of all time... I'm almost angry that it might be released. Basically an on-rail shooter... with no shooting, just looking.



Marioman64 said:

I love this game!!!! I had it for my N64 but sadly lost it. Now I'll finally get to play it again! time to show off my pika-power-pictures (triple p lolz) to all my wii friends

and i'll get to throw apples at everything ^.^



JNoodles said:

I agree that this game is like any other Pokemon spin-off. You buy it, play it for an hour or so, and beat it. Oh yeah, I hear Pokemon Battle Revolution is that way too since it boasts ZERO exploration.

Unlike Battle Revolution (I suppose, I never really played it), Pokemon Snap is pure fun. No doubt that Snap will be better than ever with the new Wii Message Board functionality!



BJ1 said:

I agree with Jonno.

But no way, Desperate for SSBB and stuff! Hey You, Pikachu! was a whole lot better! Well, actually they are both good. Aggh..I don't know! You may have a point.



BJ1 said:

Speaking of which, I wonder when the Pokemon Stadium games are coming out.



Drake said:

The Pokemon Stadium games are next to useless without the ability to use your Game Boy cartridges. I'm 100% sure they're not coming.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Its a nice rail shooter where you shoot pokémon .............pics .
If you a pokémon fan download this if you havant got a copy (game pak).
Just imagin youself shooting 6 charmanders whoops i mean a pic of 6 charmanders .
So kawaii (cute)



Dark_Jinjo said:

According to Pokemon.com the game comes out in the U.S. this week, on Monday December 10th. Can't wait.



Gonz said:

This game was particularly magical because it was so different than the norm. Even more that a "Pokemon game", it was a "photography game".



Boredom_v2_2 said:

Drake don't be so sure about that. I believe nintendo can do anything! Here's my guess: Every generation, Nintendo makes two Pokemon games (EX: Ruby and Sapphire.) Then they make additional ones (EX:Leaf green and Fire Red). My guess is when they make additional games along with Diamond and Pearl, they'll have some sort of ability to use Kanto only Pokemon on Pokemon Stadium. Same idea goes for Pokemon Stadium 2. If Nintendo and The Pokemon company can make add ons to Snap, then i believe they can do the same for Stadiums, Puzzle League, and Hey You Pikachu!



omaley said:

Why oh why? Seeing that I have not enjoyed pokemon for years now... Couldn't they get Pokemon Puzzle League?



koolkitties said:

I love this game, it's a shame I already have it though. I'd love to send people my pictures of Goku carp. (Magicarp with Zapdos wings in the backround that look like blond spiky hair)
Love this game!!!!!



xray said:

even thought it's a pokemon game, i remember having fun playing when i was little, it was a nice relaxing game. i do hope they make a variation of this game with longer game play and about something else besides pokemon



hiruhl said:

this game was the biznomb. fortunately, i only rented it when it came out, because it is too short. if they hadn't rushed it, and had put all 151 pkmn from those days in the game, it really would have been amazing. as it stands, though, it still rocks.

i still have little stickers which i printed at blockbuster when i had rented the game. they had little promotional booths set up so you could print little postage stamp-sized pics that you had taken in the game. too bad this won't be possible on the wii...unless you can send the pics to your email with the new feature. that would rock. you could print big pics, instead of just the little baby stickers.

anyway, really great game. probably only worth the 10 bucks if you haven't played it before. should have had all 151.



Rossi said:

I just enjoyed the gameplay, so i cannot wait until friday for this beast of a game!



Draygone said:

I can understand why people wouldn't like it. All you do is go on a rail and snap pictures of a limited amount of Pokémon, and when you're done, you're done.

But I found this game quite enjoyable back in the day. I don't know why, but it has this certain appeal. Maybe because it was one of the first Pokémon spinoffs. Maybe because we actually got to see wild Pokémon living in their natural environments. Maybe because of all the hidden secrets and poses and photos you could get.

I dunno if it's worth it if you already mastered the original. Part of the fun was bettering yourself with every picture you took. If you go in already knowing what to do, it takes the fun out of it. If you've mastered the original, it might only be worth getting for nostalgia.

A sequal would still be nice, though. And perhaps one where you could explore on foot, at that.



