Now we just need it to be released...

The Wii’s motion-sensing gameplay has opened up the market to people who wouldn’t normally play videogames, and in this respect it’s nothing short of revolutionary. However, critics will be quick to point out that the technology used isn’t all that accurate; who here hasn’t noticed that Wii Sports tennis can’t tell the difference between a flick of the wrist and a massive overhead smash?

However, EA Sports exec Peter Moore is confident that the upcoming Wii MotionPlus pack will change all of that. The device bolts onto the Wii Remote and improves the accuracy of the movement detection, as Moore explains:

If you think about the normal movement you get with the Wii remote, you know you can sit on your couch and flick your wrist and you get the same reaction as if you stand up and do a full swing playing golf or tennis. What the Wii Motion plus allows you to do is do a true authentic sports motion. When you swing the racquet and you bring it back for an overhead lob or smash, then that is reflected.

Maybe this much-delayed peripheral will be worth the wait after all?