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  • News Weekly Virtual Console Round Up (1st Oct)

    Nintendo's Virtual Console shop has 1 new release this week, Super Turrican 2 (SNES).

    Super Turrican 2: System: Super NintendoRelease Date: Mon 29th Sep (US) As the last survivor of the United Freedom Forces, it is your duty to destroy the Machine’s forces that have devastated the galaxy. Fight through countless hordes of enemies using everything...


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    Review Mario Super Sluggers

    Mario plays rounders

    Baseball, a sport that we Europeans don't really care to understand, is the scene for the latest Mario Sports title. Developed by Namco on behalf of Nintendo, can Mario (in probably his last game of 2008) and his buddies do enough to make the game a little more exciting? Anyone who's familiar with previous Mario sports games...


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    Review Super Swing Golf: Season 2

    It's golf, but much less boring.

    Super Swing Golf: Season 2 (known as simply Super Swing Golf in Europe) is all about the "Pangya!", Korean for "Bang!". It's an over the top, heavily Japanese inspired Wii golf title. Expect some completely unrealistic characters and extravagant locations and courses. Unlike simulation golf games...


  • News Devs Plea: Please Buy Okami

    The likelyhood for an Okami sequel has been thrown in to doubt, unless gamers do something about it.

    Hidden deep inside a Capcom forum an official has stated the reason for a Okami sequel not being in production is down to poor sales for the PS2 game and the recent Wii port. There is a glimmer of hope however... as long as more people part with...

  • News Wii Storage Solution Imminent?

    Reggie tells MTV how it is, Nintendo accept the problem and have an "urgency" to solve it.

    Of course, it's not just download content that's putting a strain on the Wii's limited flash storage: "As we continue to have things like Mario Kart that has its own channel when you're playing from an Internet perspective, we're just making this...

  • Competition Rustler's Announce UK Machinima Music Video Contest

    To celebrate the launch of Machinima in the UK, Rustler's are providing an Alienware PC for the best user created music video to match one of Jonathan (Portal theme) Coulton's latest tracks.

    Rustlers may be the market leaders in the hot snacking section of your local supermarket, but that doesn't mean they're content to rest on their burgers...

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    Review The Incredible Hulk

    He's big, he's green and he's made us angry!

    Bruce Banner is back in his second major blockbuster, The Incredible Hulk, the movie of which the video game is designed to follow. Hollywood very rarely has a mega blockbuster movie without a tie-in video game, this time the difficult challenge was left with Edge of Reality to try and break the mould and...

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    Review LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

    Dr Jones! Dr Jones!

    Dr Jones cracks his whip and lands on Wii. LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is the latest game to get the "LEGO" makeover coming from TT Games who last year released the acclaimed LEGO Star Wars. The Original Adventures is being released in parallel as the new movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and features...

  • News Family Gamer: Controlling your eMotions

    What can we learn from the success of Wii?

    Family games live or die by their controls, and motion controls even more so. Why is it that games like Boom Blox are so instinctive and intuitive, when others like SSX Blur are so forced and laboured? For me it's that one-to-one freeform movement that brings the magic and makes the games come to life...


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    Review Alone in the Dark

    Spooky goings on in Central Park, would you like to know the truth behind the light?

    Atari has taken it upon itself to resurrect Alone in the Dark, the quintessential survival horror game. It's been over 7 years since the last game in the series, not that it matters as this latest incarnation writes an entirely new contemporary story. The game's...

  • Competition Brawlin' At Gamestation

    Super Smash 'Em Up

    To celebrate the launch of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo UK haved teamed up with Gamestation to let fans battle and brawl to the death, all to win a HD home entertainment centre. Battle it out to prove you are the biggest and best brawler of them all at Gamestation Stores nationwide in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Showdown...

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    Review Okami

    The highly stylised adventure game Okami paints its way onto Wii, but is it a masterpiece?

    Okami (Japanese for "wolf"), first released in 2006, was one of the few convincing reasons to still own a PS2. Capcom soon realised that a Wii port would be a good idea, the combination of Wiimote and Nunchuk could perfectly suit the games drawing...

  • News Nintendo Reprise Edinburgh Interactive Festival

    Nintendo UK to become a Gold Partner of this year’s event which takes place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre between Sunday 10th and Tuesday 12th August 2008.

