Art Style: Rotohex

Release Date: Mon 27th Oct (US)

Use colored triangular panels to create a vibrant mosaic of stained glass in Art Style: Rotohex. As triangles fall from the top of the screen, rotate them to group six panels of the same color and create a matching hexagon, or HEX. Once the HEX has been formed, it will disappear, allowing the existing panels to shift and more panels to fill the playing field.

A clear-cut goal and two different styles of intuitive controls allow you to focus solely on the game play-which is vital, as the playing field will be full of panels before you know it. With multiple modes (unlock more as you progress further in SOLO mode), special item panels at your disposal, and the ability to play cooperatively or competitively with a friend, there will always be another HEX to create.

Tetris Party

Release Date: Fri 24th Oct (EU)

Tetris Party is a deceptively simple, totally addictive puzzle game that is sure to keep you and all of your friends and family entertained for hours on end. The WiiWare game features 10 never-before-seen single-player and multiplayer variations of Tetris, including Field Climber, Stage Racer, Shadow and Wii Balance Board-enabled modes (Wii Balance Board accessory sold with Wii Fit).

Several of the modes give users the chance to take advantage of the unique point-and-shoot capabilities of the Wii Remote controller. The party doesn't stop there, though. Take the Tetris fun online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, where you can play multiplayer Tetris against up to five friends at a time. You can also see how your Tetris Party skills stack up against the rest of the world using the global ranking system.

Strong Bad Episode 3 - Baddest of the Bands

Release Date: Mon 27th Oct (US)

It's a sad day! Strong Bad's Fun Machine has broken down, which means he can't play his new game - Limozeen: Hot Babelian Odyssey. Bubs is the only one who knows how to repair Fun Machines, but he asks for a hefty fee - One big sack of cash.

Strong Bad quickly thinks of a plan to get the money - Organize a Battle Royale of the Bands and rake in the profits. It's a daunting task however - Strong Bad has to enlist three different bands, and he has to arrange security, plus a celebrity judge panel!

All characters from the previous episodes (Including Homsar) return, with an added "appearance" by Strong Bad's favourite fictional band, Limozeen.

Home Sweet Home

Release Date: Fri 24th Oct (EU)

Home Sweet Home is a home design game in which the players designs and builds interiors based on the clients’ instructions. Using the unique Wii Remote, even the old players will have opportunity to try their favorite game from a new angle. Offering three styles of play, Home Sweet Home Wii is prepared to meet the demands of both casual and more demanding players, and with 50 levels it guarantees a lot of fun for everyone in designing and creating the perfect home for their clients. In addition, the players are given the opportunity to work on their own home and turn it into the dream house, using the money earned by decorating client houses.

The Incredible Maze

Release Date: Fri 24th Oct (EU)

Get lost in The Incredible Maze! Simply tilt your Wii Remote controller to navigate a series of exciting and twisted mazes. Entering the maze could not be easier, but finding your way out will require a keen eye and a steady hand. Obstacles and traps are around every corner, so move your ball around the maze without falling off the edge.

But watch out, there are lots of surprises in store. You can hunt for gems in a timed challenge, or test your abilities in a race against the clock. The Incredible Maze is also compatible with the Wii Balance Board, so you can really put your weight into it. This is the way in, but you'll have to find your own way out.

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