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  • News Transformers: War for Cybertron Deemed Too Aggressive for Wii

    Forthcoming robot title gets a more kiddie-friendly name change for Nintendo's platform

    It almost goes without saying that the Wii is a family-friendly console, offering a wide selection of experiences which are suitable for all ages. However, this latest piece of news makes us wonder if this perception of the platform has possibly gone a little too...

  • News New Lord of the Rings Game is, You Know, For Kids

    Warner Bros. turns the cute factor up to eleven

    As you may already be aware, EA's ownership of the LotR movie licence has recently expired and the rights have now reverted to Warner Bros. Given the nature of the subject matter one would naturally assume that Warner would play it safe and create an epic action adventure with lots of orc-slaying and...

  • News Family Gamer: Play Less, Enjoy More

    I feel like Jerry Maguire today

    In the words of the man himself "Let us work less hard to the that we know won't matter in the long run, and work twice as hard to the ones who will." So I'll be here every other week for these Family Gamer articles, trying to get down in words the things that matter to me as a family gamer. They say start with...