    Edinburgh Interactive Festival Chairman Chris Deering added: "Nintendo’s support of Interactive Festival in Edinburgh is great news and demonstrates an understanding...

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    Review Boom Blox

    Spielberg takes time off from resurrecting Indy to bring us the Wii’s very own version of Jenga

    When someone like Steven Spielberg puts his name to a product you know you really should sit up and take notice. The world renowned director of Jurassic Park, ET and countless other films that have made a small fortune at the global box office,...


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    Review We Ski

    Namco invite us all to Happy Ski mountain for a spot of skiing, Wii style.

    We Ski appears speedily from over the cliff face just as Nintendo release Wii Fit with the now infamous Balance Board, which can, and should, be used whilst playing We Ski. At first glance We Ski might sound like just another skiing game with bolted on Balance Board controls,...

  • News Family Gamer: Miniature Mobile iPod Games

    This week with a chance to nab yourself a copy of Metroid Prime 3

    First a little Family Gamer business; while clearing the office out, ready for its transformation into Ollie's room, I discovered some Nintendo games to give away. If you fancy winning Metroid Prime on Wii (PAL) just post a 'family gaming moment' on my Facebook wall before the end of...

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    Review Iron Man

    Iron Man? Pssht. More like Tin Can!

    Iron Man is one of those games that is just mediocre in everyway. It’s not broken but instead it’s simply no fun to play. From the mundane level design to the sloppy graphics, Iron Man is playable but no fun at all. It’s almost exactly what we expect from a movie tie-in. Based on the recent movie release,...

  • News WiiWare Is Here

    What an absolutely awesome line-up. Thank you Mr. Nintendo. Thank you very much.

    So anyone that marched over to the Wii Shop Channel this morning will have noticed WiiWare has landed and us Europeans got an exceptional array of microgame goodness. The lineup was as follows: Dr. Mario & Germ Buster (Nintendo) Final Fantasy: My Life As A King...

  • News Excited About WiiWare?

    Blimey-oh-riley, we are. We just can't wait to get our hands on some online Dr. Mario action (if it ever drops?) and some LostWinds...

    ... But we still reckon there are at least 12 hours and 27 minutes left to go until we get to waste some Wii Points (Nintendo, please let me buy Wii Points with a Solo card soon!) on micro-games. We're not sure...

  • News Pokemon MMO Please!

    Everyone has always dreamt of a full, big, 3D Pokemon game right? You know - none of this garbage where you're playing the same game with 8,765,546 Pokemon. We just wanted Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow in 3D right?

    Just me then? Oh well. The news is this: developers of WiiWare game Pop have just pitched some ideas for "properties have neat ideas...

  • News Play It Safe with d_skin!

    We'll explain all...

    Are you one of those gamers who suffer from slow-loading, stuttering, scratched-to-hell game discs? d_skin could be saviour. A what? d_skin is a simple, protective cover which snaps onto CDs and DVDs and stops them getting damaged. The transparent film fits over any standard 14cm disc and stays there, so you can load, play or...

  • News Family Gamer: Wii-Fit and GTA for a Healthier Life


    Grand Theft Auto (GTA) IV and Wii-Fit, two of the biggest games of the year, were released to critical acclaim and not a little media circus. Although these two share top billing they couldn't be more different. One game is marketed squarely at the twenty something hardcore gamer whilst the other sets its sights on the family gaming market...


  • News Family Gamer: Play Less, Enjoy More

    I feel like Jerry Maguire today

    In the words of the man himself "Let us work less hard to the that we know won't matter in the long run, and work twice as hard to the ones who will." So I'll be here every other week for these Family Gamer articles, trying to get down in words the things that matter to me as a family gamer. They say start with...

  • News Wii Cheerleading Videos

    Remember the news about a Wii Cheerleading game?

    Here are some videos: We have one thing to say: Namco, where are the hot chicks?

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    Review Mario Kart Wii

    The most difficult game we’ll ever have to review

    Why? Simply because there are a number of angles and routes we could take to determine the final verdict. Those different routes would end up giving extremely different verdicts and so it is from this point of the review that we have to pick our destination carefully. To get straight to the point:...