Braeden said:

I understand that this is obviously a decent game, however Ive got to wonder why nintendo isnt releasing very many amazing games. Ive never played golden eye, but ive heard it is absolutely amazing, banjo kazooie (however you spell that), Mario and the legend of the 7 stars and other great gems.
When they are only releasing about 1 N64 game a month it should be a amazing one IMO




Pokemon Snap 2 is coming out for the wii. Its on rails again but there are over 30 location with over 200 pokemon to snap. Online contests will always be avaialble. For Example. "Best Picture of Pikachu and Pichu together

I WIsh this were ture but its not.
Anyway pokemon snap is awsome, but short.



Chocobo said:

This game was sick when I first got it. It's a nice game to relax to and take some pics, and it seems to be the first game Nintendo decided to add a little extra in and make it have some Wii functionality. Very enjoyable, play this game with a frosty beverage at your side and relaxx.



ExMegalomaniac said:

I really liked this game back on the N64, I remember the sticker booths and everything. And if I'm not mistaken they had a contest to see who can take the best picture of Mew, I remember never getting to enter in my 10,000 point shot.

Anywayz, I recorded a video of using the message board feature, as requested. You can also only post 1 pic per day to your message board. Heres the link.




BJWanlund said:

This is one of my favourite games PERIOD, Pokemon or otherwise!

This WILL be a download, and it'll have to do until Smash Bros. N64 comes, as well as Mario Party 1, 2, & 3 and Goldeneye!!!




Adamant said:

"My guess is when they make additional games along with Diamond and Pearl, they'll have some sort of ability to use Kanto only Pokemon on Pokemon Stadium."
Wouldn't work. It's not only about the pokemon, it's also about the attacks - you wouldn't be able to import anything that had an attack that had been introduced since the original games, making the game require an insane amount of fumbling to get a decent team that follows some incredibly strict guidelines. And seriously - what would be the point?

Pokemon Snap, however, is a great spinoff of the series. Yes, it's "short", but so are all other rail shooters, which this technically is. The object here is to better your hi-score, not only for each stage, but for each individual pokemon (I remember right, don't I?), and there are tons of hidden poses and fun secrets to search for, in addition to the initial hunt for all the pokemon. No, make no mistake, this is one amazing game.



Rossi said:

Its either this or Mario Kart? Which should i spend my 1000 points on?



Zweck36 said:

I made fun of all my friends who bought this game when I was in high school. I only liked red,blue,yellow, gold, and silver. However I never played it or gave it a chance. My friends were right. It is highly addictive, and great fun. My wife and I have been hooked on it since it came out. Great Game!!!!



Sanguine_seas said:

This game is great fun! only i cant work out how to share my pics with friends? anyone care to enlighten me?



JODIsBack said:

Boring game, all there is to it is taking pictures of pokemon, which is hardly fun, and the Wii feature doesn't make it any worth buying. Oh and extra poses, whoopdie do.



ExMegalomaniac said:

to Adam:

to share pictures, you must obviously have pictures taken already. once you do, save and quit your game, as in going to the title screen of the game. go to gallery and choose the picture you want from the pokemon report or your album, place in the set of four on the front screen of the gallery. enlarge the photo you want, and press the (-) button. it will take a screen shot which is saved to the wii message board. only one can be taken a day. to share the pics you save, go to the wii message board, select the envelope that has your picture, click the picture in the top right corner, then an option at the bottom that says Send will appear, select that, the choose the wii friend you wish to send it too, enter a message if you'd like, then click send.



ExMegalomaniac said:

Karudiox: To download the game, you must be able to connect to the internet with your Wii, and have at least a 1000 Wii Points. Go to the Wii Shop channel, and find Pokemon Snap. At the bottom theres an option to download the game. It'll take you through several different screens asking if you really wanna download and it'll tell you how many Wii Points will be deducted and how much will be left and same with the space on your Wii's hard drive.



Mendez said:

Can anyone tell me how many blocks this takes up?
I'm getting it Monday and need to know how much to delete.



