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  • News Celebrate 25 Years Of Pokémon With This Pikachu-Themed PowerA Controller

    Update: And a Switch protective case

    If the recently revealed Apex Legends PowerA controller doesn't particularly interest you, perhaps you would prefer this Pikachu-themed to mark 25 years of Pokémon. This latest controller from PowerA is another enhanced

  • News Apex Legends Switch Controller Pops Up On Amazon Amid Confusion Over Game's Release

    It's supposed to come out today, but no one's mentioned it yet

    Way back in October, we announced that Apex Legends, the super-popular battle royale game, had delayed its Switch release. A few weeks ago, there was an accidental "reveal" of the release date - and that date is today, February 2nd. There have been other hints that the game is almost...

  • News Monster Hunter Rise Is Getting Its Very Own Pro Controller For Nintendo Switch

    Hunt like a pro

    Nintendo, as you might have heard, has announced a special edition Monster Hunter Rise Switch bundle. If you would be more interested in a standalone controller, you're in luck. Alongside this new themed console, it's also revealed a brand new Pro Controller. Like the Switch, it's got a themed decal. The controller will launch on...

  • News PowerA Is Releasing Two New Animal Crossing Controllers For Switch

    They're officially licensed!

    The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch is extremely beautiful, but if you own it, you might be a little peeved that there's no matching Pro Controller. Peeve no more, friends: PowerA has unveiled a couple of new wired Switch Pro Controllers designed around Isabelle and Tom Nook. Now you can get your sweaty hands all...

  • News Cuphead Is Getting His Very Own PowerA Enhanced Wireless Switch Controller

    Now, where is one for Mugman?

    We might not be getting Cuphead's 'Delicious Last Course' DLC this year, but that doesn't mean you necessarily have to go without any Cuphead-themed goodness over the holiday season. According to a listing on Amazon, PowerA will be releasing a Nintendo Switch Enhanced Wireless Controller based on StudioMDHR's run and...

  • Guide Best Nintendo Switch Controllers

    Play in comfort and style

    The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly versatile console, with many different controller options to suit your mood. When playing in handheld mode, nothing beats the convenience of the Joy-Con, of course, but when docked or in Tabletop mode there are a plethora of controller choices on the market these days for your...

  • News Nintendo Intends To Create The Next Generation Of Controllers

    Miyamoto striving to set a new standard

    Nintendo has been a leader in video game controller design for the past 30 years. However, at its recent Shareholders Q&A, it stated how it is actively working on establishing a 'new standard' within the industry. When asked if he thought developers would continue making video games where players were...

  • Deals Retro-Bit's Official Sega Saturn And Genesis Controllers Are Up For Pre-Order Now

    It's official

    If you are something of a retro gamer and like to dabble on the dark side with classic Sega consoles, then you might be interested to learn that Retro-bit is releasing a series of officially endorsed controllers which are compatible with the Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn. The Genesis / Mega Drive edition is a replica of the iconic 6...

  • News This Wireless Nintendo 64 "Pro-Style" Controller Is Hitting Stores Early Next Year

    Nintendo Sixty-Freedom

    Video game peripheral manufacturer Hyperkin has revealed that it will be releasing a "pro-style" wireless controller for use with your beloved Nintendo 64. Named the 'Admiral', this controller uses a Bluetooth dongle to wirelessly connect to your console. As you can immediately tell, the design sacrifices the famous trident...

  • Feature The Evolution of Nintendo's Controllers

    From NES to Wii U

    In over 25 years of home consoles, Nintendo's done more than just produce ever-improving gaming systems that give us more complex, better-looking games: it's also been a major influence on how we play our games. The company has often been responsible for bringing new control schemes to the mainstream, or adapting ideas from others...

  • News FlingSmash Shows off a New Wii Remote with MotionPlus Built-In

    Could this account for its delay?

    We played FlingSmash in February of this year and quite enjoyed it, as our First Impressions show, but its projected release date of Summer 2010 has been and gone without the game hitting shelves. Now retailer Gamestop has released boxart of the game showing the game is set to be bundled with a Remote, seemingly...

  • News Nyko Bringing Wii MotionPlus to Wand+

    No more plug-ins for you

    If you're fed up of clicking that MotionPlus accessory into the bottom of your Wii Remote, you might want to consider picking up Nyko's new Wand+, which features the accessory built inside the controller itself. Arcane magic indeed. Here's what Nyko has to say about its new creation. By building the technology into the...

  • News New Remote Colours for Good Boys and Girls

    Nintendo releasing boyish blue and prim pink in Japan

    We've only just reported on the news that the US is receiving a black Remote and Nunchuk on November 16th, but Japan is already bracing itself for another two colours in a few weeks. Yes, Japan will be receiving pink and blue Remotes on December 3rd, priced at ¥3,800, an equivalent of about $42...