  • News Wii ‘Fraud Factory’ Raided In UK

    Thousands of Wii chips seized in thrilling swoop on criminal HQ

    A Wii 'Fraud Factory’ has been raided in Leicestershire, with over 2,000 chips recovered by Police. The factory itself was actually a house in the town of Coalville (which, incidentally is a five minute drive from the offices of NintendoLife – although we’ll point out that we had...

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    Review SEGA Bass Fishing

    Grab your rods boys, it's time to fish.

    SEGA invite you back once again into the world of arcade rehashes, bringing one of its more bizarre titles of the 90s onto the Wii. SEGA Bass Fishing which landed on Dreamcast in 1999 was a direct port of the some-what successful arcade game of the same name. With the appealing control possibilities of Wii, it...

  • Rumour Wii Price Cut Imminent?

    Highly-respected French site seems to think so

    According to leading French website JeuxFrance.com, Nintendo France is looking to reduce the price of the Wii in that territory. This has sparked rumours that a European price cut in on the way, which of course would logically lead to a global reduction in the price of the console. The current pack...

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    Review Ninja Reflex

    The way of the warrior is one of balance and harmony.

    Wolf-san! EA invite us to join them in the secret ancient world of the Japanese Ninja. Bringing together a handful of mini games, the developers aim to train your senses in the martial art to help you reach a higher power. The way of the warrior is one of "balance and harmony". The...

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    Review Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

    Right on target, or way off the mark?

    Konami's flagship Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven in other territories) series really caught the gaming world's attention with its fourth release, a beautifully playable and engrossing take on football. Since then it's become even more popular, and now rivals EA's FIFA brand in the sales stakes. However,...


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    Review Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

    Make sure you've got your Classic Controller handy for this one

    Few genres possess the stubborn nature of the 2D fighter. Whereas other game types evolve over time and strive to incorporate new and innovative features that not only make them easier to play but also more enjoyable, the 2D brawler is perfectly content to remain static. But before you...

  • Competition Do You Want Worms?

    Wii Want Worms

    THQ give you the opportunity to win yourself a copy of the upcoming Worms: A Space Oddity for the Wii. In Worms: A Space Oddity, players will enjoy the ultimate blend of classic Worms game modes and re-invented single-player missions, as well as multiplayer modes that include a host of all-new party games and even more customization...

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    Review House of the Dead 2&3 Return

    Ah House of the Dead, welcome to the Wii.

    Since it's inception in back in the 90s SEGA's "House of the Dead" has arguably become the next biggest zombie series behind Capcom's infamous Resident Evil. SEGA's decision to bring the zombie-fest to the Wii comes as no real surprise since recent successful releases of other "light gun"...

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    Review SEGA Superstars Tennis

    Sega’s next sporting smash hit?

    It seems his recent athletic clash with Mario has rubbed off on Sonic: here he is with fifteen friends in a brightly coloured, special move-filled variation on good old lawn tennis, not unlike the plumber’s N64, Game Boy Advance and Gamecube outings, on the surface at least. This isn’t a simple formula rip,...

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    Review No More Heroes

    Otaku assassin Travis Touchdown finally lands on European shores - has the wait been worthwhile?

    When you fire up a game and see that the loading screen proudly proclaims that ‘Punk’s not dead’, you know you’re in for something of an unorthodox experience. The enigmatic Suda 51 and his team at Grasshopper Manufacture are arguably one of the...

  • News Reggie: "Big Game Coming This Christmas"

    Mystery title to be revealed at E3

    Reggie Fils-Aime has dropped hints that Nintendo owners should be very happy this Christmas. The Nintendo of American President said: There's gonna be a big game for the holiday that gamers will want. All I can tell you is what we announce during E3 is gonna be fantastic. The gamer is gonna be excited and the...

  • News Nintendo Unleashes A Cavalcade Of Mario Kart Wii Info

    Control details and much more - GET

    Nintendo has issued a press release regarding the forthcoming Wii megahit Mario Kart Wii, confirming that the game will offer a wide range of control options (just in case you find the bundled Wii Wheel too silly to even consider using) and that online play will offer Mii support. Here's the official info-steam...

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    Review Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Perhaps the greatest game of this generation? Hmm... maybe, just maybe.

