Maybe. Thanks to SEGA we managed to have a quick sneak-peak play of The Conduit yesterday. Let me start by saying that I do have some pre-conceptions about this title, casting our minds back to "Red Steel", we saw a shed load of good press and impressive artwork coming out of Ubisoft, but at the end of the day when the game finally got released it left an awfully bitter taste in my mouth.

Coupled with the "Red Steel Effect" High Voltage Software, the developers of The Conduit, aren't really known for... well.. anything. So here comes this heavily praised Wii FPS pretty much out of no-where, is it any good? Yes, yes it is.

The Conduit plays very much like Metroid Prime in terms of controls, it's a similar setup however High Voltage have included a bunch of options allowing you to completely configure your button layout, Wiimote sensitivity and even HUD layout. You can move/hide all your HUD elements, even sticking your health meter in the middle of the screen, if you so wish.

Playing the game it kind of reminded me of Halo, mainly because of the mix of weapons. The Conduit has three main types, Human weapons, Alien weapons and Prototype weapons. We only had a go with a few but there seems to be a massive selection of weaponry with quite an attention to detail in design.

Graphically The Conduit has received of positive press, this is deserved, the game does look good, but it's still nothing when compared to the alternative consoles, it's certainly the closest things on Wii in that genre.

We didn't get to learn too much about the story, but it's basically a Sci Fi story, aliens coming to the earth and some form of conspiracy, the alien technology plays a large part in the game with the "All Seeing Eye" getting alot of focus.

The "All Seeing Eye" is one of your main items which, when selected, allows you to "see" alien things you wouldn't of seen without it.

Overall it seems that The Conduit is looking extremely promising, taking (and hopefully improving) the impressive Metroid Prime controls adding a complex alien conspiracy story with all the elements you'd come to expect from an FPS and SEGA might have a very good game indeed on their publishing arm later this year.