... But we still reckon there are at least 12 hours and 27 minutes left to go until we get to waste some Wii Points (Nintendo, please let me buy Wii Points with a Solo card soon!) on micro-games. We're not sure exactly what you had planned for the next 12 hours or so but we reckon it had something to do with Quavers. Alas - instead of eating yourself silly and risking Wii Fit calling you a "fat turd" we've (when I say "we" I mean head-honcho's Ant and Darren) set up a sister site for you to get your fix of WiiWare goodness, creatively titled:

There are already tons of reviews of all the US WiiWare releases along with trailers and general information about how great (or shit) some of these WiiWare games are going to be.

So put down that bag of Quavers, click the lovely link and check out our new sister site -