    Smash Bros.? What's Smash Bros.? If you are a Wii owner asking that question, you'll get many funny looks from other gamers that wonder where you have been the past ten years. Super Smash Bros. is perhaps Nintendo's most successful franchise (in terms of sales per game) in the...

  • News Gemma Atkinson's Chest Causes Wii Problems

    Celeb Moans About Carrying Additional Baggage During Wii Sessions

    She may have her 'knockers' but former HollyOaks star Gemma Atkinson maintains she enjoys a good session on the Wii just as much as anyone else. The busty starlet – who is arguably more famous for posing in her underwear than her acting skills – will be present at the upcoming...

  • News Cheerleading Comes To The Wii!

    No joke.

    In a move that has thrilled Nintendo Life, THQ CEO Brian Farrel has announced that a cheerleading game is in development for the Wii which takes full advantage of the Balance Board. No further details were given but we presume it will work in a similar style to games like Dance Dance Revolution but involving chants and short skirts (or...

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    Review Bleach: Shattered Blade

    Death Gods, Swords, and Lots of Hair Gel- Yes, its Bleach!

    Its not very often you see a game where the main character is a bad-ass orange haired Death God- who's Japanese name, correct me if I am wrong, is 'Strawberry'- wielding a sword embedded with a soul. And its not very often that you see me create such a poor lead-in to a review. So let me cut...

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    Review Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

    What an odd craze that swept the gaming world...

    Guitar Hero has led the way for music games into the mainstream and has shown there's more to this genre than Dance Dance Revolution and StepMania. Harmonix, previously working with RedOctane and Activision, developed Guitar Hero for the PlayStation 2 oblivious to the incredible amount of popularity...


  • News Finally – You Can Now Play Imports On Your Wii

    Wii Freeloader Arriving In March - hurrah!

    Those of you that graduated to the Wii from the GameCube will probably be aware of Datel’s excellent Freeloader disc, which allows you to play import games on your Cube console. Well, after months of silence the company has now announced that it’s producing a version for the Wii – and amazingly, it...

  • News Family Ski Japanese Advert - Balance Board Compatible

    Family Ski is Namco's attempt to bring all the fun of skiing - to the Wii.

    Four player racing and Wii Balance Board support will be the highlight of the game although there is no official word when (or if) the game will make it to British shores. If it does we're expecting some kind of budget release. Now please hurry up and announce you're working...

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    Review Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

    Sonic, grab your hoverboard there's a race to win!

    Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off racing series, Sonic Riders, returns in the form of "Zero Gravity", a sequel to the 2006 original. Unlike your standard racing game, SRZG actually has quite alot of story. Sonic and friends have been alerted about crazed robots from "MeteorTech"...

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    Review Asterix at the Olympic Games

    Asterix joins the race for Olympic glory, can he and Obelix gain the gold medal?

    With Beijing hosting this years summer Olympic games it was no surprise that a number of Olympic themed games have appeared on this years calendar. Atari must of been kicking themselves when SEGA released Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, pretty much claiming all...

  • News Super Mario Galaxy - SNES Edition

    Oh how we love people with too much time on their hands, check out this impressive vision of what Super Mario Galaxy would of looked like if it was developed for the SNES, brilliant!

    Nintendo take note, the SNES still has legs! This excellent video was brought to you via those nerdy Nintendo Wii Fanboys. Brilliant.

  • News Factor 5 Speak About Secret Wii Project

    Julian Eggebrecht spills the beans, but still no name as yet

    They won’t reveal the name of the top secret project they’re working on, but those fine chaps at Factor 5 have still given us a few juicy pieces of information to chew on for the time being. Speaking to IGN, Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht shed a little light on this mysterious...


  • News Wii To Surpass GameCube’s Life Sales

    More encouraging news for Nintendo

    It may not have been Nintendo’s greatest console but the GameCube still managed to shift modest 21.72 million units over its lifespan. However, to put the recent success of the Wii in sharp perspective, the console is about to surpass the GameCube’s lifetime sales despite only having been on the market for just...

  • News Surgeons Could Benefit From Playing Wii

    We didn’t realize that Trauma Center was that realistic!

    If you happen to be unfortunate enough to find yourself needed brain surgery in the near future, you might want to check that your surgeon is a keen gamer. According to reports from a group of science-type boffins, playing Wii helps these skilled individuals to ‘warm up’ for the arduous...

