Product Placement just gets Sneakier and Sneakier...

Gamers will have the opportunity to revisit the Oxygen-packed planet (wonder which one that could be) of Pikmin once again on April 24th, as you take control of both Olimar and his assistant Louie. Pikmin 2 has no 30 day limit this time around, although the Night and Day Cycles still apply. Two new Pikmin join the party; the poisonous (and ever so slightly creepy) white Pikmin, and the Dawn French-lookalike purple Pikmin that can flatten anything.

As in the original version of the game, there are 201 Treasures to loot, although in this version there is a new Piklopedia, which allows you to see the Plants you've encountered, and the Enemies you've beaten the snot out of.

As for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, there is no set release date for it, although chances are you'll be scoffing an ice cream when it hits the shelves. The game won't utilize the palm-destroying Bongo Peripheral like on the Gamecube, but the New Play Control! version has been rebuilt with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in mind, so with two new stages, and new weapons, enemies and bonuses, even owners of the original GC game might want to look into this one.

Will Nintendo Life readers be picking either of these two games up, or will you be waiting for the third wave of titles? I'm keeping an eye out for Chibi-Robo myself.