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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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hiruhl commented on Pokemon Snap:

this game was the biznomb. fortunately, i only rented it when it came out, because it is too short. if they hadn't rushed it, and had put all 151 pkmn from those days in the game, it really would have been amazing. as it stands, though, it still rocks.

i still have little stickers which i printed at blockbuster when i had rented the game. they had little promotional booths set up so you could print little postage stamp-sized pics that you had taken in the game. too bad this won't be possible on the wii...unless you can send the pics to your email with the new feature. that would rock. you could print big pics, instead of just the little baby stickers.

anyway, really great game. probably only worth the 10 bucks if you haven't played it before. should have had all 151.