  • News "Third Party Games Don't Sell"

    Suda51 has his say

    Killer 7 and No More Heroes director voices his concerns about the current state of the Wii software market. Goichi Suda (AKA Suda 51) has claimed that third party software is failing to find an audience in Japan while Nintendo's own games steal all the limelight. We reported not long ago that Suda's No More Heroes was a bit of...

  • News More Wii Colours On The Way?

    US store Target's internal stock control system may indicate so

    When the Wii was first announced Nintendo practically bombarded the general public with tantalizing product imagery, the most striking of which was the promise of different coloured Wii consoles. More than a year later and we’re still stuck with the bog-standard (but admittedly...

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    Review Endless Ocean

    Does it sink or swim?

    It might seem an unlikely premise for a game, but Endless Ocean fits perfectly with Nintendo’s “Touch Generations” label by being cerebral as well as entertaining and offering experiences many people dream about: floating among tropical fish in beautiful coral reefs, or bounding through the wide ocean with bottlenose...

  • News Family Trainer - The Next Wii Craze You Won't Be Able To Avoid

    Looks a bit like a dance mat to us, but what do we know?

    Namco Bandai has released promotional shots for the latest 'must have' Wii item. To our untrained eyes it looks more than a little like a traditional dance mat, a revolutionary accessory that first saw the light of day back in the Playstation era. Here's the scoop from Kotaku: Taking a page...

  • News Smash Bros Brawl Delayed Yet Again?

    Mario and company might not be kicking ass as soon as you expected

    Those of you looking forward to the release of Super Smash Bros Brawl (that's pretty much everyone, then) will no doubt be upset to know that rumours are currently doing the rounds that the game has been delayed yet again. SPOnG reports: GameFly, a games rental service in the...

  • News No More Heroes - Another Wii Flop?

    More doom and gloom for third party publishers

    Regular readers of NintendoLife would be forgiven for thinking that we’ve been getting out of the wrong side of the bed for the past week or so. The number of downbeat and negative news stories appearing is on the rise and sadly we’re about to add yet another. Although we’re a bit on the late side...

  • News Captain Olimar Joins Smash Bros Brawl

    Pikmin squad is surpisingly good in a scrap

    He may not top your list of videogame characters that you’d like to have on your side in a fight, but Pikmin’s Captain Olimar has nevertheless been confirmed for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros Brawl. His attacks would appear to involve picking up the various Pikmin and hurling them towards enemies, but...

  • Feature Castlevania: The Nintendo Years

    Fangs for the memories

    Although Konami’s influential vampire slaying franchise has since gone on to find success on several different hardware platforms, the association with the Nintendo NES is arguably what made the series so famous worldwide. The trio of 8-bit Castlevania titles remain highly regarded by fans and still stand up to scrutiny even...

  • News Painful Wii Injuries Shocker

    Who are these idiots and what are they doing with their Wiimotes?

    Everyone loves a good scare story, don’t they? I’m sure we all recall the tales of SNES games making kids have fits in the early ‘90s and the relatively flimsy evidence supplied to support this theory. Well, it seems that history is repeating itself. The Wii has been so popular...

  • News The Queen Says: "Wii ARE Amused"

    Ruler of the Land likes to swing a Wiimote every now and then

    Nintendo’s cup runneth over. Not only is the company riding high in terms of worldwide hardware and software sales, it would appear that it also has fans in very lofty places. UK tabloid The People has reported that Her Majesty The Queen of England has recently become hooked on the...

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    Review Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

    Lt. Berg must defeat those ever-baddies the Nazis in this latest from the Medal of Honor series.

    EA bring another Medal Of Honor title to Wii, this time built from the ground up for the system and features the oh-so familiar style of the series. Although Medal of Honor might be a minor side-note on the CV of a certain Steven Spielberg the series has...

  • News PES 2008 Gameplay Video Revealed

    Lots of shaking and dribbling involved

    Konami of Japan has released a gameplay video for the upcoming Winning Eleven: Play Maker 2008. The more astute amongst you will know that Winning Eleven is the Japanese title for the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The video shows us two things: firstly, the game is looking mighty fine graphically and secondly,...