  • News Wii Remote and Nunchuk Back in Black Next Month!

    They said it would never happen... well, sort of

    We're all used to our white Remotes and Nunchuks nestling comfortably in our soft gamer's hands, pale plastic glinting in the sunlight, but those days are soon to be over - come November 16th you'll have the choice of a second colour, as Nintendo have announced black Remotes, MotionPlus attachments...

  • First Impressions Penguin United CrossFire Remote Pistol

    Is the first gun-shaped Wiimote a sharp-shooter or full of blanks? We put it to the test.

    Thanks to the built-in pointer capabilities of the Wiimote, light gun games have seen a renaissance of sorts on Nintendo’s little white box. Connoisseurs of this genre have a load of accessory options in the shape of plastic shells a la Nyko’s lauded...

  • News Classic Controller Pro Heading West?

    Nintendo's new Classic Controller spotted at E3.

    A while ago, it was announced that Japan would be getting a new Classic Controller. This still hasn't happened - it'll be released in August, and they've already announced a differently coloured one for release on the same day - but it's apparently already clear that it will be released elsewhere as well. The Classic Controller Pro has been spotted..

  • Talking Point About "The Waggle"

    A button press by any other name...

    For some reason the fact that motion controls (or "gestures") are a major part of the Wii control interface bothers people; it is felt that this ruins the gaming experience and that the majority of such implementations would be better served by traditional digital button presses. Indeed some people go so...

  • News Sony to Reveal Copycat Motion Controller at E3?

    If you can't beat them, join them

    Ok, before we start let's get one thing clear - this is piece of news is still trapped in rumour-ville for the time being. With that out of the way, we can get down to business. We've heard word that Sony is set to reveal details of its own 'motion-sensing' controller for the PS3 at E3 this year. "But the PS3 already has that" I hear you cry - in the form..

  • News Patent Images of Nintendo's Wii Controllers

    Ever wanted to see how the various Nintendo Wii controllers started out?

    Patent images have recently surfaced of some of Nintendo's various Wii controller designs. For those who want to see how these controllers took shape, you can check out the images below. The Wii Remote designs are probably the most interesting of the bunch. As you can see, one design features an analog stick where the D-pad is..

  • News 20 Years On, The Power Glove is Still Awesomely Bad

    “I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.”

    When Lucas Barton uttered those immortal words in the 1989 movie The Wizard it made every single Nintendo fan on the face of the planet want one. The reality was a little less impressive, but thankfully modder Matt Mechtley is ensuring that this iconic peripheral isn’t forgotten; he’s tinkered around with it to add additional functionality, although..

  • News EA: Wii MotionPlus Will Grant A More ‘Authentic’ Experience

    At last, a little love for Nintendo’s delayed add-on

    The Wii’s motion-sensing gameplay has opened up the market to people who wouldn’t normally play videogames, and in this respect it’s nothing short of revolutionary. However, critics will be quick to point out that the technology used isn’t all that accurate; who here hasn’t noticed that Wii Sports tennis can’t tell the difference..

  • News No Classic Controller PRO for the US?

    Boo! Nintendo has 'no plans' for Western release

    If you’re the kind of person who becomes unreasonably animated at the thought of new peripherals then you probably broke into a broad grin when you read about Nintendo’s new Classic Controller PRO the other day. A revision of the existing Classic Controller, this updated model is more of an ergonomic amendment than anything else; aside from the..

  • News Nintendo reveal Classic Controller PRO

    Nintendo of Japan's website has recently had an update which now includes an additional Wii controller, the Classic Controller PRO.

    The new controller seems to be extremely similar to the existing Classic Controller but has the additional shoulder buttons (found on Gamecube) and a more Gamecube controller shape. The website states the controller will be available this summer and we'll take a guess..

  • News SEGA's Got Hand Cannons!

    Move over Wii Zapper, we're bringing in the cannons - SEGA whips out some special accessories for HOTD: OVERKILL.

    Obviously SEGA are aware of how much I like HOTD, that's why they won't tell me the bad news about HOTD4 never coming to the consoles - damn you guys, make it happen, you know it makes sense. They've distracted me with OVERKILL for now, which let's face it, is a good sign for the..

  • Competition Snakebyte Retro Controller Giveaway!

    Nintendo Life has four Snakebyte retro controllers to give away, one white wireless and three black wired controllers all up for grabs!

    Our friends at Snakebyte accessories have kindly provided us with some fantastic Retro Controllers for Wii to give away to you, our faithful Nintendo Life readers. We have one main prize up for grabs a white...

  • Review Snakebyte Retro Controllers

    Not quite sure about Nintendo's classic controller? Snakebyte are here to offer you an alternative, the Retro Controller and Wireless Retro Controllers.

    Nintendo's Wii Console has more different controller types than any other system, offering the vast array of games, including retro titles from console history clearly needed something a little more...