Tim said:

pretty good game not for serious gamers though this games just a bit of fun throwing apples at pokemon and playing the pokeflute to make pikachu use thunderbolt only being able to screenshot 1 picture a day is annoying though but that can be fixed br changing the date on your wii



-Regii said:

I loved this game back then so I'm probably gonna get it, Pokemon Stadium would have been better though ^^



JitterBob said:

I freakin LoVe Pokemon Spap dewd! I'm downloading it RIGHT now on my wii... It took the last of my points I got for christmas but its gonna be totally worth it! Woo Hoo!



Ridge said:

hmm i might download it actually since people say its alot of fun.



Ph said:

Very good game!!!!!!
The best pokemon game for consoles!



Mario1 said:

sent a pic of 10 charmanders to my friend and he said it made his day. awesome game



BJ1 said:

Pokemon games were good on the n64 but then on the gamecube, they went downhill on consoles. I hope Pokemon Stadium comes out because me and my brother were very disappointed with Pokemon Battle Revolution.



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

Pokemon Snap is pretty unusual. I was never a fan of rail games, or rail shooters(I really need to try Sin & Punishment though from what everybody says). But I have to admit, I owned this game back when it was originally released, because me and my friends were those types of kids who woke up every Saturday and watched the new Pokemon episodes, owned all 150 Pokemon, and had many of them at lvl. 100. Then Pokemon got all screwed up as they added new characters, regions, and series into the mix.

With all of that out of the way, this game is really quite fun when you just feel like relaxing and not playing some epic game. Also for the VC, its kind of cool that you that you can send pictures of your Pokemon to friends. If you are a "Pokemaniac" and have not played this game, I am sure you will love it. Also, if you are like me, and miss the "glory days" of the series, then its good for nostalgia.

3/5 stars. Average, but an overall fun experience.



Plan_B said:

I used to love this game when I had an N64, but n64 or vurual console, its still just "3" material. "3 1/2" with the "to message bored" add on...



ChocoDK said:

I never got to play this game on the N64 but its a lot of fun. I like also Nintendo allowed you to give photos to friends. I would give the game 4/5.



BJ1 said:

Pokemon Puzzle League would also be a good game to release until the Pokemon Stadium series come out. And I hope Nintendo will make a proper Pokemon game (like the ones on the handhelds) on consoles one day.



Paperfox said:

This is one of the things that really made me realize my love for photography. If you need something that will take up more time, and/or don't like photography/pokemon, you probably shouldn't download it. 4/5



Garlyle said:

It's definitely a very unique game. Easy on the eyes, nice and relaxing, and good if you're not looking for something that'll stress you out. Again though, it's also stupidly easy; most players will have no difficulty, but it's not about being difficult; it's about relaxing or other times obsessively going after that perfect shot.



BJ1 said:

I think the day Nintendo makes a proper Pokemon game is the day Sega makes a proper Sonic game.



zelda_freak said:

What an interesting game. The new twist of pokemon pictures is really a turn for the better. The rating system is what really brings it all together. People who have just watched this game can't judge it. this game has to be played to experience the joy, this game is just apears boring when your watching someone play it.



konkerdoodle said:

I love this game. It's a great feeling you get when a new picture you took beats an old one. I also enjoyed putting captions below some of the pictures
I'm thinking a sequel would be a perfectly suited game for the Wii. I would love it if Nintendo made one.



Rawful said:

Man, I used to LOVE this game as a kid.
I felt so proud when I found all of the Pokemon.
Then I traded it for some other game.

About a month before this came out on the VC, I got it again for the N64.
Same deal with Yoshi's story.

Great game, and totally worth $10.
Though, it is quite short...



SergeEXE said:

Honestly, the game is worth $10, especially with the new functionality. It gives the game more replay-value, since it's fun taking funny pictures and sending them to your friends, just for kicks.

Also, it is nice and relaxing, and not completely goal-oriented. Very nice if you just want to sit down and have a bit of fun.