  • News Nintendo Triumphant In Japan This Christmas

    Videogame giant is unstoppable on home soil

    Early figures from Famitsu magazine indicate that Nintendo has dominated the Japanese sales charts over the Christmas period. Although a PS2 title (Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Gaiden) took the number one position, a quick glance at the rest of the top 20 shows that the Big N is firmly in...

  • News Feel The Force With New Lightsaber Holsters

    The legal team of Lucasarts may have something to say about these

    Cheap plastic holsters for your Wiimote are nothing new and third party peripheral manufacturers are practically falling over themselves to produce even more outlandish (and ultimately pointless) pieces of ‘controller clothing’. However, one item that did impress us in a...

  • News Nintendo Deny That Sadness Exists

    Promising survival horror is something of a phantom

    Sadness is a game that many Wii owners got excited about when it was first ‘announced’ by developer Nibris quite some time ago. The concept of a stylish black & white survival horror positively dripped tension and foreboding, and the production artwork looked extremely intriguing. However,...

  • News Zack & Wiki Sinks Without Trace At Retail

    Shame on you all!

    Zack & Wiki, otherwise known as Capcom’s ode to the classic ‘point and click’ adventures of old, is a fantastic game. It’s heartening to see a developer like Capcom putting so much effort into brand new intellectual property and it’s even more encouraging when the end product is so wonderfully polished and enjoyable...

  • News Wii Fit: Famitsu Preview Scans

    Thanks to Nintendo, the promise of a God-like physique is almost with us

    Japanese magazine Famitsu has just published a pretty in-depth guide to all things Wii Fit. The game has done impressive business over in Japan and looks certain to repeat this performance when it’s released alongside the Wii balance board controller in the West this year...

  • News No Rock Band For Wii?

    For the time being, it would appear not

    EA’s Rock Band has been thrilling music loving gamers on the PS3, PS2 and 360, but EA doesn’t seem too keen on bringing the game to the Wii – at least not yet, anyway. Back in April 2007, Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos got everyone’s hopes up with a series of comments that seemed to indicate Rock Band was...

  • News Virtual Console Coming To The DS?

    Reggie speaks about the upcoming game download service on the DS

    The rumours have been circulating for quite some time but the concept of downloading ‘complete’ games to your Nintendo DS is becoming a reality, if a recent interview with Reggie is anything to go by. Nintendo’s main man spoke to the New York Times recently about the new...

  • Feature 10 Games We'd Like To See On The Wii

    Is it too late to ask Santa for these?

    The runaway success of Nintendo’s Wii has granted many publishers and developers a bit more freedom to experiment with their software. With such a massive installed base of users, software houses can be a little bolder with their ideas because chances are even brave failures will shift a few copies. Here at...

  • News Flipping Wii Lids

    If your life is haunted by the flaps on your Wii, salvation may be at hand...

    The Wii is a lovely looking machine with a superb design. However, there’s one element that lets the console down – the bloody flaps that covers the Gamecube ports and memory card slots. They're flimsy at the best of times and often fail to close correctly, causing...

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    Review High School Musical: Sing It!

    Disney's unstoppable High School Musical franchise may represent permission to print money, but has the toe-tapping magic of the movies been retained for this Wii release?

    In order to bring you the best Nintendo coverage we possibly can here at NintendoLife, we sometimes have to bite the bullet, pull up our socks and make some painful sacrifices...

  • News Samba De Amigo Wii - Gearbox Speaks

    The FPS expert is bringing the Dreamcast classic bang up to date, so dust off your maracas, people

    Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox Software may not be a name that instantly springs to mind when considering which software house should be tasked with updating the Sega classic Samba de Amiga, but the company has nevertheless been awarded that...

  • News Sega Hint At More Wii-based NiGHTS Titles

    After waiting over a decade it seems that Sega are willing to milk the franchise for all it's worth

    It may not have lived up to the expectations of many fans, but Sega’s NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams has obviously performed well enough at retail for its developers to be considering future titles and it would appear that the Wii is the favoured...


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    Review Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

    Umbrella have since been defeated, but how exactly did it all happen?

    Resident Evil, one of the biggest gaming series around today, has already landed on Wii with a port of the ever-popular Resident Evil 4. Capcom no doubt saw the innovative Wiimote and impressive sales figures as a new opportunity to expand the series even more. The Umbrella...

