I bet it gets awfully hot in there!

Here at Nintendo Life we’re not that geeky that we spend all of our spare time scowering the net for photos of ladies in videogame themed cosplay costumes, but when something as awesome as this catches our eye it would be remiss of us not to mention it.

The lady in this lovely Samus Aran space suit is none other than Thaís Jussim, aka Yuki who is a 26 year old Brazillian cosplayer.

The suit took 6 months to build, is lit by 73 battery powered LEDs, weighs a whopping 23 pounds and cost only $350 to build with help from her family and friends. We have to admit to being very impressed with the results.

Check out Yuki’s Deviant Art gallery for more shots of the real life Samus in action.


[source kotaku.com, via yukilefay.deviantart.com]