Quimby said:

Man I love this game. I wasn't really into the whole Pokemon movement but this game is genius. I really REALLY hope we will get the Jap only sequel translated. I'd pay 2000 points for it without blinking. Come on Big N, help me out here... I ... love you... (touches self) mmmmm



konkerdoodle said:

There was a Japanese only sequel?? I've decided we should get a group together to storm Nintendo world headquarters and make them release a translated version on the VC...at all costs.



genjiglove said:

Not sure whether to get this game. I loved it when I was a kid, but I'm not sure if it's worth 1000 points in 2008.



sparrow-1993 said:

I have this game on my n64 and I think its worth a download if you havnt played it and want something short. You could probably complete it in under an hour though.



Bass_X0 said:

ironically, Luigi's Mansion can be beaten within an hour too.

and also Super Metroid if you're good enough.



konkerdoodle said:

Plus Pokemon Snap has an extremely high replay value . Must...get...elusive...perfect...shot...



NintendoNerd said:

@ konkerdoodle
This game doesn't have any replay value! now Super Smash Bros, that has high replay value... why is that game not on the VC??

@ Bass X0
Luigi's mansion takes more than an hour it takes 3, thus making a decent game, but it took me 5.



sparrow-1993 said:

@ NintendoNerd
You're right about smash bros. You can complete it easy enough but it has replay value. I completed it on normal. Ive got all of them except brawl.



konkerdoodle said:

@NintendoNerd: I beat Pokemon Snap, but I still go back to it sometimes just to try to snap some better pictures and improve my portfolio. And you're still trying to judge games by their length. Not to be rude, but that can't be done.

I wish Super Smash Bros. would come to VC...then I'd have all three



BleachFan said:

This Game was soooo much fun as a little kid. However, I never beat it in less than 2 hours as a little kid...
Still, the photo uploads help to make the game last longer.



Ricardo91 said:

I remember playing this game at one of my friend's house once, back when I was a wee lad. I sucked at it though. I also remember how you could send your photos to Blockbuster and make stickers out of them. I could download this, since I missed out on it back then, but 1000 points is a bit much for a game that lasts only 2 hours.



Stijnco said:

I already own the N64 version, but it's a game that doesn't last very long. Still it's fun to play but keep this in mind if you want to buy this one.



Andio_Pandio said:

Got v. boring v. quick. Whats the point anyway, when you can take pics of the random Pokemon in Smash Brawl, which is a lot more fun than this cos u get to play Brawl too! Don't gotta catch this one



carson said:

Perfect game for the Pokemon Fan. It's not a very long game for 1000 points but its still a fun experience. Finding all the hidden pokemon or snapping a rare photo like Balloon Pikachu makes this game a winner!



HandyManny562 said:

i remember when i played this for the N64. but it wasnt my copy. i really wanted it and now i got it. i recomend it, but it is really short.



davegorack said:

the best pokemon game of all time.
and the pokemon sound like they do in the cartoon.
so gonna get this.



deadbattery said:

Got it on N64, played it to death, no need to buy again.

Just WHO is criminally bored enough to care about being able to post Pokemon photos on the Wii message board and send them to friends? "OH LOOK, I GOT X NUMBER OF POINTS ON THIS SHOT OF MEW!" "OH YEAH, WELL I GOT Y NUMBER OF POINTS! SUCKAH! I'M SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU!"



Corbs said:

I just don't like Pokemon. It's an interesting game idea, but I just can't get past the Pokemon theme. Sorry.



Divock said:

This game actually looks like the stupidest game ever, and if it sucked, it still would have been popular. Because this came out at one of the heights of pokemon's popularity. However, it does not suck. It's not bad. It's actually pretty fun, and if you can get past the pokemon theme, it's kind of like a drive by shooter, with no danger...

It really is not bad. The posting of the pictures is a nice touch for pokemon fans, but it is short. Getting all the pokemon is a...sort of challenge.

And if you hate pokemon, it's also a great game for venting stress. You get to throw pester balls (pokeball sized balls filled with a deadly/annoying gas) at pokemon! Unlimitely!

I'd say its a good download, but it costs 1000 points, and it's not worth looking into unless you ran out of stuff you've wanted.



Ferret75 said:

Technically, it's not an extra.
The original N64 release had this deal with Blockbuster, where if you brought your cartridge to Blockbuster, you could plug it into this thing which would print off your photos.



Alexei123 said:

This game brings back so many memories...
A really fun game! Except a little too easy, then again I've never beaten the challenge scores.

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