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    Review NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

    Ah NiGHTS.. you're finally here, it's been a long time coming, so how does it measure up?

    Journey of dreams, the sequel SEGA Saturn fanboys have been waiting 10 years for, after all those rumours its finally here, but was it ever going to live up to the cult following surrounding the original, NiGHTS Into Dreams? Our hero is NiGHTS, a Nightopian who...

  • News Wii And DS Dominate In Japan

    Sony and Microsoft struggle to get a look in

    Sony’s Gran Turismo 5 Prologue may have entered the Japanese sales charts in the top 5 but a cursory glace at the rest of the chart should make depressing reading for anyone not affiliated with Nintendo. The Wii and DS continue to dominate the Japanese market in a way that hasn’t been seen since the...

  • News Fresh Mario Kart Wii Details Emerge

    Cunning stunts are now included!

    UK site Eurogamer has recently picked up on some more Mario Kart Wii details, thanks to US magazine Nintendo Power. We already know that the game will feature online play for up to 12 participants, but the big news here is that some kind of stunt system will also be included to spice up proceedings. Performing tricks...

  • News Smoking Pot = No Guitar Hero III, Sonnyjim

    Living the rock and roll lifestyle doesn't always pay off, it would seem.

    This rather amusing ebay auction has recently come to our attention here at NintendoLife. Turns out that one parent, annoyed by the fact that he caught his good-for-nothing son smoking weed in his backyard, decided to teach him a lesson by selling his Christmas present on...

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  • News Nintendo Snubbed By Greenpeace

    Going green

    Greenpeace'ers snub Nintendo in a new energy report, designed to inform consumers of how "green" the manufacturer is. Environmental watchdog group Greenpeace has released its latest Guide to Greener Electronics, detailing the environmental responsibility of global consumer electronics companies, and given Nintendo the first zero grade...

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    Review Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

    Why did adventure games disappear?

    Innovation is a big reason that I play games. Playing the same game rehashed over and over again bores me senseless. So when a new idea for a game comes along, like Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure, I turn into a kid at a theme park, running to buy it. The story behind the game deals with Zack and...

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    Review The Golden Compass

    Shape-changing sprites, death-dealing polar bears and lots of snow. Shiny Entertainment attempts to transform one of this year's biggest films into a half-decent videogame. Has the company succeeded? Read on...

    Where would videogame developers be without the humble Christmas Hollywood blockbuster? At the end of each year we witness a raft of...

  • News Wii - TOO Popular?

    According to the BBC, Nintendo UK are considering putting a halt on advertising for Wii this Christmas season, because of its struggle to keep up with demand.

    Nintendo is considering pulling UK television advertising for its popular Wii console in the run up to Christmas because it is battling to meet demand. It said that holding back adverts until...

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    Review Need For Speed: ProStreet

    EA go back to basics with the latest entry in the stunningly successful NFS series - has the company done enough to bring back old fans?

    Need for Speed has been with us for over a decade now. Since making its debut on the ill-fated 3DO console, EA’s premier racing franchise has gone from being a fairly inoffensive car fan’s dream to a loud and...

  • Competition Mario & Sonic T-Shirt!

    Thanks to our friends at SEGA we have a fantastic Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games "Team Mario" T-Shirt to give away!

    In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, players will compete in events that take place in environments based on the official venues of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Using a supporting cast of characters from the amazing worlds...

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    Review WWE Smackdown! vs RAW 2008

    We're too depressed for jokes about sweaty men and spandex

    We’ll admit from the start that we truly believe this is the most difficult game this reviewer ever had to rate. Ever. And unfortunately it’s a flaw that comes from the fact that the Wii has been an absolutely massive commercial hit. You see the main problem with WWE Smackdown VS. RAW...


  • News Wii Impressions- A Year On

    The NintendoLife staff voice their own opinions of the Wii...

    For our second article in the Year Of Wii feature, the staff at NintendoLife sit down and have a round-table discussion; debating and discussing each others views... The following is straight from the horses mouth, with no alterations from Mr Editor. Tom: I have to admit that when the...

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    Review Smarty Pants

    Your starter for ten: Is EA's latest franchise worth a look?

    Quiz games are something of a pet peeve for me. Being a hot-blooded male I obviously loathe TV quiz shows, and the particularly cynical side of me can see straight through the numerous dial-in competitions that exist purely to generate additional revenue for TV stations. However, the...

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    Review EA Playground

    If your memories of the school playground feature scary bullies and kiss chase, then you might want to let EA's latest kiddie-friendly title repair the damage.

    There was a time when publishers were seen as the trendsetters in this industry. When Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto it tapped into the consciousness of the gaming public, triggering a...

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    Review Link's Crossbow Training

    After Twilight Princess fades away Link is back in training and he needs your help!

    Our hero Link returns to the Wii rather sooner than expected in the form of Link's Crossbow Training, a shooting game set in the world of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The game has been created by Nintendo to demonstrate the use of the Wii Zapper, the...

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    Review Ghost Squad

    Can arcade light gun games really work on Wii? Ghost Squad steps up to the test.

    SEGA, one of the masters of arcade shooters, are the first to bring one of their heavyweight light gun titles to the Wii, courtesy of the Wii Zapper- a gun shaped plastic housing for your Wiimote and Nunchuck. The Wii Zapper isn't required, it simply adds a little...

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    Review NBA Live 08

    It may just be netball with movement, but basketball is huge with our friends across the pond. Does that result in a decent videogame though?

    Reviewing American sports titles is always a difficult proposition when you’re a Brit. Sporting games rely on the player having an understanding or passion for the subject matter, and that is obviously...

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    Review Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    Welcome stranger.

    We know, we know. This review is a little late. I was going to make up some long winded story about how I had the review written out before a bunch of the undead stole my hard drive and took me on a wild goose chase around Raccoon City before I could get it back. I didn't think you'd believe that story though so I'll just come...

  • Competition Rayman Raving Rabbids 2: Goodie Giveaway

    To celebrate the invasion of our planet by the Rabbids, were giving away four Rayman Raving Rabbids goodie bags...

    Last week saw the release of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2: The fantastically addictive multiplayer game where you get up to a series of crazy, and painful, mini-games. The stars of the show are the legions of deranged Rabbids: These...

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    Review Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

    Mario & Sonic are all set to fight for the Gold Medal, but is the game worthy of an Olympic accolade?

    Hell has officially frozen over; Mario and Sonic appear together for the first time ever. If this idea had been suggested 10 to 15 years ago, you'd probably have been locked up and forgotten about. Times have changed dramatically since then: we now...

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    Review Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

    The Rabbids Are Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    [screenshot=46cc118319213]Those Charming Rabbids Are Back!If I learnt one thing last Christmas, it was this; Rabbit's Wii Violence = Hilarity. Or to put it another way; I discovered the joys of Rayman Raving Rabbids. With this title Ubisoft gave the world a prime example of how to make a good, fun, energetic...

  • Feature Mario Galaxy Receives Universal Acclaim

    Pretty much everyone hails Super Mario Galaxy as the game receives more and more perfect reviews, easily Wii's most critically awarded title thus far.

    Launched on Monday in the US and tomorrow in Europe, Super Mario Galaxy has earnt a average score of 98% on critic collection site, MetaCritic. The site has 28 recorded reviews from various big name...

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    Review Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

    Golf may consist of silly clothing and long walks, but it hasn't stopped EA from releasing yet another edition of its long-running PGA Tour series.

    The first Tiger Woods game for the Wii was perfectly enjoyable representation of golf that fully embraced the possibilities of the Wiimote setup. The impact was lessened slightly by the fact that Wii...

  • News Rayman Raving Rabbids 2: Community Event

    Party with the Rabbids...

    One of the surprise titles of the Wii's launch was Rayman Raving Rabbids. This bunny infested title took the Rayman franchise in a direction its never been before; away from adventure, and into the realms of mini-games. If you've read my review, you will know I thought highly of this game. So when, almost a year on, I am...

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    Review Super Mario Galaxy

    Simply out of this galaxy

    Ah, Mario. It's been a while... believe it or not it's been five years since Mario's last personal outing; Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube. Our hero has returned for his first Wii outing, in the form of Super Mario Galaxy. Let's get something clear from the start: Galaxy is definitely not a straight forward successor...